King of Conquerors

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King of Conquerors

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Ma Feng who was known as The Most Unfortunate Kid in the world, Hated by the world and the Universe. After being stabbed to death by a gang, Ma Feng got Reincarnated into a Mysterious Dimension. A World unlike his own and With An Elder God sealed in his body, He swore to return back to his former world. To exact his revenge and ruin those who despised him and With his Mysterious System. All his dreams can become reality! He is The King of Conquerors!!


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85 chapters
Chapter 1: The Unfortunate Orphan
The Wind blew Heavily as the Scorching sun was shone upon the People of Sin Ho, People went about to their daily activities not caring for people who they don't want to care about, The EI Reng General Hospital.A Young Boy is spotted at the Corridor while dressed in his white Hospital Gown!Brown Haired and Blue Eyed, That's him...Ma Feng, Popularly known as the Most Unfortunate Kid in the World, Both Parent are deceased, Killed in a fatal accident which left him an Orphan, He was the one survivor of that accident.While being called the Most Unfortunate Kid, Ma Feng was also hated by the people of His Town while being labeled as a Cursed Child, A Child cursed by both demons and gods was the words used as a description of him.He is partially blind in his right eye while being strucked with a brain tumor after surviving the Fatal Accident that took the lives of his handsome parents, One of the Richest Families in the world.Twelve Years ago...Ma Fend Life changed for the worst after hi
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Chapter 2: Reincarnation
" Wake up you damned Bastard "The Voice of The Janitor was heard when Ma Feng was kicked out of his bed, It's already dawn and Ma Feng had a nice sleep without any pains or sorrow like he has always faced every night, He felt relieved.Ma Feng groaned as his face crashes to the ground, He rolled to see The Janitor standing before him, Behind The Janitor were six Muscularly Built Men clenching their fists while staring down at Ma Feng.They didn't waste time when They grabbed Ma Feng with hesitation and they slammed him hard on the wall, Ma Feng felt sharp pains in his stomach as he got heavily punched across his stomach.They tossed Ma Feng to the ground when he rolled while wincing in pains." Thanks for your help boys, This Little bastard doesn't learn when to be awake, After all..He is dying today " The Janitor stated when they all laughed out loud, Ma Feng smiled calmly as he remembers he will be dying today.Ma Feng slowly got up from the ground when he slowly left the Ward, Wit
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Chapter 3: Overwhelming Senses
" It's quite suprising, Killed as a weak wretched human and Reborn a Dragon in this Strange World " The Voice of Ma Feng could be heard when he wiggled his scaled tail, He is a Bright Green Scaled Dragon.About Six Metres Tall and Broad with heavy muscles, Though he is nowhere here the Legendary Dragon God he once again, Ma Feng started exploring the Strange world he Appeared into with curiosity.He was still in denial, He couldn't believe he is a Dragon!! Ma Feng walks into the Darkness few metres away from the Exit Passage of the Mighty Cave, The Cave filled with magical Essences and Dark Creatures roaming around Vigorously without emotions.Ma Feng already killed three Spider Monsters just few moments ago, He continues to move around while examining the Cave when he sighted the bright light, Ma Feng slowly exited the Cave into the Open.He walks out of the Cave while still being a dragon and he wore a bright smile on his face, He couldn't believe he would see such a beautiful worl
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Chapter 4: Battle Formation: 12%
It's being three days since Ma Feng got Reincarnated in this Strange World and yet he never missed his Former World, He is quite strong and Powerful in this world than he ever was in the other world.He suffered from Brain Tumor, Heart Cancer and Broken bones, He was despised and Hated, While being labeled as the Most Unfortunate Kid, The World must have been celebrating his death already.In just three days of his Rebirth in this Forest!Ma Feng has traveled throughout out the Woods, Hunting and beating down monsters who attacks him, While he uses his Human Form with his Shapeshifting Skill, His True Form is a Green Scaled Dragon.Ma Feng is now six times faster and stronger than he ever was, He did some exercise since he watched some gym Abilities due to the help of Nurse Nana, Ma Feng misses the Beautiful Nurse but he doesn't regret being Reborn.Ma Feng could be seen sitted on the cliff of the Mountain Top with bright smiles on his face while he already prepared roasted meats of M
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Chapter 5: Unique Skill: Ultimate Theft
Ma Feng decided to choose the Offer to become an Adopted Son of a King since staying in the Shadow Forest is quite boring and he has nothing there to protect, He chose to explore throughout the Mysterious World he currently is.They were already heading towards the Marcel Kingdom on horses!The Marcel Kingdom is one of the Thirty Six Nations and a Noble Kingdom of the East, They have Twenty Percent Control over the Shadow Forest and that's why they were the first to take action once the rumor spreads.Though the Soldiers were still wary of Ma Feng but they lowered their weapons down since Ma Feng seems to be the funny guy, He never showed any signs of hostility towards them at all since the journey.While Ma Feng could be seen riding a horse with smiles on his face, He swiftly jumped down from the Horse when they all stopped their horses, They were suprised to see the Actions of Ma Feng." Boy, What are you doing? " A soldier asked firmly while sitted on his horse, He is the Chief War
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Chapter 6: A Declared Prince
It's already noon and the bright sky slowly turns dark, Above the Present Cities of Marcel Kingdom, In the Sky...A Green Scaled Dragon is spotted flying above the clouds with it's wings which flaps calmly." This World is quite fun...I get this Awesome powers and a Life without discrimination or hate towards me " Ma Feng spoke out while in his Dragon state, He returns back to his Original Dragon Form.Ma Feng came down from the sky while it became more dark.He chose to return back to his Form as a Dragon so that the world won't know that he is Originally Reincarnated as a Dragon in this world, Ma Feng could see the Royal Castle from the sky.He came down from the sky towards the Direction of the Castle's rooftop when he swiftly shapeshifted into his Humanoid Form, Ma Feng landed on the ground but this time he isn't really naked.He magically kept his Clothes in tact after Transforming back into a Dragon, Ma Feng quietly landed on the rooftop to see Guards and Soldiers surrounding and
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Chapter 7: The Disappearance of an Elder God
The News of The New Prince spreads across The Kingdom of Marcel, Messengers from Other Nations returns back to their Nations while carrying the heavy news, The People of Marcel Kingdom were suprised and shock.They were eager to know who is the lucky boy to be adopted by their King!King Ezerel is The Only King who's said to have married from the Ancient Kingdom of The Jeng Dynasty, The Chinese Family in this Mysterious World...Compared to the Other Nations, Marcel Kingdom is quite formidable.Having the highest trade value and Artifacts, They are amongst the Ten Great Nations in the World, Though The Marcel Kingdom aren't well known when it comes to swordsmanship or Magical Abilities.Their Artifacts makes them to be formidable since they are the Nations who produced New Generational Technologies, Weapons feared by Other Nations and It's because of the Soul Stone which was found three hundred years ago.The Marcel Kingdom is getting to being the Richest Kingdom in the world, No one u
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Chapter 8: Clepto Rider
Ma Feng and Prince Xi Jing were both seen riding horses down the Kingdom's Trade Center, The Marcel Kingdom is classified is There Parts, The Cities, The Villages and Xi Dra...The City are of four Zones.The East City, The North City, The South and The West Cities while there are Thirteen Villages in total, Four High Lords controls the Four Cardinal Cities of the Marcel Kingdom while the Thirteen Lower Nobles controls The Villages.The Xi Dra is the Center of Artifacts Creations, The Lord of Xi Dra directly answers to the King himself since there isn't anyone directly above him except for The King of the Marcel Kingdom himself.Prince Xi Jing led the way while showcasing the Entire Kingdom to the latest prince!Ofcourse they wouldn't be moving alone even if it was the safest zone, As Members of the Royal Family, Twenty Soldiers followed them from behind while they were sitted on their horses also but dressed in their Battle Armor.Ma Feng couldn't stop smiling as he couldn't believe M
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Chapter 9: The Cultivation Realm
" Where in the hell am I? " Ma Feng asked.The Voice of Ma Feng echoes throughout the Black Desert Realm, Black sky with no moon or stars in the sky, The Air became cold as the wind blew Heavily, scattering Dusts throughout the atmosphere.Ma Feng's clothes disappeared when he stood on the Desert naked, He was stunned and shock to see himself in such a Mysterious World, Everything seems to be real to him but it felt like a Virtual Reality game." Violet, What is this place? " Ma Feng asked.VIOLET: THIS IS THE REALM OF CULTIVATION, THE SOURCE CODE OF THE GODS...YOUR PRESENCE IN THIS WORLD IS A RESULT TO THE MALFUNCTIONING OF THE SYSTEM, THIS WORLD EXISTS BEYOND IMAGINATION." Realm of Cultivation? Source Code of The Gods...I don't quite understand the fvck you are talking about Violet but it's quite isn't that right? " Ma Feng asked with smiles on his face when he returns back into his Dragon Form.VIOLET: NOTICE, YOU HAVE ACQUIRED A NEW SKILL.....CURSE SUMMONING!! " A New Skill? Cur
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Chapter 10: The Wish
" It's being five days since I arrived in this Arrived in this world and yet I have learnt just a few things about this Mysterious World where I got Reincarnated into " Ma Feng said to himself while they entered into the Facility.The Xi Dra which is said to be the Underworld of Marcel!!Princess Rose, Prince Xi Jing and Ma Feng who is also a Prince where granted access into the Xi Dra Because of the New Prince who is commisoned to tour around The Enormous Facility of Xi Dra's Operation.The Securities welcomed The Royal Members of The Kingdom into the Facility and Ma Feng opens his mouth in shock,The Technologies were just like that of his Former World, It's highly advanced." Wow...This is awesome!! " Ma Feng spoke out." Awesome? Come on this is nothing compared to the Main Headquarters of Xi Dra, We are only touring the First Operational Base of Xi Dra...Even as Royalties...We don't have access to the Main Headquarters " Princess Rose said.Princess Rose who is only fourteen years
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