Author: Shame_less007

Inside a dark room.

A lean man was rapidly clicking the keyboard while he wore a headset and was busy saying something.

He was playing the shooting game that was very famous at this time. The requirement to run the game was very high but he didn't give a shit about it and continued to play.

As he had reached the final stage and was fighting the boss.

" Just a nuke and it will finally be over".

Saying so the man showed an eerie smile. He pressed the red button and with a boom, the boss's entire health was emptied.

He picked up the drop that he got from the boss was just a charm of red grade.

This made him confused but before he had time to think he heard a loud explosion and his consciousness disappeared.


At the same time in the Fantasia World.

Kingdom Of Zeonia.

Outskirts of the City D01.

At night.

A boy was running away in panic while behind him several thugs were chasing him. The cold wind blowing at this time hardly had any effect on him. He was running with all his might as he knew that if he got caught then he might be robbed or even sold.

So the city gate was the only way out. He used all his strength to run towards the city gate.

Suddenly one of the thugs said," Damm it, I want to enjoy the girl, not f*cking chase the person who awakened the thrash weapon".

Saying so he summoned the bow and took out the arrow. Seeing this another thug said," Hey Rat if you kill him then do it fast. Or else once he reaches the city then we won't have the chance".

Rat immediately put on the arrow and shot it at the back of the defenseless boy.

The arrow directly penetrated the back of the boy and he fell to the ground.

At this time Rat together with his people walked towards the boy and kicked his stomach which made his wound even worse.

He looked at the person with blurry vision and asked in a hoarse tone," Why?".

Rat didn't answer instead another thug said," Boy you must have not offended the young master Alan".

Rat immediately interrupted and said," Okay don't say anything just kill him".

But at this time a howling sound came from behind which made the thug's face change rapidly.

They ran away without looking at the boy who was lying on the ground with a helpless expression.

The boy felt so sleepy that he wanted to rest. At this time he couldn't help but feel relieved in his heart as he could finally get rid of everything. His only regret was that he couldn't kill that person named Alan.

He was not reconciled. But as he felt the passing strength from his body he closed his eyes slowly.

Just at this time, a white light flashed over the dead person's body and then he opened his eyes as if not dead. But there was a look of confusion and then he hugged his head as if facing terrible pain and then he again fainted.

Just at this time, an adventure team was passing and a girl exclaimed," Ah sister Rose look how terrible he died".

Rose looked at the body that her sister pointed to and she knocked on her sister's head and replied," He is still alive not dead".

Saying so she looked at the healer in her team and said," Niona take a look at his body. Is it possible to heal him".

Niona walked in front of the boy pulled out the arrow and then used a healing spell and said," He will survive".

Rose and the other members felt chilled in their hearts when they saw how roughly Niona tended to the boy's wound.

Then Rose said," Lily carry him and give it to the city guards to deal with him".

Lily was the girl who said that the person was dead. So she had a pitiful look on her face and she asked," Can I not carry?".

But Rose from the side said," Lily don't you want to eat your favorite drumstick today".

Lily hurriedly carried the boy on her back and she said," Sister Rose I will wait for your treat".

Rose and the people of three slowly walked towards the city gate.

After reaching there she greeted the guard and said," I found him lying unconscious outside the city gate. We will leave him in your care".

The guard immediately put a respectful look on their face and one of them replied," Okay Miss Rose you can leave this person to us".

Rose nodded her head and tossed four copper coins and then she left with her group.

One of the guards picked up the boy's body and sent him directly to the inn. The guard had a happy expression and said," The Rose Adventure group is indeed a group of good people".

Saying so he returned to his post.


Listening to annoying noise John Wick opened his eyes. His face was still pale and he had a look of confusion and it was finally replaced with a look of clarity.

He finally realized that he had transmigrated where people could use magic. At the same time, this place is so dangerous that he even lost his life.

From the memory he got, he realized that the city he was living in was the lowest-tier D-class city. The highest number of people was level 20.

Not only that he also found from his memories that people in this world can level up after killing a certain number of creatures that invade the Fantasia world.

He also found that he seems to have awakened the talent related to guns. But as the weapon was never seen before so he was labeled as useless.

Even John who was in the class was not given a chance to display his abilities as his unknown awakening attracted the curiosity of the most beautiful girl in the class.

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