The Royal Highness

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The Royal Highness

By: Flower Spirit Updated just nowFantasy

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The only successor of the royal family is forced to live a life as a slave for five years, to learn the true meaning of life and to build his eternity, not knowing how to beg or be at someone's mercy, this prince had a very hard time even finding food, "those weird conditions are killing me, can't he just pass the throne to me without these stupid ailments" Alan gritted his teeth in anger. But his life becomes more of a hell when he was forced to marry a princess of a small kingdom, just dust under his feet. Knowing that he is just a slave, her family, and other royals mock him and torture him with all their strength, but what will happen if his identity as a successor of the throne of the greatest empire is revealed... Will they be able to stand before him... How will that princess react when she'll find out that her husband whom she thought was nothing but a slave is a prince and is going to succeed to the throne...... Watch out for his journey through the magical world of the cultivation and his growth from strong to strongest.


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140 chapters
Chapter 1 Prologue....
Prologue...The battlefield was at its worse, a young man on horseback standing in the middle of the battlefield, with fire all around him, that fire from the explodes, his army was throwing on the opposite army. It was all over, the king of the other land laying down under his horse's feet and his sword bathed red from the king's blood."Prince Alan.." a man came riding the horse, calling his name, "Luis, what is it?" the young man says in a bold and commanding voice."We need to return, we got news... King Marcus, your grandfather is..." whispered the man with a letter in his hands and stopped when Alan gave him a serious glare, he handed over the letter bowing to him, Alan grabbed the letter and read it, "To Prince Alan, requesting your return as soon as you get this letter,King Markus Edward ll is seriously ill, and wishes your presence." He gave an immense look, with a frown on his forehead. "Get prepared" he commanded the men, he raised his hand and turned back to the
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Chapter 2 Visiting hell....
Alan POV...Visiting hell...I don't know what kind of weird challenge is this but I accepted it, not fighting battles, killing dangerous enemies, but begging and being a slave... it's even harder.I left the palace and was asked to go as far as possible so that no one recognizes me. So I chose to wander around the border cities of my empire.Whenever I find myself being criticized, I want to give up but those words of my old man echo in my ears, so I endure it.It had been a year since I started my journey and I was unable to find a permanent place to stay till now, where ever I go, at a period, they misbehave, and to avoid killing them, I decide to leave...In this one year, I noticed that I learned many things, I learned how to sleep on the ground or the rocks etc wherever possible, I never did that before though, I learned to ask for food, and that was the hardest one, I starved myself for more than a month to be able to learn how to beg for food.After a year of experience, I ca
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Chapter 3 New way...
I was eagerly waiting for them to ask for help so that I can rescue them and also warm myself up after a huge gap. My hands were itching to hit someone, and my urge was cooled when that girl screamed, "help..."I covered my face with the cloth I have and rushed there, they started laughing at me, "Hey, slum are you hear to die..." it didn't irritate me.But I was happy that I can't show them, one of them came to hit me with a chain in his hand, but before he could make his move I held the chain and dragged him down on theground, he hit his head and spread on the ground, all of them were shocked, they rushed to me with their weapons, "thud.... thud... thud..." and done, it was so simple, I wished it can be longer but they were not trained at all, and that made me sick of them. A man who was with them had a gun, it seems interesting and he pointed it at me, it made me smirk, as he was shivering, I jumped to lift another gun fallen on the ground, with my legs, and in just a fraction
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Chapter 4 Being a slave....
I noticed that Charles was still in shock, but I need to cover it up before it goes further, "Thank you, your Majesty, I worked as a bodyguard for a minister back then, I learned many of the court's rules from him"I covered up with a story but have to see if they believe it or not, "hmm... no doubt you are so courteous, it's good to have a knowledgeable and brave man with us."I bowed my head, "Thank you, your highness""Charles you were right about him, take him along and show his work," ordered the king to his son, Charles was happy to see his father pleased by him. He grabbed my hand and took me along, "We'll take our leave my king" We went to the backyard and he asked what work can I do, before he could assign me any work, I took the initiative to speak up." I would like to be a driver cum bodyguard, which I used to be before, but I don't want a salary, you can give me food and that's enough" my statement surprised him but I am not allowed to store money, "That's weird, y
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Chapter 5 Father of her child....!
she was so beautiful but, to me, she looked familiar, I never saw anyone from Charles's family these days, maybe she was one of them, but why did she look familiar? I wondered.She looked here and there, looking for something, after tilting her head in every direction, her eyes ended up on me,But why do I feel that she is glimpsing at me?I jumped down the tree, and stood up, she came running to me, lifting her dress with her fragile hands."Are you Luis...?" she inquired in a hurry, "Yes " I answered hesitantly, she grabbed my arm and dragged me with her, I couldn't understand why? and where?"hey...what...? where are we going?" I asked while running with her, the first doubt that struck my head was, is Charles ok?" just shut up and come along?" she yelled,we entered the main hall, Charles was sitting on the throne, and the hall was filled with so many people, dressed in royal dresses and staring at me as if I am a dragon in the humans, Their glare was not just of disgust, it w
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Chapter 6 That creepy monster...
Amber pov.....I have no other option but to die, I can't believe my blood, my brother is making me marry a monster, That Jameson and his brothers are beasts in the cover of humans, they kill people for no particular reason, I heard in their kingdom, there are no girls whom they didn't touch, just the thought of being touched by those creepy monsters gives me goosebumps, let alone getting married to one of them, I remember when I first met them, at a cousin's ceremony two years back, I was just sixteen and they tried to touch me, It was her ceremony and that bastard Jameson asked my hand in marriage, it was horrible, he has more than four wives at his palace and he wants me as his wife, Thankfully, Dad didn't accept the proposal, but the reason he gave, caused the death of all his wives, " I wish my daughter to be the only wife, but I think you already have four wives, Jameson" back then, Dad was just trying to deny his proposal, but that beast killed his wives brutally and sent
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Chapter 7 The wedding...
I shouted with all my strength, but it didn't show any impact on them, I screamed out again,"stop it....!! he is right, I am pregnant" Now everyone was silent, "That's not possible, you are lying, but I don't believe you. ok even if you are, who is the father of your kid?" he approached me and my heartbeat paced up, " Do you think you can cheat me?" I was frightened on seeing him near me, that every hair on my skin stood up to the threat, I leaned back to avoid his warm poisonous breath falling on my face, he smirked with one of his eyebrows frownings, "You do have some ideas up your sleeves, Princess, hope your friend is fine" it was him, he caused the accident, my body started shivering, I got a panic attack, I could barely think of another way to fulfill my escape, but who will stand against a monster like him, only someone with more strength or maybe someone with more guts, I pushed him aside and ran out of the hall desperately to look for the one who can complete this activ
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Chapter 8 Contract marriage....
I was enjoying being threatened by a rat, I know him, I have heard about him from Louis, and he was also one of those kings, whom I wanted to kill personally, I thought that I won't be able to do it for the next few years but it seems he is destined to die in my hand. I got off the tree when Charles called me, I have so many things to be settled down with him, "let's go out, I need privacy to talk," he said while staring at Jameson, "Yes your highness" I politely answered him and brought his car, we drove to the same spot where we went yesterday, I got down first and went to the edge of the cliff, he followed and started the conversation hesitatingly,"I know you have so many things to ask, but..." " but what? you're highness" I was furious because their mere act cost me my marriage to a girl I don't like, "I know that it is hard for you to adjust to my family, but you have to stay here for a year, just a year, then I'll give you lots and lots of wealth and free you from being a
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Chapter 9 Hard to endure....
I clenched my fingers with anger to hit the door of that hall to make them keep quiet but controlled myself remembering the fact that I am here as a dummy husband and a slave that is it,I turned rearward to go back to the room and bumped into Amber who was probably going to the hall, "what the heck? can't you see? I told you not to roam around, then what the hell are you doing here?"she started yelling at me rubbing her head which just hit my chin, " I was just passing by" I explained as I felt bad for her about what I heard just now, She heaved a sigh glaring at me with the edge of her eyes, till she completely passed by my side,I moved forward, but thought for a second, that if she went in the hall they will give her a hard time, I went back to stop her from going in, but before I reached there, she already entered the hall, I stood there to listen to how she'll be defending herself, ************Amber's pov..."Here comes the seductive princess" Claire, my second sister sai
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Chapter 10 Dance party...
Amber's pov...Suddenly I remembered that I have something to ask Charles, "Charles, I have something to ask you" I pulled him aside and bent to whisper in his ear, "What...?" he exclaimed, "do you have another pill, which you gave me that day," I whispered "What do you want that for?"he shrieked, " oh shut up keep it low" I held his arm to wave it requesting him to keep it low, "Ahem..." Luis grunted, " I'll be out, you can talk normally" he went out casually and bowed slightly at Charles, "What the hell are you up to Amber?" Charles yelled at me, " I just want the pill, can't you just lend me one?" I demanded glaring at him, "for what? it's not something you can have just like that," he reasoned while sitting on the couch, and added in," it's a kind of poison, it has so many side effects if taken more than once, why do you want that by the way?"his cool stare was giving me a threat, so I looked down as I answer," I don't want to attend the party" I explained my helple
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