"Meatheads, arise and die for your doom has been supplanted."

        The ball stopped rolling. He couldn't tell precisely what had just happened. He knew that he had not making a sane thought and he would be vexed. He knew he had to make an apt conclusion or arrive at a sane disposition else he would be forced to do other things that would hurt everyone. He was taming his rage and was glad that he was doing accurately. He was thumbing himself up for the resistance he was savoring. He knew that he wouldn't keep to that like forever. He tried to process the thoughts which had been strangled by the recently stopped malady. Most of the thoughts already had been chopped. He couldn't make a sane meaning of them all. He couldn't pick them up and make them into a tower. Probably a statue or a tower. There was nothing he could do. Probably there was something, but twas far from his reach. That was sup

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