Supplementary Chapter 10

       "What the fuck was he thinking?"

   He kept on walking. It seemed as though he was going to go insane. That was what seemed to be happening to him.  He saw nothing odd about it. No! Twas odd of course. He shouldn't feel that way. No! He should. 

    That was how confused he was. He didn't know why he felt that sad, bitter and violated. He was feeling like he owned the lady and should be the only one who should have an access to her. That should be some truth though but he wasn't sure if he was making real sense. 

    His heart ache heavily and it seemed as though he was hurting himself more than he was helping. Was he even helping. Yup! He tried to help. By leaving there. If he hadn't left that place, he probably would had done what he wasn't supposed to do and that probably would had led to what would be suicidal or he might regret at the latter days. He didn't

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