Supplementary Chapter 11

         "Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God!"

    He could make that into series of songs but that wasn't the best time for it. He was more than confused. He was trying not to be vexed. Even if he was vexed there was nothing he could had done about it. 

      He was skeptical. Didn't they seem him. Alright, let's assume that they had been or were blinded by the rage of smoke, didn't they feel like they were trampling on something? How crazy and dimwitted they were. 

     If he hadn't been conscious of his position on the floor, they would probably had crushed his testicles. He should probably be dead from the pain which did complement the horror of the aforementioned. 

    He was more than vexed but there was simply nothing he could do about. He tried standing. He wasn't himself anymore. He was hoping that all would be well again

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