The Shadow Realm

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The Shadow Realm

By: SmartD OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"Meet Michael, an ordinary teenage boy who stumbles upon an extraordinary substance in his uncle's lab. Suddenly, he gains access to a system that unlocks incredible power, and with it, the fate of the world rests in his hands. When Earth falls under attack by the Alpha, an enigmatic species from a distant planet, Michael must use his newfound abilities to confront the invaders and unravel the mystery behind their assault. But as he journeys into the unknown, he realizes that his greatest strength might just be his own resilience, in a fight for survival that will test both his courage and his convictions."

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Chapter 1
The second you 1"Goodness!!! This looks so astounding!!" Michael exclaimed to himself as he admired the object in front of him. He approached it, then decided to investigate further. Upon closer examination, he discovered it was a fluid substance in a bottle, shimmering like gold.Acting quickly, Michael opened the bottle and the substance disappeared into thin air. Despite searching everywhere, he couldn't find any trace of it. He shut the bottle and immediately returned to his room, pretending as if nothing had happened.His uncle, a chubby and fat man with a thick beard, returned home from his usual conference meeting and went directly to his lab. He noticed something was amiss and set out to investigate. Upon arriving in his lab, he discovered that the fluid in the jug he had created not long before he was summoned was missing. He searched everywhere for it, but couldn't find any trace of it. He was perplexed and couldn't understand what could have happened to it. He became furio
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Chapter 2
Austin’s.As a teenager of 16 years old, Michael lost his parents in a terrible accident a few months ago. It left him homeless, but now lives with his uncle. His uncle was a scientist who devoted his entire life to researching and experimenting, due to this Michael never knew much about him, as his mother never spoke of him. His uncle is referred to as “ein verrückter Wissenschaftler,” meaning “a mad scientist.”Being a teenager, Mr. John Austin was always curious and loved learning new things. Even when he knew the subject matter that his teachers were about to present in the classroom, he would still pay attention and try to learn more about it.As a brilliant teenage who went to a military school, was summoned to the general office due to his outstanding performance in all activities and research.“John I saw your results, it was outstanding, what do you plan to become in future “the general asked John”.“hmm I will love to be a scientist,“Hmm a scientist, do you know the work of
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Chapter 3
The Game lobby.“Hello Michael what are you up to now”. Could we at any point stay nearby to our standard football match-up Lobby “James said.Michael and James love hanging out a ton, he was his closest friend when he got to Sisco College. He’s a cool guy , they both work on their task and after that they both hang out by visiting a few spots.He showed Michael around the school and clarified few things to him about the school.“No I can’t , have you finished your undertaking? “ Michael asked.“Gee, that venture? Grins, I realize I haven’t however it’s figured out as of now, I have who will assist me with finishing it” said James smiling back at Michael.Michael expected more because James is a kind of guy that doesn’t need to stress himself much due to the influence he got.“ Wow actually that is great so am the final straggler with it” Michael said while adjusting his old looking bag.“ No how could you be the one to focus on, disregard the undertaking, a similar individual will as
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Chapter 4
*The Second You 2*“They are from another planet and are very powerful, your world needs help now” an uproarious commotion began.The sound was so clearly nobody could uncovered it, individuals cried in torment yet nothing happened to Michael, he was shocked.He began searching for the response to the inquiry, “nothing happened to me how can it be”?.[User: Michael Austin][Level: 1][Race: Human][100/100: exp][HP: 10/10][Strength: 10/10][Stamina: 10/10][Orb: blue]“That is your data, that is the Second you, currently an extraordinary being, lives in you, your level and capacity will change when you use your ability.“Whoa, “ Michael said.Almost identical to the game he played with James. He noticed that, on the status screen, there were more tabs that were placed on the top. Accordingly, even without doing anything and just by reading the tabs in his head, the screen automatically switched to the [Skills] tab.[Skills][0 skill points available][Skill locked????][Skill locked
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Chapter 5
New friendMichael took a gaze at the sun as he walk along a narrow part of a nearby street, on his way to a nearby shop to get something for himself.On his way, to is greatest Surprise, a tap on his shoulder and lo.. he looked back to see who it was and behold it was Peter.“Hey Peter, what are you doing here thought you went home already” Michael said after looking around to know if there’s anyone else.“No.. am sorry if I scared you. Have been following you actually ““Why are you following me, I told you already that I don’t have anything to do with what you saw, why can’t you just leave me be” Michael answered with a frustrated look.Michael now confused, he stepped backward and started going back home forgetting what he was after before Peter approached.“Hey Michael please am sorry for disturbing, I actually have no where to go since the school dorm is my only home since I joined through the orphanage home”. Peter said, looking down.“Okay so what do you want from me now, ther
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Chapter 6
The unknown worldAfter the arrival of the spaceship. The passerby altered and took a gaze at the huge spaceship as it comes down slowly until it landed with a sound while polluting the environment with the energy around it.The passerby stood by In surprise, waiting for what will come out of it.“Mom what’s that” a little boy with a lollipop choke in his mouth looking up while standing beside his mum asked.“That’s a spaceship “ his mum took a look at him and replied in a low tone.Michael who knows what is happening quickly went hiding.“Michael where what’s happening, why are you hiding “ Peter who just lost his memories asked .“Are you kidding me,? Don’t tell me you don’t remember who this spaceship belongs to” Michael spoke angrily.“Yes I actually don’t know “ Peter replied biting his lips .“Do you even remember your name”“Yes of course, am Peter”.“ what’s my name too”“You are Michael even though I don’t remember how we meet but I can remember your name “.*Will I say this
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Chapter 7
Captured by the alpha'sHm! Ah! Hm! Ah! Ah! Ah!Some sound coming out of the spaceship.The spaceship once again Opened, a huge beast was seen coming out but Michael couldn’t see his look clearly, so he moved closer to the spaceship to know what’s going on.The alphas came out marching. 24 of them on a roll marching out line by line. The first line consist of some with bear body, no special equipment or orb around them. The second line wore a light looking beast amour, the third line was putting on a light looking beast amour with three blue orb around their neck while the last line where looking so huge. They look like some General, a god of war who’s always ready for war. They’re putting on a thick red beast amour, a sword made out of some shining diamond with six orb around their neck while walking along side a beast each.The leader was sitting on a beast that looks exactly Like a winged lion with glowing eyeballs like fire. He was putting on a red thick beast amour, his finger we
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Chapter 8
Three headed monsterThey all stare at Michael who’s now looking like a lost guy . He silently went back to his uncle and sat back while they finally ignore him.“Now tell me, how was it possible “ make continued his silent conversation.“How is what possible, next time you have to call me before you talk to me. I can’t be listening to your imaginations everything time “ replied the system.“Okay what should I call you” he asked.“You can call me Ava the I will answer you”.“Okay now tell me how I was able to hear them speak Ava”.“Good, you now posses an ability, an ability no one as ever posses, and it’s not for human, you’re just lucky to due to some long story that made this ability appear in your human world, so it enables you to do what you can’t do as a human and as time passes, you will be able to unlock more from it “ Ava explained.“Whoa that’s good, that explains why I could hear without any error, it sounds so real like the human language” .As Michael was speaking silentl
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