Faul: The Reincarnation

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Faul: The Reincarnation

By: Norren OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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He was once a mighty being, but now he has to learn how to live like a human. Being born on the day calamity befell the city of Karaza, and as an entity that can stand against the red death, he was being hunted by both humans and the red death. Will he survive? Faul can't believe he's human

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Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! Baby cried It's a boy go and inform the father; was the only word Faul could hear. He kept crying but don't know why he was crying. Faul tried to stop only for the crying to get worse. He's so handsome; said the woman holding Faul's head to her bosom. Very soft Faul said in his mind. Why is it so soft? He asked. He opened his eyes to see giants around and wanted to run but he can't control his feet or any part of his body. He kept wondering how he is a baby because the last time he remembered he was in a battle to protect Azra, his world. Wait! what happened to my world? Faul asked himself Faul heard the door open and pulled his head from the lady's bosom and looked towards the door and see a darkly tall and burly man standing by the door with smiles all over his face. So how's he?; Faul heard him say. Baby come touch him; the lady who is holding Faul said to the man. Faul kept staring at the man and was wondering if he got captured by giants. Give him to me"
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The sudden news shocked Frederick that he nearly dropped Faul. He felt dejected he has been on the front line of this war for 3 decades now. Frederick fought bravely to protect his city against the red death, but now he felt that he didn't try enough. With teary eyes, he said to Maria, his wife, and Faul's mother to take his son and the whole household and flee far away from Karaza. Faul was just hanging on Frederick's arm staring intently at the crying giant, as he refers him. "Why is he crying?", Faul asked himself. Faul was confused because he doesn't understand the issue on the ground. He wanted to ask what exactly is going on but nothing came from a baby's cry. Maria took Faul from Frederick with tears in her eyes because she knew it might be the last time she's set her eyes on her husband. Frederick went into his living quarters and brought out a red blade with dragon scales running down from the hilt to the tip of the blade and hand it over to Maria and said to her; "This bl
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The news of the fall of Karaza has spread throughout Kaar. Even the Emperor felt pain when he heard about the death of Frederick and his men because he knew that after the fall of Karaza that another city will follow. Karaza was a small City but it was blessed with strong-willed men and warriors. The previously fallen ten cities of Kaar happens in a space of three hundred years, but it took two hundred years for a city as small as Karaza to fall showing that there's strength in Karaza. "Send envoy to other cities of Kaar, tell them to prepare themselves for great war with the red death because the red death will keep advancing further into the other cities. All cities should fortify themselves. Recruit young talents, knights, and sorcerers. Also, give free land to any individual from Karaza to settle down in all the cities. This is the imperial decree", The Emperor said to his Prime minister. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ma
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It has been months since the fall of Karaza and the arrival of Maria and the household to the Island of Shunga. Everyone gathered around a campfire at night to enjoy a little peace of mind after months of grief and the loss of Frederick. Faul was in his mother's arms sleeping quietly, all of a sudden there was a strong wind that blew over the Island, and Faul gave out a roar like a baby dragon and open his bloodshot eyes. The light that emitted from Faul's eye was very bright it illuminates the area around the campfire. Gaaaaaaaaaaaag!!!!! Faul roared and sprang from his mother's arm his hair was all standing and his tiny body was emitting a glow like his skin is made of diamond. He looked around in anger and let out another roar and fell to the ground. The roar, the red eyes, and the skin glow shocked everyone. They haven't seen anything like that before and they were all afraid that maybe Faul was Infected by the red death. Faul, my baby; Maria called out with tears. She clearly
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After the incident with Faul and the escape of Maria with her son and nephew, the story circulated on the Island of Shunga, and panic spread like wildfire. The fear of the invasion of the red death into the Island became another hindrance to day-to-day activities on the Island. Days passed, weeks passed and there was no news of an incident or death caused by the red death or another report of the infected, that was when peace and tranquility once again returned to the Island. *** Somewhere deep in the mountains which no man has ever explored in the nation of Kaar, Maria was busy setting up a shelter with the earth magic she possessed. Billie was stunned because he hasn't heard that a person can hold more than one ability. So he went to his auntie's side to ask. Aunty please how did you possess two magics? asked Billie. "Billie, we were born in the family of the originals that fought the great evil dragon Gag five hundred years ago, we are the last of our bloodline. Billie, we can
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In the lonely mountain, which Kaar took as a den for many dangerous animals, this dangerous place has become a safe haven for Maria and the two boys. Maria has finished setting up their shelter, and Billie hunted down two wild rabbits for food, while Faul was still sound asleep. Maria was getting worried about her son, it's been almost fifteen hours and Faul was still asleep. Maria was looking at Faul and the scene where her seven-month-old son was roaring like a young dragon appeared on her head. She can't help but be worried, she was praying in her heart for the fear of Faul being infected by the red death not to be true but just the prophecy coming to pass. *** After Faul disappeared from the mirror existence, he opened his eyes hoping to see his old self only to find out he was still in the body of a baby. He wanted to cause out loud to Gag for killing him and also to whoever that reincarnated him, but what came out was a sharp baby's cry which alerted Maria and she sprang up
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Ten years felt like a few days for Faul and felt like forever for Maria and Billie. Faul lived for over five thousand years before his death and reincarnation, so a mere ten years felt like nothing. Faul is now a young strong man, he is ten years old but his strength and physique are not like that of a ten years boy. Faul killed a wild boar with bare hands at the age of five and knocked down a full-grown giant wild tiger about ten feet tall with a single punch. The power, strength, and speed he has are beyond that of an average human. With all this strength and power he has never for once acted out against his mother or Billie. He loves the two with everything he has. Each time he achieves another miles stone, he leaves Maria and Billie in awe. Faul kept growing both in wisdom and in strength, the three have been in the mountain for ten years and have forgotten how it feels to live in an actual city. Maria still wants his son to live the life of a normal human, but whenever she sees
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They arrived in the city after long hours of journey. Maria took the two boys and moved to Jura, a city close to the capital city of Kaar. Because they have stayed away from the activities in the main city for years, they don't have any coin to rent out an apartment. So, they went down to the area allocated for refugees but before that, they have to go and register as refugees in the city hall. As they entered the city hall all eyes were on them, Maria was wearing a black cloak, so no one could tell who she was, Billie and Faul were standing close to the door while Maria was heading to the registration booth to get them registered. "Sir, we came to register as refugees," Maria said to the man in the registration booth. The man raised his eyes and stared at Maria with a malicious gaze because he has seen how beautiful Maria looks and has already imagined getting her on his bed. "One gold coin but if you don't have I can take you in for just a night and give a beauty like you a free
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Faul, along with his mother and Billie were adjusting to their new life in Jura for some time now. Life wasn't as easy as it was in the mountains. In the mountain, they don't need money to buy anything they need, as nature has provided everything. Maria has to get work as a waiter in a small eatery in Jura to provide for faul. Billie on the other hand decided to use his skill to help the family also, so he went and join a little escort cavalry in the city. With his strength and skills earning money is not a big deal for him. In order to live the life of a normal kid, Maria has used her unique power of matter manipulation and changed the color of Faul's eye with a little tint of red in it making it seem normal, except when he is too excited or angry his eyes will turn bright red like that of a dragon. Life has been going smooth until the day the refugee camp was attacked by the pure blood as they call themselves. Pure blood is a group of individuals from different cities who don't
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"Wakie wakie" Faul heard someone say after he opened his eyes. Everything was so blurry that he can't recognize anything or anyone. "Where am I?" Faul asked the only figure he make out to be a young girl of his age. "Uh, dad! He's awake!" The girl shouted. Faul was still confused about what actually is happening. He was wondering how he even got there in the first place. "Anna, I told you to stay away from this room didn't I?" the muscular man asked the little girl. "I'm sorry Dad" Anna pouted as she apologized to her father "Kid, how are you," the man asked turning to Faul who was still confused. "You have been unconscious for a week now, I was worried if you will ever wake up as your body kept rejecting all sorts of acupuncture administered to you" the man added still staring straight at the confused Faul. "Oh I'm Alfred and this is my daughter Anna," Alfred said pointing at his daughter. "I know who you are sir, I saw you the day we came Into town for registration. Thank yo
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