That was from her. She'd been walking since the past 20 minutes and it seemed to her as though she was flying. Of course she could had disappeared to the Monarch's castle, but of course not, she'd walk. She decided to walk. It'd been a while since she had taken a walk from her place to other places; for quite the tiring journey though. Her limbs were light as though they were made of air. She could cover eight paces at a time. Who knew? Probably she could contend with any wild cat in race. She entered the village of the Cod.

       His hut was the first thing in sight. Of course it was. Anyone who would walk into the village must pass through his hut. Well, if such would take some apt alakazam, such even wouldn't need to step on the soil of the village but the earth of whoever such would visit. She walked briskly as though she was tamed by so

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