The Trinjule Sword of Heaven

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The Trinjule Sword of Heaven

By: Storian writer CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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The world was full of chaos, disaster and tension only the strong can survive. Deliver us O'Lord their sound tone everyday. No one can predict what could happen next as the Devil sends more disciples to conquer the world. God finally hears people's prayer by sending a disciple with a Trinjule sword which can only battle the evils. Only the chosen one can unlock the sword. A story full of action, love and battle. Suitable for all ages.

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  • Amuji Chichi


    Nice work... enjoying it so far

    2023-01-25 12:52:30
  • Writer Presh


    it's a very nice book. keep updating dear

    2023-01-25 12:55:48
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85 chapters
Chapter One
Amidst the shrill sound of insects in the cold night, Lord of the jingle nation sir Louis led his citizen to gather at the castle to worship their gods with lamps in their hands as they walked in groups. It's another praying season of the year against war and slavery. The citizens of jingle nation gather in the castle and sat down on the floor with sir Louis sitting at the front. They placed their lamps by their side and placed their hands together in prayer with their eyes closed. In one accord they pray to their gods for protection, guidance , peace and harmony. Jingle nation has been one of the peaceful nations amongst the three nation's. Her citizens live in peace and harmony. Jingle nation is a land filled with milk and honey and a lot of natural resources. Green fields for vegetations and good soil for crops. It was just barely half an hour into the prayer when a swoosh sound was heard from the castle door and boom everything clashed. All the houses on jingle nation were set
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Chapter Two
"Arrgh.." Sir Louis screamed as he fell to the ground holding his leg.Harold jumped down from the top of the castle with his chest bleeding and stood before sir Louis."Good bye Louis" Harold said as he drew his sword out and raised it up. Before the jingle nation warriors could get to where sir Louis and Harold is, a swoosh sound was heard and blood split everywhere. The head of Sir Louis rolled on the floor of the castle like a ball. Seeing that their Lord and leader have been killed, the warriors and the entire people of the jingle nation surrenders to Harold. They were held captive.Harold fell to the ground holding his chest due to the pains and poison from the arrow. One of the warriors rushed to his side ." Put Chains and locks in their hands and legs and bring all of them to our nation immediately" Harold tells his best warrior Dimitri to bring all the survivors of jingle to scorpion nation.Dimitri helps Harold up and assist him to where his horse is. He helped him to cli
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Chapter Three
"It's an order, you must carry out this mission! You must set the people of the jingle nation free from slavery." The gods said as the voice faded away slowly. Gradually, the wind calmed down and Robert bent down and wrapped the body of his father with a cloth he found in the castle. He positioned the head on his shoulder and wrapped everything together. He carried the body of his father and went to the cemetery not far away from the castle. He dug the ground with a hoe he saw in the cemetery and placed his father's body inside. He filled the grave with sand and used his index finger to write Lord Louis at the top of the grave."I will kill Harold and cut his head too. That's my promise to you father but not to the gods" Robert vowed on his father's grave to kill Harold but not because the gods said so, but for the sake of his father. Raymond remains by his father's grave side and mourns him till Dawn. When it was down, he went into the bush to cut a flower tree which he planted by
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Chapter Four
The gods kept taunting Robert in his dream and he couldn't take it anymore. "My people are suffering, go and set them free" The gods said in his dream and he woke up sweating profusely. This is not the first time he is having such a dream.Robert places his hand on his forehead and sighs with his grey eyes shining in the dark. He couldn't go back to sleep due to the fact the gods will taunt him in his dream again.The next morning he took the clay pot and went to the spring to get water.He filled the pot and started going back to his hut. On his way he saw a huge snake curled up on the only path that led to his hut. There is no way he could pass unless he kills the snake.He dropped the pot on the ground gently and Drew his sword out. The sound of his sword drew the attention of the snake to him. He stepped back a bit when he saw the snake move its body. The snake lifted its head up and looked at the small figure under him.Its eyes are so green like the leaves in the forest. Th
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Chapter Five
"Hey don't know how to talk?" The warrior asks again and Robert remains quiet." The borders are not safe, you shouldn't stay here for too long" " So can I stay at your place for a while?" Robert requested " I promise I will leave when my wound heals" He added.The warrior thought for a while before giving Robert a reply." Alright you will stay in my place for a while then you leave When your wound heals " The warrior reply.' I can't just allow him to die here in the borders even if I don't know who he is' The warrior thought silently" Thank you" Robert reply with a deep husky voice." This way" The warrior said as he help Robert to his feet and lead him through the borders to his house.They took the route where there were no warriors and in no time they arrived at the warrior house." Sit here while I get you water to drink" The warrior said as he pointed towards a stone and walked into the hut to get water for Robert.It will be nice to stay here and heal for a while ' Robert t
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Chapter Six
Isabel storms out angrily and walk back to her Chambers. She climbed into her bed and folded her hands across her chest in fury."I wonder why my father is doing this," She said to herself. She really doesn't know why her father has to colonise the jingle nation and make them his slaves but Harold is someone who is tasty for power and superiority. He derives joy from the pain he inflicts on others but can bear to feel any pain."I have to do something" Isabel said to herself as she got down the bed and walked towards the. She opened the door and went to where the slaves were kept. "Stop!" Isabel yelled at the warriors who were flogging the slaves with whips in their hands.Cries of women and children filled the air and Isabel tightened her fist in anger. .."Don't whip them anymore. Let them rest" Isabel said more like a command as she walks towards a pregnant woman who is sitting on the ground with cuts in her body."I'm sorry. Don't touch your wound with your hands it will get infe
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Chapter Seven
Elas was a little bit scared about Robert's look as they continued with their conservation. "Yeah! Where are you from?" Elias asks and Robert's eyes become dark all of a sudden. He doesn't know if he should tell Elias the truth about himself. He remains quiet for a while not knowing what to say."It's okay if you don't want to say anything. Just stay here and recover for a while then you can leave after you recover" Elias said when he noticed the hesitation on Robert's face. He is not the type that probes into people's private lives. He is just doing the best he can by helping him to heal his wound. After all, his father told him to always be good to people even if he doesn't know them and that is the principle he is living by.They sat outside for a while without saying much,then Elias helped Robert into his hut where he spent the night peacefully.Very early the next day, Elias woke up and took his Spear where he kept it. Robert is still fast asleep so he just left quietly to the b
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Chapter Eight
Elias got back to his hut and met Robert sharpening his dagger outside his hut.He dropped a bag of fresh fruits on the ground and sat opposite Robert."You are back" Robert said as he sharpened his dagger without raising his head up. " Yeah ! Have some fruits'' Elias said as he points toward the bag of wild fruits on the couch. Robert didn't bother to say anything as he continued sharpening his dagger. There are something's he wants to tell Elias and he hope he listen to him and doesn't hate him for who he is. They sat outside the hut for a while and ate some wild fruits. " I'm Robert" Robert introduces himself and Elias chuckles." I thought you were never going to tell me your name" Elias said as he threw an apple up and caught it midair. Honestly he thought Robert was going to keep his identity away from him until he leaves but somehow he was glad to know the cold guy he kept under his roof name."So what came over you?" Elias asked and Lucas raised his brows slightly." What?
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Chapter Nine
Elias was shocked when he heard what Robert said. He couldn't believe Robert was from the nation that was burnt and her citizens taken captive. He doesn't know the name of the nation but he heard about it and that is why Elon rulers have asked them to guard their brothers against the enemies. A nation wiped out in just one night with no single soul left in it. He can't even imagine that happening to his nation. And what does he mean by the gods wanting something from him which he is not willing to do? Elias was so curious that he has a lot of questions in his mind that needed answers. Questions Like, who wiped out the nation? What is the name of the nation? What does the gods want from the only survivor that he is not willing to do?"That is so sad. Why will someone wipe a full nation out and take her citizens into captivity? "Elias ask after sighing countless times. He has this habit of sighing when he is at a loss of words but needs answers so don't get mad at him when he sighs li
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Chapter Ten
Elias was so happy when he knew about Robert Louis identity, the most exciting thing to him is to meet his relative because he thought that he would never meet one in his entire life. He explains to Robert Louis about how he shared blood with him, “my mother was sir Louis' half sister, and got married to Arthur of Elon where she had me” said Elias with an excited face.Robert Louis, on the other hand, was so happy to meet Elisa because he had believed that he would never meet any of his relative's again. Both of them exchange greetings and have a family. “We really have a lot to discuss,” said Elias with an embracing look. “Yes, that's right” Robert Louis replied with a smile on his face. After a few minutes, Elias lost in thought while going in a conservation with Robert Louis. “How could he survive all alone among others?” Elias began to soliloquize while he lost in thought, not knowing that he was speaking it out. “Yes I survived!” Robert Louis replied with his eyes blinking. Imm
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