Path of the Shaman

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Path of the Shaman

By: Authoress Aurora CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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An ordinary Russian hacker, of which there are many, with a rare name Dmitry ends up in a special prison. For 10 years, he is chained to a virtual capsule tied to the popular Might and Magic game called Barliona. Once in the mines, he quickly achieves "liberation" and begins to explore a new huge world. Pumping, levels, loot, buns and turnips are tightly included in the daily life of the hero. There is a clan and even a girlfriend. Everything is going to the fact that he will be able to quickly enough accumulate the amount for his real release ... When the cherished goal is already so close, the beloved abandons him, along the way explaining how his gullibility and short-sightedness were convenient for the plans of the clan to which she remained faithful, relieves him of the supplies in the bag to which she has access, and her clanmates simultaneously take out the storerooms of Dmitry's clan . Heartbroken, he still redeems his freedom and leaves the game.

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Opening my eyes, I looked at the incomprehensible white surface below me for some time. The capsules seemed to have changed a lot since my last awakening, and I was lying face down. It was strange that the lid of the capsule pressed on my back, and on the contrary, nothing supported me from below. Apparently, all the catheters, through which food and air entered me and through which defective materials were removed, were removed before I woke up, otherwise I would have suffered ...The plastic surface in front of me leaned to the side, I saw the ceiling and realized that I was falling right on it. And yelled.— Pee-pee-pee! Pee!What is it, am I yelling like that now? After lying down for another minute, I realized that the ceiling was still on the side where the top was, but my vestibular apparatus was pretty broken. Fighting nausea and fear that I would fall on a surface covered with cracks and water-based paint, I got up and sat down. Of course, it turned out not to be so easy. Ins
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Together with me, several more former “colleagues in the shop” came out of rehabilitation. My shamanic sense suddenly worked in real life, offering me to arrange a small masquerade at the exit. As it turned out, some comrades were also not enthusiastic about the prospect of being recognized and helped me to persuade the others. As a result, we all packed the "civilian" in the bags provided, while we ourselves remained in overalls. No, there were no prison uniforms here, and indeed there could not be - everyone present had already been released, and the uniforms belonged to the rehabilitation center. However, a dozen and a half beefy men in the same clothes with the same haircuts looked like the wooden army of Oorfene Deuce, and it was enough challenging task, even more difficult for a young lady who had seen me in real life twice before - the first time in the semi-darkness of a party and with a martinka gurgling pleasantly in her stomach, and the second time - very pale in the courtr
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As the nymphs had promised, it was not difficult to force yourself to take full lungs of this substance. Filling with liquid, the capsule was already moving towards the catapult. I could clearly see how the capsules flowing from different sides were placed on the launch pad in front of me, froze and, having blurred, disappeared. Only by throwing a glance along the guide leading into the sky, one could see the rapidly accelerating silhouettes of vehicles accelerating to several kilometers per second. Here comes my turn. The capsule froze, and then - a barely noticeable push, and I'm flying, and, oddly enough, even the vestibular apparatus is not overloaded with acceleration. Some kind of mystic! Shamanism!The speed with which the darkness of the sky with the stars flaring up in it was approaching me began to decrease, then the heavenly bodies froze for a few seconds and began to move away. The capsule was gradually enveloped in luminous particles of ionized air. It was very beautiful.
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Shaman Mahan!Barliona Corporation is glad to welcome you back to the game. Under the terms of your release, you can choose where you will end up in Barliona when you enter.Would you like to appear in the same place where you last left the game?Well noI think that everything is clear here.As a bonus for early release, you are given the opportunity to hide your presence in the game from other players for a day.Warning: the players you meet in the game will still see you and your stats.Hide your presence in the game?Well noThe corporation, it seems, decided to play along with me a little. Regardless of their motives, I was grateful to them for this initiative. The dialogue window disappeared, and I found myself in Altameda's throne room.— Viltraks!— Yes, master! - Waiting at the door, perhaps, a devoted dog?“Set up guards at the entrance to the hall. Don't bother me until I get out myself!Welcome back, master! The goblin nodded and left.I opened the mail and said out loud:
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I flew over the wall, trying to make less noise. Donnerwetter! Since the gates of the central complex were closed, then (it) was not going to leave there flush with the tops of the walls. Studying the flooded buildings from a height, I found the entrance to the vault. But this is great! In order to only get to the vault, the Dragons need to demolish two gates. Very well! I flew up to the swaying mess at the entrance to the pantry and began to burn the slurry with fire. All I need is a platform to sit down, and even then only for reasons of disgust. The dragon (it) is not afraid!With the same fire, I destroyed the door. Now there was nothing holding me back. Slapping on (it) with clawed paws, I squeezed into the vault, automatically noting three more knots at the door, and began to loot. Only legendary and unique items. And some more pebbles, which I really liked. Leaving the heels of the legendary items in place so that the Azure would not suspect anything, I quickly collected the ba
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“I’m sorry… hmm…Her face frowned in concern.- What? Did I say something wrong?— No, no, it's all right, but come on... Tell me better about yourself, huh?She smiled slyly.- No, then you first! And then I will start to be frank, and you are some kind of rapist!I smiled back at her.- Not a rapist, of course, but a criminal - that's for sure!She looked thoughtfully at my figure.“Are you, by any chance, a gigolo?”I laughed.- Oh, thank you, I cheered! - I said, wiping away my tears, and then seriously added: - No, not a gigolo and not a maniac. I am a hacker.- Hacker is not scary! she nodded. "Not a thief, not a murderer!"“I am not,” I replied. - But a hacker can be both, and even a maniac or a blackmailer.- Yah! she waved her hand. - I do not believe!- Will you let me? I pointed to her communicator. Eve removed the bracelet from her hand and handed it to me. I carefully looked into her eyes: - Is it possible to trust the first person you meet like that?She met my gaze firm
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Crius, who was sitting opposite, finished his beer and gave the mug to the jumping Viltrax, and then looked at me inquisitively:“Okay, I listened to you. This, of course, is more entertaining than fussing about your petty affairs, but not very interesting, on the other hand, - he stretched, as if stretching his tired muscles. - Are we going to bring down the dragon?“Now I don’t even know…” I answered mechanically."Uh-uh, we didn't agree on that!" Crius said sternly. - You pick some snot!On the machine, I ran my sleeve under my nose, and the Titan smiled for the first time in the entire time of our acquaintance:- Well, you have a tragedy, but what have I got to do with it? Do you expect me to drop everything and go to help the vendetta of an unfamiliar player, and even an official Loch?I looked longingly at my pictogram, which denoted the Achievement I had received. Well, yes, they gave me the Achievement. Unique - that is, no one else will ever have this. Maybe…Achievement: Loc
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- And mine is to protect ... And I can't protect anyone anymore, Mahan. At the same time, the debt, as I understand it, has not gone away.- And I…- Do not interrupt! And you... You, you know, just out of stubbornness do not want to admit it. So here's the third condition...I realized that now I will find out why he pinned me. And I already knew for sure that he needed me and precisely for the sake of this third condition. And if I had not called him, he would have come himself. But before Ehkiller contacts me.“In eight months, not earlier and not later, to the address that I will indicate to you, you will send a letter with an invitation to a date, addressing the girl with “you” and signing your game name. Further - as you know. One "but"...I got it, Titan!“Really, do you understand? — the giant loomed over me with all his carcass. - Truth?- True true! I nodded.- Well, I went!"Give me back the spoon!"- What spoon? For some reason Crius reached into his pocket, and then he ca
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- Who did you leave it to? Crius pointed to a corpse in rich armor lying in the center of the hall with a sword stuck vertically into it.- And this is for you!- Why would you? he asked suspiciously, approaching the body.- Chuika! - I said.- What kind of chuyka?- Shaman! - for persuasiveness he raised his index finger.Crius bent down and thrust his hand into the dead man. His face brightened, a smile appeared on his lips, and he froze, obviously looking at the stats of prey.- Well, what is there? I couldn't resist.- Everything is good there! he smiled at me.- What is good?- And everything is good! His smile got even wider.- Won't you tell?- Still small! he said.- Yes, I'm fifty levels higher than you! I was offended.- You still jump! he retorted.Toward the end, the cave turned to the left and passed into some kind of brightly lit room, which we could not see from the passage. When we were already close to this bend, the whole space around seemed to be filled with Homeric
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Crius seemed to be gradually coming to his senses, because wheezing and gurgling could be heard from the side where he was lying. He is still healthy! I looked at the giant, who, still holding his stomach, had already found the strength to breathe. He glanced at Aquarizamax and his body convulsed again.- A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - Titan rolled on the ground, absurdly kicking his legs. "Dragon, motherfucking!" The Dragon!- Well, Dvakon, and what's fmefnovo? - the adversary hanging upside down answered in bewilderment.- The Dragon! Crius flared up even more. — Oh, I can't! Oh, keep me seven! The Dragon! A-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!- Stop the tantrum! I threw to him. Crius fell silent and, groaning, stood up, heading towards us."Dragon, you say!" Yes, let him go! he already told me.— Well, Dvakon, and what? the animal replied. I must say that the debuff Stomach Break was very effective. The dragon was red in color, consisted of short legs that allowed him to barely tear his b
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