Chapter 131

Cora'S POV

I had this school work I was working on and after successfully get through the typing on my laptop, I had to go and print it out in the school's cafe. 

I walked to the cafe since it wasn't that far from our hostel. 

"yeah, so I'll like to print out something" I say to the cafe guy. 

I gave him my flash and showed him the file I wanted him to help me print. 

As he worked on it, I sat down on a chair and then brought out my phone to keep myself busy. 

Timi hadn't sent a text or even called, he told me he would so busy this particular day. 

I turned my attention from my phone to the little gathering that formed at the cafe's door. 

What was happening? 

I was tempted to stand up and check but I was engrossed one of Timi Dakolo's video, his voice is just so amazing. 

I smiled remembering how Timi said I was a fan of Tim

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