Chapter 132

I successfully came out of the pool, obviously panicking. 

"where are you going to? "  Debra asked as she also came out. 

" we should go and meet her, at least help her " I turned to say. 

" why would you even believe such thing? You know what Jenny and Olivia are capable of doing " Aisha frowned. 

I picked up my towel " Jenny was crying, she was obviously frightened by what Olivia was trying to do and besides, I told you the other day that Olivia fainted in the cafe "

" you know what? I think you girls should go and check on her.... " Timi suggested. Rona nodded in agreement and we finally left to change out of our suits back to something dry. 

" do you need me to come with you "Timi asked 

" no, I've stressed you like way too much, you should stay back "

He nodded as he picked up his things, Emeka joined him. 

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