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"It is better to have ambition than to be able to speak meaninglessly." Kenzo Obelix Pancracio is ambitious regarding his passions, Technology, and Science. He even went crazy because of it when he was fourteen years old until his parents put restrictions on the relationship between Kenzo and Lily Obelix Casablanca, his younger sister. But, Ambition does make the mind unable to work clearly, right? Kenzo didn't understand who was at fault. It was he or his friends who pushed Lily so that Kenzo couldn't refuse Lily's wishes? "I can't."

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Ambitious! : Prolog
The booming sound was deafening, with sparks of fire due to the friction between the cause of the boom and natural objects before showing dozens of pairs of eyes seeing the flames that burned the entire body of the heat-conducting thing.The ground is hollow, the stone is split into sharp angles to have sharp edges, and urban buildings collapse and burn, making the brain work hard to think about how to get past the damage that has occurred."One of the wireless links is disconnected!"The fingers moved on the technology program giving the command to move again even though some parts of his body had conducted heat high enough to inhibit the movement of the connected system."System crash! It's too hot to take orders!"The flames grew more extensive, and warning signs repeatedly sounded, interrupting his sense of hearing. Tiny sparks within the shield conduct heat, making the thumping sound louder than before. His breath hitched, his heartbeat was far from average, and his fingers quive
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Ambitious! : Part 1 : Don’t Blew Hot Food
Lily put takoyaki as a side dish for the atmosphere of togetherness between herself and Kenzo, her brother. The heat seemed to be in the air. Lily sat in front of the food, her hand holding the chopsticks stretched out to take a piece of takoyaki. The hot air surrounding her made a pseudo movement as she felt another air pressure as Lily blew the hot food."Don't blow hot food, Lily.""My tongue will burn if I just eat it, Elder Brother Kenzo.""You can wait for it for a split second, can't you? It won't be a waste of your time. At least your health is maintained."Kenzo slowly pulled Lily's hand and then directed the movement to his lips. Kenzo ate the takoyaki part. Lily snorted, "Let's just say Elder Brother Kenzo wants to eat my share and doesn't want to bother cooling it down."Lily frowned in confusion when she saw Kenzo's hand as if to say come closer to where Kenzo is now beside a large board. The description of bacterial biologics is evident from his view, "The potential for
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Ambitious! : Part 2 : Another From Zidan
"Are you seriously not wanting to use it?"Kenzo cleared his throat slowly in response. He gulped ethanol while listening to his friend's words trying to convince him to use Lily in a giant experiment that might change the world's view of science.Yohannes Xavier Tremoeru was silent. He covered his lips when he saw Kenzo's sharp glare. The chuckle sounded so annoying to Yohannes when the rest of his friends mocked him for failing to persuade Kenzo, "I thought Lily would offer herself. Haven't you told her about the difficulty of finding a suitable object?""You're crazy, aren't you? Kenzo couldn't possibly do that to his little sister." A girl named Andrea Thus Veloka observed her friend's conversation. To be more precise, she praised Kenzo's good looks from behind her sunglasses, which was able to hide the face of admiration from her eyes."How would he do it if our esteemed President just kept the two of them away."Yohannes and his friends laughed softly. Kenzo just took a deep br
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Ambitious! : Part 3 : Little Past
A four-year-old child's cry echoes, and the sound of footsteps is heard along with the heart's beating. They saw little Lily crying while holding Kenzo's hand, who was fourteen years old and ten apart.The cry was full of painful moans from the little one as Kenzo put a little pressure on Lily's arm, "Oh, it's really blue.""Young Master Kenzo, what are you doing?"One of the maids frantically asked while taking little Lily's body from Kenzo's arms. Her louder crying confused them because little Lily didn't laugh when they gave her toys or milk. Throwing a plastic tube-shaped object sounds as Lily drops it. She cried and struggled."I just wanted to know."They stared at each other, "About what, Young Master?""Capillary rupture."Hearing this, without further questioning the reason Kenzo did this. they turned to the Obelix family's doctor for help. Lily was still crying when she got a touch on her bruised arm.The color of the skin on his arms is predominantly purplish. The doctor ga
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Ambitious! : Part 4 : I Don’t Want To Ruin You
The sound of police car sirens sounded so loud around the area where the residence of one of the ministers of State was located. Neighbors flocked out to see what disturbed their morning. Whispers were heard when they saw some police arrest a Minister of Technology and Research, Aguero Yon Tremereui.Security officers forcibly put Aguero into a car for them to investigate further at the office. Meanwhile, other officers examined the entire Aguero residence for more evidence.Aguero struggled to free himself from the complicated iron bonds even though he felt pain from the abrasions from the friction of the skin and the iron side surface."What are you doing?!"They looked at each other through the reflection of the glass, "Just following the procedure.""I am the Minister. Let go!"One of them sighed, "You are guilty of embezzling research funds and neglecting research materials to the point of requiring them to pay for their treatment due to the failure of your research.""Where is t
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Ambitious! : Part 5 : Who?
"Are you sure you can start now? We can discuss it first. How about that?"Kenzo turned his attention to one worker named Julian Roy, asking him about Kenzo's knowledge of detailed information from Aguero's research.Those doubts were created when Kenzo started his Minister of Technology and Research job. Even though they know Kenzo's education has reached the final stage with related studies, they still doubt Kenzo's abilities.Hey, he got the position because of his dad. "No, I already know and understand the situation."Kenzo took a sheet of paper, "How many samples have you taken?" They looked at each other before answering Kenzo's question, "Out of the nineteen humans we cooperated with, only seven samples were obtained. Three of them were treated, and the other four had no infections because they got the hygiene kits before the finances hit.""You should have delayed."They fell silent hearing Kenzo's words."It . . . We . . ."The holographic screen integrated with advanced t
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Ambitious! : Part 6 : They Like Kenzo’s Ambitious
His eyes moved uncertainly as if anyone would come to destroy the peace of his life. Footsteps created a tone to match the heartbeat. He got up and walked towards a place.Shoulders are in hard contact with another person. He utters annoyance telling the person to be careful in his steps.Kenzo, as the role of the other person, stopped his steps."Harris Edwards, Business Management."He mumbled a little before continuing his steps while flashing a faint smile. His eyes sparkled as if he had found something interesting.Kenzo creates opportunities every time he explores the university. He meets Haris. In silence, Kenzo watched Haris reading a book of knowledge about plants and medicine.Haris is a student majoring in Business Management, but he reads science books that guide other majors."Quinine is interesting, isn't it?"He spontaneously closed the book showing the Quinine plant. He also closed the information book on grapefruit."If you mix them all at once slows down the heart ra
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Ambitious! : Part 7 : Andrea Meet Lily
"Dissolve sleeping pills in the milk."Nina carried out Zidane's orders. The milk drink became a regular thing that Nina prepared for Lily, the young daughter of Obelix always consumed it because it contained the amino acid tryptophan. A sleeping solution only helps the process go faster.Nina delivered the milk, and she knocked on the door. Herad Lily's voice permitted me to enter the room. Nina placed a glass of milk on the small table beside Lily, standing by the window."Nina, look. There is a polaris! I want to see sigma octantis. Where is it?"Lily spoke without asking Nina for a response. She just wanted to be heard."Miss, please have a drink." "It's still not too late, is it? I still want to look at polaris.""You can see it after drinking milk, Miss. I can't stay and accompany Miss to remind Miss to drink milk."Lily sighed. She took the glass and drank the milk until she finished it. Nina lowered her head before stepping out of the room.The drowsiness that hit her made Li
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Ambitious! : Part 8 : Espitaxis
"Do I need to open my forehead to see if the controller chip is installed?"Albert chuckled softly at that, "You're not a robot."Albert took Lily's hand, stopped the tapping on Lily's forehead then brought Lily's hand to her lips. Albert kissed the back of Lily's hand, creating a blush on her cheeks.Albert looked at her warmly, slightly implied worry from the twinkle in his eyes. Their foreheads together, Lily could feel Albert's breath on her face. The heat became body temperature only in the scope of her face, whether it was the wind from Albert's breath being felt or because of the rhythmic beating of her heart."You have to give up your hopes for the family to be together. By having a brother full of dangerous ambitions like Kenzo, you will only move according to your feelings."Lily released herself. She pushed Albert's body away from her. Albert held Lily's wrist, which was about to give his a slap, "Lily, you're smart. What do you expect from him with your hopes? Remember, si
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