Chapter 78

A look crossed his face I couldn't quite decipher, but he answered.

'Sure. Of course we are. And I'm sorry if I overstepped my boundaries and acted like an overprotective father, I just... I care...about you, that's why. And I don't want some guy coming to telling you sweet words just to get laid.' Allen seethed, his fist clenched as he spoke.

'Allen...' I warned. My heart swelled a little with joy because of his words but I didn't let it show.

'I'm-I'm sorry.' He pulled me into a hug. I was stunned at first, my arms hanging limp at my sides but a few seconds later I hugged him back and his shoulders relaxed.

'It's okay.' I muttered. 'I forgive you.'

'Thank You Princess.' He replied, hugging me a little tighter. 'Gosh, I've missed you.'

Chuckling, I replied. 'I've missed you too.'

It felt good now Allen and I are cool again. I wouldn't want to loose an amazing frien

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