All Things I've Done To Save You

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All Things I've Done To Save You

By: Handi Yawan OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Time Travel was introduced to the world commercially. But the creator wanted the machines to be destroyed because very dangerous! If you come back miss time, then each person will meet 2, 3 themself or even be stuck in the past! Then what was worried that happened! Amanda was lost in ancient Egypt at the end of the Pliocene when Earth entered the Ice Age. Herman goes to search for his girlfriend, but unexpectedly Amanda refuses to be rescued and even fascinated by the hi-tech world of ancient Egypt!? Can He save and bring Amanda home? Or they go home but find themselves 2, 3, or even 4?

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The global climate change crisis, the global temperature rise the earth is experiencing now is resulted from the rise of sea levels due to the melting of the ice on both the south and north pole.This was because the earth once had an Ice Age in the Pliocene Era. Earth's orbit was shifted from the original position on the south and north ecliptic planes. Now the earth is finding its way back to the ecliptic path which exposes it to the sun more and more, rising the planet's temperature and changing the climate.When the earth's temperature dropped at the beginning of the Ice Age, the north and south poles changed position, causing the sea to drown the Pangaea.The erosion that happened to the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza was the proof that the megalith sites and pyramids scattered all over the globe were the legacies of Proto-Ancient Egypt, the Osirians in the Pliocene Era. The Pliocene Era thought to be entirely primitive had the sophisticated technology ten times more advanced th
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Beyond and Before
A great mass gathered in front of the great prison, Bastille in Paris. Near the entrance, peasants staged an uprising. Riots erupted, and palaces, cathedrals, and monasteries were plundered and burnt. Bastille Fortress was engulfed in an enormous flame. Great charcoal black clouds of smoke shot up from the rooftops and towers. A man stood on top of a stool, making a speech to rouse the rebels. His speech was greeted with shouts of patriotism that filled the sky.“Vive la nation![1]" A farmer yelled, raising a stick in his right hand. A red, white, and blue French flag was tied on that stick.“En avant![2]" shouted another, rousing the mass marching behind him to move on towards the prison gate of Bastille. He held a spear. Many of the rioters were armed with firearms."The reason for people’s raid on Bastille is that the King has been oppressing the people. The people demand a Revolution to crush the king’s authority and power. The people demand the release of their political leaders
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Into the Lens
“Didn’t you see one when you bought a ticket in the building?” asked Bazin. “There must be a crew room where the time machine and the crew who operates it are.”Geoffry wouldn’t give in to an argument. “But at least, we can feel the weather at that time, or a breeze, not just images, and sounds!”“But it’s different!” Austin interrupted. “In augmented reality time travel, we dive into that world, not just that ancient IMAX show with rocking chairs and stuff like that.”“That’s what it is, Geoff,” Eleonore added. “What do you expect? Blood splattering on your face?”Then Eleonore turned to Amanda. “Manda, why so silent? Give Geoff a protest or something! ‘Twas your grandpa who invented this ChronoTour virtual time machine, wasn’t it?”“Just let him be,” Amanda retorted. “You know, I am disappointed myself. Geoff’s right. This virtual time travel machine, ChronoTour doesn’t bring us into the time and space we want.”“But didn’t you say your grandpa invented the time machine for that pu
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Turn of the Century
Several years ago, Sonia once hosted an event that invited and presented the renowned scientists from the World Science Community. The theme of the TV show that night was related to the journals in Professor Marwan Batubara’s blog about the Mayan Calendar.However, it wasn’t the prediction of the End of the World that would occur on December 12, 2012, that made her cancel the schedule on other themes. The interesting thing was Professor Marwan Batubara’s dispute about that prediction that greatly attracted the world’s attention. In his blog, Marwan wrote that the Mayan Calendar didn’t predict the end of the world in 2012. Instead, it was a journal that provided information about the time of extinction of Ancient Egypt and its civilization.The news on Facebook and internet forums about this dispute were viral and widespread. But it made the real problem and the meaning of the prediction vaguer. Sonia once sent questions by e-mail to Prof. Marwan. But, instead of getting an answer, she
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Rhythm of Love
However, the most recent research about the end of the geological Pliocene Period that spanned from 520 million to 160 million years ago pointed out that the seawater once flooded the Valley of the Nile River. We can see the effect of the erosion caused by the direct contact from the lake waters formed in the Pleistocene, which was later carved as the body of the statue of Sphinx [1]. It means that the Sphinx in Egypt is one of the oldest monuments on the surface of the earth. In other words, that means the ancient civilization that once lived in our world existed much longer than the scientists have agreed upon.”Marwan’s extremely controversial statement instantly sparked a clash of arguments. The studio amphitheater became tumultuous with voices of people talking with each other among the audience. They just realized that the debate has been sidetracked and tried to relate the latest statements to the topic at hand.Sonia has listened to Professor Marwan’s statement, but of course,
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Going For the One
“What kind of danger the Pliocene Period can present to us, Professor?” inquired Sonia with utmost curiosity.Marwan put the glasses on his hand and back on his face. “Proto-Ancient Egypt perished in a catastrophic natural disaster,” Marwan answered. “So, going there is very dangerous! No one knows when the apocalypse happened at that time. That is not a picnic, but suicide!”“Isn’t going to the Pliocene Era it will prove that your theory is right?” Sonia retorted. “You concluded that the Sphinx and some of the pyramids in Egypt are from the Pliocene Era, and the people in this era have advanced technology, that is proven by the skill to build those magnificent sites.” Marwan took the bait from Sonia, who excelled in making other people talk. The professor’s tall and a bit chubby figure got tensed. His body was not quite straight but somewhat sturdy, signifying a scientist who spent more time on the field than in a laboratory.“The extreme, secret, and unpublished part that this kind
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Machine Messiah
As he was heading back home in his car, Made Oka decided to join the search-and-rescue team after his wife, Ratna persuaded and kind of pushed him into it.“Honey,” persuaded Ratna when they finally came back to and again left ChronoTours building. “Just don’t regard Mr. Reign, but please think of Carol and Suranto. We also have Arnie, right? Just think, how would we react if it’s our daughter who went missing?”Made was reminded again of his daughter who had just grown into a teenager, so his heart melted. Anyway, they knew Amanda since she was little too.He reminisced about when they were just married and didn’t have a child yet. At that time they still lived in Los Angeles, California, and were neighbors with Suranto’s family. So, they frequently went to Suranto’s house to help them nurse Amanda.After Made quit Mr. Reign’s employment, he was recruited by Tunnel Education and continued the ChronoTours time travel ride project in Tunnel. However, the patent right still belonged to
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Every Little Thing
Marwan and Made Oka smiled and nodded. This young man could appreciate other people’s hard work. “For that very reason, we can only travel back in time, is that right?” asked Herman again. “Precisely.” Made Oka nodded promptly, confirming Herman’s statement. “Anyway, we don’t have either people or things from the future,” he said in a not too serious tone. “If there is one, we can do time travel to the future.” “And then, how can a human body enter the quantum realm, an entity or realm that consists of neutrino structures?” Herman asked again, still curious. This time Marwan didn’t give an immediate answer. He only exchanged glances with Made Oka who was equally surprised by Herman’s critical question. Marwan dug deep into his thought first, trying to arrange the words so the young lad could understand the answer. “In principle, a human body has a neutrino structure too. With the help of electromagnetic field, we modify the human atomic structures and synchronize it with the inten
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Fly From Here
Marwan blocked his way and said, “Hey, don’t do it!” but the Dutchman sought T-Rex’s attention more instead.“Yoy!” yelled Jhaansen van der Jagt. Of course, Herman got frightened to death! But Bill said to Marwan casually, “T-Rex has bad hearing and eyesight.”However, Marwan didn’t get close to being content, especially when the T-Rex came toward them to find out who or what disturbed its meal. The ground Marwan was stepping on shook hard by T-Rex’s quaking footsteps and the trees bent by the coming terror.Marwan was so near to death’s door as the T-Rex’s jaws were right above his head. Its nostrils widened and narrowed, sniffing at Marwan. The T-Rex’s jaws polished with the blood of its prey already made Marwan thought that he was its next prey.Suddenly, Jhaansen leaped out to shoo the T-Rex away. “Shoo!” He bellowed at the top of his voice.Startled, the T-Rex let out a deafening roar. Strangely, it ran away haphazardly as though being intimidated by a greater force. “Shoo! Shoo
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Does It Really Happen?
“No!” Marwan argued. “From birth until a teenager, their body biorhythm is the same as us. But, when entering young adulthood, they will stay young as immortals do,” said Marwan, patting Herman’s back to remind him that the team has moved on.“Hey, don’t leave me behind!” Herman ran after Mr. Bill.“Herman, don’t daydream,” Marwan called. “Let’s go inside!”Herman heard Marwan’s call, but he was looking at the building his team entered into. This building was shaped like a gigantic tree trunk, so it was as though being harmonically blended with its surrounding nature. The building was so high, that its apex was as though invisible, covered by a cluster of thin clouds so it looked like a gigantic snow-covered tree.Without lingering any longer, Herman rushed to catch up.Moments later, Herman stood inside a room with a very high dome ceiling. Every side was decorated with human-shaped statues more than ten meters high. And the statues were still too low to reach the ceiling on this flo
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