Canaan Club (Progenies of Ironward #1)

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Canaan Club (Progenies of Ironward #1)

By: Westley Dans OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Andre the Omega and Rafe Gold are in luck. That, or they’re rather unfortunate, for they have been selected to be enrolled into the most prominent yet enigmatic educational institution for all species - humans and magi. Little do they know, they are stepping onto a battlefield, rife with internal war and unchecked by figures of authority. The two friends are caught in the middle of it and in need of help if they want to survive Ironward Academy.

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48 chapters
I just wanted to look at the plants.Andre repeated this to himself even as his pursuers howled and growled behind him, taunting as five rowdy teenagers looking for a victim to beat on chased their prey through the soggy vegetation of the forest. Coming out here all alone was already a bad idea, already knowing in the back of his dark brown-haired head that they would follow him, but he couldn’t be afraid forever.Plus, as long as he was compliant, they never went too far with extracting their jollies from the eventual thrashing.“Ye aren't aff tae git far, bleeder!”That heavy Scottish inflection belonged to Jarekid Fenrisulfur. Son of the alpha of the Graybite Tribe and Andre’s longtime tormentor. It was almost like an obsession the way the burly eleven-year-old went after his nine-year-old tribemate. Of course, he sounded way closer than the others.Still, the younger boy galloped on all fours, hurriedly weaving through the famous twisting trees and curling shrubs. The edges of Gra
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Chapter 1
4 Years Later Dock town afternoons were chockfull of noises that got every busybody rolling. The purposeful and purposeless chatter of workers and neighbors. The drumming of wood as the residents moved down the waterfront boardwalk. The rushing waters as boats sailed to and from the harbor. But what really livened up the day was the sounds of brawling. Thwack! Fwoosh! Zoom! The spectacle that accompanied these noises was a sight to behold. It was not often the populace of Outville Piers got to watch a thirteen-year-old kid duke it out with three robots. However, over the year, since there wasn’t much for the youth to do in the harbor, it became one of the few entertaining things others tuned into to alleviate the boredom. “Let’s go, Rafe!” “Rip them apart!” That’s exactly what happened as Rafe sprinted upon the water like a stone skipping across the lake to lodge a foot into an automaton in the guise of a middle-aged veteran male with a missile launcher for a right arm. The bo
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Chapter 2
The Graybite Tribe.Also known as the most powerful and dangerous tribe in all of werewolf history. The Northern Claw Nation, which included Graybite and the eleven other tribes in the vicinity, was formidable as a whole, but Graybite reigned at the top in terms of its military prowess and the ability to enforce the will of the Majestic Moon Monarchy, the royal court that ruled over all of wolf-kind.In the Canadian Rockies was the notorious Graveltara Woods, where the Graybite Tribe prospered. There existed the largest bristlecone pine trees known to man and magi, the spiral of each bole twisting high into the sky until they burst into branches that imitated strikes of lightning. Even as Rafe rode upon Beau, who was currently loping in his humongous, maroon-colored wolf form, he could see buildings and homes that looked like a bunch of bungalow birdhouses crammed together. And each tree had that same crowded layout. It was nearly impossible to tell which was a house and which was a s
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Chapter 3
A mouth-watering waft of cinnamon invaded the room as Jan marched in with a plate of rolls, disapproving eyes laid on Andre. Said omé’s eyes flitted between his caretaker and the plate of delicious cinnamon rolls, tapping his foot with a whimper. Rafe had the sudden need to soothe his friend and shoo Jan out but ignored it this time. He hoped the old woman had a better chance at convincing Andre’s stubborn ass than him.“Yup. You gotta go. No questions asked,” Jan said matter-of-factly as she grabbed a storage cabinet from the corner of the room with one hand and carried it over to them, setting the plate of cinnamon rolls on top of it.Rafe’s eyes widened a bit before remembering the fact that she was a wolf.“But Jan-” Andre began to whine, but Jan cut him off with another glare.She crossed her arms sternly. “Nope. You’re going, Coeur pur, and that’s final. I won’t let you waste you your life away like th’ rest of us here.”“I’m helping out taking care of my brothers and sisters! I
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Chapter 4
“Inbred…?” Andre’s brows raised in puzzlement, but then lowered in recognition when he saw the approaching trio. “Oh, you mean Axel.”Rafe gave the omé a stern look. “Don’t tell me he harasses you, too?”“No. Well, um, if passing comments don’t count.”Silver eyes narrowed further. “And?”Andre’s shoulders sagged, suddenly exhausted. “A slap or shove here or there.”Rafe had an inkling his friend was treated worse than he was letting on. It was like these groups of egotistical assholes designated him as the tribe punching bag. Somehow, the superhuman was going to have to teach the omega how to throw a punch. But for now, Rafe turned to the three incoming gammas, pounding his fist into his palm.“Looks like we’re ordering takeout on the way.”“Maybe we should just-”“I knew it!” Axel glowered at Rafe. “I knew you weren’t just any random monkey!”The human rolled his eyes, fed up with the accusations the idiot seemed to pull out of his ass. “The hell are you going on about now?”Instea
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Chapter 5
2 Months LaterThey had gone to Spain, and it was a nice trip despite it being impromptu. Though, it became less about Graybite and more about the change in scenery. Hopefully, the alpha wouldn’t have to quiz Andre on tribe facts when he eventually returned. He, Rafe, Beau, and his mate, Toby, were currently residing in a visitor’s cabin in the Serpente Woodlands, home of the Radon Tribe and where Beau made his transition into lupinehood. And the omé could not ignore the differences.It might have been because the Radon Tribe wasn’t a part of the Majestic Moon Monarchy. All that elitism and superiority complex slowly dissipated the farther they moved out of the inner circle. Of course, every village had its resident jerk. Maybe even several of them. However, so far, omegas had far more respect down here. During their time spent there, Beau’s job requiring him and his mate to dwell near the tribe, Andre’s met other omés, some of them even with a mate of their own. Alpha-omega pairings
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Chapter 6
Another week elapsed before their scheduled orientation day arrived.“Rise and shine, boyos! It’s school time!”Both Rafe and Andre shot right up beside each other as the bed they both slept in next to each other jostled and swayed, their heads nearly colliding with one another.“Hey!” Rafe barked at Beau, who stood at the end with a smug grin on his bearded face. His large hands didn’t even look like they were moving as they lay atop the mattress to make it tremble.Andre blew out a tired breath, eyes half-lidded as his leg bent back until his foot reached his head, his toes subconsciously scratching at his tousled, brown hair.“Come on! Get those asses up ‘cause it’s orientation day!” the lycan rattled the bed again.Rafe grabbed the pillow under him and tossed it at the older male. There was a slight whistling sound before it slapped Beau in the face, and the thing burst into tiny patches of stuffing. When it hunkered down to the floor, the lycan was still smiling playfully.“Alrig
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Chapter 7
Andre moved fast.Rafe was shocked into immobility, Beau had been busy guarding Toby, and Mr. Gylarcan didn’t bother to lift a finger, but the young wolf was able to recognize the alarm on Bones’ face. His legs acted on their own, quickly leaping for the boy they met only a couple of minutes ago. With his focus on the ball of snarls and gnashing teeth hurtling toward him, the latter didn’t see the omé slide in next to him with untapped speed, latch hands under his arms, and zip out of the way.There was a large crash as wood, metal, and porcelain exploded everywhere. Andre felt himself and Bones blown back a little, a miniature shockwave resounding throughout the diner. The two shapes had uncurled from each other a bit, and the sight of a hulking mass of furry muscle and lethal, shark-like teeth slashing repeatedly across the thick arms of a red-eyed, cyan-bodied, and winged monstrosity.That familiar musky whiff that Andre sniffed in immediately told him what the one on the offense w
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Chapter 8
“Goddammit!”Andre pinched his lips to contain his giggle as he watched Rafe squint angrily at the bark of a tree.“Who was that?” Caster’s voice piped up from the cellphone speaker.“Sorry. That was Rafe. He’s just doing some pre-dinner workout.”Which he had been doing for the last three hours. Andre had woken up from a dreamless nap to ireful growling. At first, he panicked that it was a Graybite wolf who had come to collect on behalf of Renkin, who had changed his mind. It was a relief and quite humorous to find his only friend having an intense staring contest with a camphor tree on the outside of a wooded area that sat in the corner of Outville Piers. He decided to stay and be the great cheerleader he promised to be.A few days after the visit to Ironward, Toby had hooked them both up with phones for leisure calls and emergencies that required attention outside of the academy. Andre was eternally grateful that Beau’s mate somehow got to connect with Jan and the others back home
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Chapter 9
Next week arrived all too soon, and the first day of Ironward came upon them.Luckily for the boys, Beau and Toby had already got to packing their stuff in suitcases, spending the rest of the time either getting cleaned and dressed or trying to stay awake. While the latter rang true for Andre, Rafe was wide awake, sitting at the edge of his bed and blankly watching Beau and Toby move around their room, examining it for any materials that might be useful to take, as Andre was perched next to him and rubbing repeatedly at his eyes.“Looks like we got all the basics,” Beau clapped his hands together. “Ironward should have some things if you’re missing any, or you could just steal it from someone else.”Toby shook his head, wiping sweat from his brow. “He’s kidding, by the way.”Andre released a tired laugh, his swaying head gently hitting Rafe’s stiff shoulder. The blond remained still and unfazed as if he hadn’t been listening.“Thank you, sirs!” the omé stumbled off the bed and headed
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