Chapter 83

I slept off and it's Derrick, the same dude all over my life in my dreams too.

I waved the thoughts away as I can't believe we kissed and touched badly in that dream! Though thank God It's a new day.

And I am definitely not at home but with my girl friends communicating ofcourse lol.

We had a small talk in precise.

When I told the girls about the improvement between Derrick and I, they squealed in delight since we started talking of recent.

We all met at Alisa's place... A Mansion.

Alisa and her elder brother Henry were the only ones around, so she asked us to come over. 

Alisa's parents were rich.

Our parents were also filthy rich too, just that Alisa's parents were show offs and over hyped their wealth too much.

They liked to be the best amongst all.

I remember back the

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