Master and disciple ceremony

While the sect master was going to placate Sharley again, Bai Feng was making his way down the hall towards his room after the talk with his sister. Still a little bit worried about that backlash she got from trying to inspect his internal condition.

His thoughts were still on the talk he had with his sister. His worries were a little bit alleviated as he remembered the detailed explanation she had given him about her healing capabilities.

Bai Feng arrived in front of his room, but before he could enter. Ah Lam appeared nearby then immediately came to check up on him while saying:

"Sorry, I haven't been able to arrive earlier. But I have been stuck with some problems. I have heard about the battle between you, Sharley. and your sister."

Bai Feng didn't know much about the responsibilities of an elder, so he could not blame her for not showing on time.

Especially considering the sect master was around to stop Sharley.

Bai Feng guessed that hi

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