Breaking the fight and some schooling

The sigh came from everywhere in their surroundings, but no one was around them, so they could not find the source of the sigh.

However, Sharley's red and blue eyes widened at the same time as she heard the sigh, and her anger quickly transformed into shame as she let her head down.

The sect master's voice was soon heard in the fighting trio's heads as the same message came to all of them:

"Sparring is an important part of becoming a strong cultivator, but taking things too far against your sect mates due to petty reasons is a crime worth ten thousand deaths!"

"You three remember this, and especially you, Sharley! Fighting may be allowed in the inner part of the sect, but going too far will make me have to act. It seems that you have forgotten how it is to be spanked, young lady!"

Sharley's face became beet red as she heard those words, and she became even more embarrassed, considering the same message was being projected to both Bai Feng and Mu An

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