I Shall Eat The Heavens

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I Shall Eat The Heavens

By: Daoist Of Lies CompletedFantasy

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In the mountains sat a small village, populated by normal people. Cows mooed, pigs ate, and humans did their fieldwork. On usual days like these, a normal person in the village would enjoy some fried chicken under the shade of a tree. "Mmm, delicious chicken..." Not everyone had access to the chicken. Only a certain family did. But as time passed, someone arrived in the village and took away the items that helped the villagers live their lives. Some young people left with the man, thinking that they would strike it big. And one of those people was the owner of the chickens. Bai Feng, a connoisseur of food, a monster that's heavier than iron, a fool that's half smart and half dumb. Cultivation isn't for everyone, but with luck, everything is possible. Could Bai Feng cultivate and reach the apex? Or would he have to stumble along the way due to the passions of life, increasing the difficulty of his path? But one thing was for certain. Bai Feng would surely enjoy life along the way. Cultivation or not.

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  • MaryBlood


    I just thought ISSTH But great story! Highly Recommended!

    2022-07-20 15:55:16
  • Hyde Ding


    its an amazing book it is one of those satisfying ones you could read when you're bored and ended up with a great feeling of stress leaving your body

    2022-04-03 00:38:42
  • cmax110


    just finished your caterpillar novel on WN, hope you keep this one going

    2021-10-19 15:01:50
  • Gordon Cummings


    love the story

    2021-10-10 07:22:47
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250 chapters
On the cherry blossom continent, stood a small village that thrived on their agriculture and animal rearing, the village was called Millet, and it had a population of 5,000 people.   The village was rather lively today as it was holding a festival to thank the immortals who blessed their crops, so they would grow nice and big.   Red banners and lanterns were already being hung around the village, even though it was only noon.   Discussions were abounding as people speculated if an immortal would arrive this time to grace them with his or her presence.   Most of the people in the village were all thinking about the great immortal, and how they wanted to meet him, maybe they were talented, and they would be taken back to the immortal's cave, so they could be taught cultivation.   For simple farmers and the like, this was the most they would be able to dream.  
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The immortal arrives?
Bai Feng looked at the offending arm, stopping him from having the sweet and sour taste of the potato salad, and then craned his neck upward to see that it was one of his childhood friends Xiao Chun! Xiao Chun was very different compared to Bai Feng. He was a tall stalwart man with an impressive physique and he wore a clean grey tunic and clean khaki pants. There was a stark difference between the slob Bai Feng and the clean, neat, and strong Xiao Chun. Most of the women couldn't stop glancing at Xiao Chun while if their eyes met even one part of Bai Feng they would recoil visibly, even Mu An couldn't help but take a few glances at Xiao Chun. He wasn't that pretty but he was the perfect man in the village, he was strong so he could tile the fields with the bovines and he wasn't that bad looking so every woman found him acceptable. Comparatively speaking Bai Feng was a hobo and Xi
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Phony Immortal?
The celestial light shined from the skies as it almost blinded those that looked straight at it. Some of the women even started to cry out in pain as they looked straight at the light and now they were clutching their faces. Mu An averted her gaze from the light but she was still very excited to see the immortal arrive at their humble village. She only knew that her forefathers were the people who interacted with the immortals and they were gifted heavily after they met the immortal, she was wondering what kind of gifts would they get now? Mu An wanted to take a few steps closer as she lifted the chicken-filled plates over her head wanting to offer them directly to the immortal, even forgetting that her brother was currently in a brawl with the sheriff. She loved her brother dearly, but an immortal was descending directly in front of her so she couldn't help but choose the immort
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Good and bad news
The old man's words made all of the crowd start worrying as they whispered to each other: "Bad news? What could it be?" "The immortal said that it will affect all of us…" "Let's hope that it won't affect your livelihood…" "Shut up the immortal seems to want to say something!" The old man cleared his throat as he waited for the villagers to stop whispering to each other, then said: "It's unfortunate to say this but whatever you have gotten from the immortal in the past you will have to give back now!" Every villager became panicked as they understood the meaning behind the words of the old man. They were supposed to give back the blessings that the immortal gave to their ancestors! Those blessings were the things that kept the village up and running, without them they realized that th
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Bai Feng just wants to live a quiet life
Bai Feng was thoroughly disappointed at the notion of giving his magical silver box away.After he knew that it was the source of his delicious chicken, he never wanted to give it away!No matter how tired or bored he got of eating the chicken, that didn't mean he didn't enjoy it anymore.To him. The chicken was the ultimate dish that he enjoyed carefully after eating it so much over the years.How could he let go of such a delicacy? How could he let go of his treasure?Mu An knew that it would be really hard. To convince him when he was like this.She wasn't sure what she could tell Bai Feng to make him give her the box so she could present it to the lord immortal.She knew that it would be dumb to anger an immortal who easily took out two fully grown men with one sandal.But it seemed Bai Feng's belly was clouding his mind.Or he didn't care?Mu An slowly got closer to him, which made him try to back off as he k
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Chicken Incident
The younger girl that was 13 years old was the first to bellow in awe:"A flying rug? That's so cool!"The immortal smiled proudly as he patted his rug once more. It was both long enough and wide enough to handle all of the new youths that he had selected for the sect's tests.Bai Feng would lie if he said he wasn't impressed with the flying rug. He actually had the impulse of jumping on it and making it go high in the skies, he wasn't sure why, but he just felt like doing it.Even the serious and level-headed Mu An had this kind of impulse as her expression resembled her brother's.The immortal looked down at the table, which still held all of the items that the villagers returned.He patted the rug two times before the items on the table started to levitate towards it.Then the items slowly landed on the rug and entered it, disappearing thoroughly!It was as if they were never there!Every villager made 'ooh' and ah's
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A sect that relies on luck and destiny (Part 1)
The rug stopped above a certain mountain, high around the peak of it, snow was slowly raining down from the top of the clouds- and onto Bai Feng and the others as they looked around with wonder.It was a very magical scene, but this was just the start.As the clouds in front of them parted, a small paradise was revealed to them- at the top of the mountain.Small palaces were placed around 100 meters away from each other. At the top of every palace, there was a sign that showed what those palaces contained.There were both young and aged people walking around, taking in the natural sights, before looking at the palace signs and entering the chosen palace.The strange thing was that most of the people present wore different outfits with different insignias pinned at their chests. Some people wore matching outfits and insignias, but they were mostly walking in groups, and it looked like no one knew much about the other. It was like all of these people
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A sect that relies on luck and destiny (Part 2)
Bai Feng watched as the door of the residence closed in his face, and Shredder's slave grabbed him again by the ponytail to take him to the kitchen of this place.Bai Feng felt this position was rather awkward as he used his sleazy ponytail to make it fall out of the slave's grasp.The slave was surprised at how greasy Bai Feng's hair was, then he looked at his hand and grimaced. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to touch Bai Feng at all.He wanted to clear his dirty hand somewhere, but there was nothing that could be used around, so he put his hand on the ground, trying to get rid of the greasy feeling with some dirt.Bai Feng found this situation to be familiar, so he waited for the man to finish.However, if he knew where the kitchen was and if he was also allowed there without the slave, he wouldn't have waited for him as he wasted a good time when he could have been stuffing his face.He couldn't wait for more as his stomach started to rumble
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A sect that relies on luck and destiny (Part 3)
The situation was extremely awkward as the girl forgot what she had to say. She covered her face with her palms as she got as red as a boiling lobster and angrily shouted at Bai Feng:"Cover yourself, you damn animal!"Even though she said that with conviction. She couldn't help but peek between her fingers once at Bai Feng's lower body, Bai Feng became embarrassed, but he couldn't say anything underwater, and he was also running out of air, so he tried to swim up.The blue-haired girl was quite embarrassed by what happened, so she didn't stop him from swimming up, even though she did want to stop him as he polluted her river.Bai Feng swam up and took another gulp of air as he sighed and looked down at the water:"Why would she drag me down? Actually, why can she talk underwater?"Bai Feng was full of questions, but considering his location, he just took her as a water spirit of some sort that might have been offended by his act of taking a
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A sect that relies on luck and destiny (Part 4)
Bai Feng could feel the familiar smell becoming more and more distinct in his senses. It was almost as if some of his memories were being replayed in front of him.The scene of his sister cooking chicken for him while he kept his thumb in his mouth while drooling like a dog.It was almost as if the fried chicken from before was being waved below his nose and tempting him to open his mouth and take a bite.Drool started to drip from Bai Feng's mouth as something strange started to happen in his body.Mo Pian's eyes widened as he glanced at Bai Feng's rotund body, which was currently shrinking.His senses told him that Bai Feng didn't absorb any Qi from anywhere nor that his strength was increasing, so why the hell was this happening?Mo Pian's taught technique was given to him by the sect elders. Everyone got the technique as long as they were deemed talented enough, but Mo Pian didn't research much into it.Bai Feng's current situatio
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