You Are My Savior

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You Are My Savior

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Rhianna Evangelista with her mother and younger sister Ylona was imprisoned in a mansion far from town and in a remote area owned by her stepdad Don Ysmael who's a well-known Drug Lord in the country who could not be apprehended and not get caught because of the connection he has.Because Rhianna wanted to save her mother and sister, even herself. She decided to run away from his stepdad to save her mother and younger sister. Then, she met Leonardo Estralta Jr., an Agent who saw her and protected her. She became a member of their organization and had the intent to hunt down and overthrow the people behind in helping Don Ysmael. was forbidden in the group.However, as time goes by, Leonardo falls in love with Rhianna and realizes that he loves her. Is he ready to relinquish the role of their group for the woman he loves and be with her until they get old and form a family with Rhianna or will he put aside his feelings and continue to serve the town?

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The Escape
Rhianna is sitting on the bed. Waiting for the big hand of the clock to drop at 12. She plans to run away at midnight. She wants to escape her uncle who is a Drug Lord.They were imprisoned in a place not merely located. She doesn't want to leave her mother and sister but she has to do it for them. She has to save them from the hands of Don Ysmael. She'll think about it afterward how to catch him, the important thing is that she saves her mother and sister first.When her father died when she was only eighteen years old. Her mother remarried Don Ysmael, and her mother did not know his true identity. When her mother learned of Don Ysmael's identity, they were imprisoned because Don Ysmael thinks that they might complain to the authorities.So she did nothing when his stepdad imprisoned them in a medium-sized house far away from civilization. She didn’t know where she was going when she ran away. If she can escape or if the guards will catch her.She tied the concatenated fabric to the
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The Help
Alexandra approached Rhianna and started applying medicine to her wounds. She winced because of the touch of medicine on her wounds. Now, she felt the pain caused by her wounds. She didn't feel it a while ago because her attention was focused on escaping her stepdad plus Leonardo's presence.Rhianna immediately dismissed that matter in her mind, she had to focus on what would she'll do to save her mother and sister. Then, Alexandra put a band-aid on the large wounds. She looked at Alexandra. She is beautiful and has a small face. Alexandra looked at Rhianna and smiled."There, your wounds are okay now. Do you want to come inside? I can't leave you here alone." Alexandra said while keeping the tools and medicine that she used on curing Rhianna's wounds."Is it okay? Am I not bothering you?" Rhianna ask.Before Alexandra could answer her question, there was a knock on the door and it opened. Rhianna saw the man sitting earlier on the sofa who knock and opened the door. Long hair in a po
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In One Roof
"You're not allowed, our members must have the capability to handle a gun. And she/he will undergo thorough training." Leonardo contrary.What if she doesn’t know how to hold a weapon or a gun? It will learn. She prefer herself to keep quiet so they wouldn't end up arguing when she insisted on what she wanted.The silence inside the car predominates. She decided to stick her eyes out of the window. The surroundings were still dark, she could hear the wind blowing in the trees. She can't even remember where he found her earlier. She decided to close her eyes to sleep.A shake of her shoulder woke her up. She opened her eyes. Rhianna saw Leonardo who was responsible for waking her up."We are here, at my house." he said and averted his face away from her.He got out of the car and walked to the house. Rhianna decided to get out of the car and followed him to his house. When she got closer to him, he put the key in the doorknob and opened it. He went inside and she followed him.The hous
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The Transaction Of Drug
"I'm sorry, I thought she didn't have a boyfriend. I'm leaving." he said and left in front of Rhianna. She turned to look at Leonardo who was pissed with his arms folded."You shouldn't have professed that to him, the man was embarrassed. He was just being nice to me and he wants to know me." Rhianna replied. Of course, what's wrong if she is acquainted with a man. He looked at her from looking at the man leaving the store."You run away, right? You should be careful with the people you talk to and socialize with. You shouldn't just trust them easily." he answered seriously.Rhianna was stunned. He is right. Why Rhianna didn't think of that? She shouldn’t be talking to anyone. Leo took in her hand the basket she was holding that's containing her purchases."Let's pay for it. So we can leave. I'm going to Head Quarters. We'll do some training." he said and walked towards the Counter. Rhianna followed Leo."Can I come with you?" she asked him.He turned to Rhianna and looked back in the
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Her Gratittude
Chapter 5Alexandra and Harold come out in the Carinderia together with the two guys. Rhianna roamed her gazed in the Carinderia. Everyone is still shocked about what happened."Let's go. We have something to discuss." Leonardo said to Rhianna.Leonardo takes Rhianna's hand and they exited into the Carinderia. Rhianna looked back and she saw Brandon who was behind them. She saw that Brandon was looking at their hands.They reach the parking area where Leo's car was parked. He immediately opens the passenger seat for Rhianna. Rhianna abord to the car. Leo goes to the driver's seat and aboard also. Miracle! He's a gentleman now. Leonardo drove the car and followed the car that Alexandra and Harold were aboard."Why did you do that?" he asked her. She knew what he was talking about. It is what she's done to the guy who has shade."To save you. He's gonna stab you." she answered."But you should not do that, I can manage myself." he defended.She will no longer allow even the rescue he di
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Part Of The Group
Leo doesn't know why he said those words to Rhianna. He sat down on the sofa in the living room and washed her hand over his face.He couldn’t help but admire her for her inherent beauty. White, smooth skin, round eyes, and round face. The first time he saw her, he felt an attraction to her.Especially earlier, when they were at Gigi’s Carenderia as he pointed a gun at the shaded man that he found out that Carlo Sañiego is his name. She suddenly stood up and kicked Carlo Sañiego's hand. He was so worried for her. In fact, she was great. He treats Rhianna like that because it's his way so Rhianna won't notice his attraction towards her.He immediately remembered when they were in Head Quarters and he found her talking with Brandon. He couldn’t help feeling jealous, which he shouldn’t have felt for her. He cleared his mind of the thoughts and decided to take his clothes to her bedroom that he had given to Rhianna.Leo got up from his seat and headed to the bedroom. He was about to knock
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The Training
"RHIANNA, I want you to be part of our group." Leo said to her as she turned around and faced what she was cooking. She was momentarily taken aback by what he said. Is what she heard correct? Does he want to include her in their group? She immediately turned to Leo. Their eyes met. She suddenly felt awkward."Are you serious? Didn't you say that your member must be good at holding a weapon or a gun?" she stated. She remembers that's what he told her when she asked to be part of their organization."Dianne resigned because she wants to focus on her progeny. So, Agent Jerald is looking for a replacement for her. That is being learned." he said and smiled at her. She's strange about how he treats her. He is becoming heavenly."Thank you, Leo. It's my pleasure to be part of your group." She said and turned her attention back to cooking. The pancakes she cooked looked good. "You just have to go through thorough training. As an agent, the danger is in your life. So, be careful because no
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San Sebado
"Who's the mastermind of this transaction?" Leo asked Carlo Sañiego who was now sitting while facing them. Next to him was the skinny man who looked terrified.They were in the room where there is a small cell on the side where the two slept last night. There is a table of the right size in front of Carlo Sañiego. Leo was on its side and standing. Brandon, Faith, and Alexandra sat in the chair at the table facing Carlo Sañiego while Rhianna is on one side and listening to them talk."Why would I say that? I don't want to hurt my family." he said firmly. Brandon stood up and approached Carlo."If you unite with us. Tell us where your wife and children are and we will rescue them. We will make sure that they will be safe in our care." Brandon reassuringly said."Don Ysmael, he is the leader. I am just being ordered. I heard the conversation of those who ordered me. If I don't obey and I report, my children and my wife will get hurt. I have no choice because I am also in need. Save my
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The Rehearsal
Then, they take Mrs. Sañiego to a safe place where only agents know. They immediately returned to Head Quarters for training. It was three o'clock in the afternoon when they arrived.When she got out of the car, Leo and Rhianna immediately went to the back of the Head Quarters where the training was being held. Hanging in the middle is a piece of paper with a person drawn on it. Training has not yet begun.Then, they take Mrs. Sañiego to a safe place where only agents know. They immediately returned to Head Quarters for training. It was three o'clock in the afternoon when they arrived.When she got out of the car, Leo and Rhianna immediately went to the back of the Head Quarters where the training was being held. Hanging in the middle is a piece of paper with a person drawn on it. Training has not yet begun.-- "Let's sit there with Faith." Alexandra invited her and took her hand to the side where Faith was sitting. She left Leo talking to Harold. They sat in the vacant chair next
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The Jealous
Leo drives the car to Head Quarters with Rhianna. He looked at her as she stared out the window. "How are you feeling?" he asked her. He was so worried about her last night. He's too serious in the fight. He didn't notice that she will pain.She turned to him. That look on her face. She looks fascinating. Suddenly his chest throbbed."I'm fine. Thank you for massaging my foot and legs last night." she said thankfully and smiled at him. His lips curled spontaneously to return her a sweet smile.He turned his attention back to the road. Rhianna will be in training for a week before they do a plan to save her sister and mother. However, he's still here beside her and ready to save her."Leo." Rhianna uttered his name."Why Rhianna?""I have something to say." she said. He turned to her."Don Ysmael, he's my uncle who imprisoned us." he stopped the car on one side out of shock."Why did you just say that now?" he asked her."I'm sorry, I'm just looking for time to say it. That's why I
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