"You can't say that. It's rather too harsh."

   Iva said to Hira. They were walking through the forest, but sensitive to things coming from behind and ahead of them. 

   His cloth was dirty as well as hers but she tend to make more stench from his than hers though twas the other way around. 

    She just wanted to blame him. She just wanted to make him feel bad. Why wouldn't she?

   He had made her feel more than bad. Even worse and worst. In the fucking name of love. 

   Though she should admit that he had been protective of her and had been there for her in the wild, but hadn't he gotten them there. 

   For sometimes she had been very hard on herself for ever being so stupid to had followed him. 

   But if she hadn't followed him, she wouldn't had known to what extent he would go to save her. 

    But that

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