The twelve and the Imp

        "What track next?"

   One of the twelve men asked. None was the leader. The leader thingy seemed not to be working for any of them. They had been through the noise and the odds and the fight and the all. Twas time to get things the right way if they were ever going to make any progress. 

     "I suggest we keep trailing this. Where else could we possibly take?"

   Another one asked. He looked at the first guy who had spoken. He wasn't a fan of his but they were obviously not there to figure out there differences. They were there for their leader who had been abducted by the fucking monster. 

      "I'm feeling terribly hot."

    Another of the guys said. The first guy who had spoken ate the third guy up with a fiery ogle. 

     "Hot indeed."

   He muttered to him. The third seemed to had heard him and walked up stra

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