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By: Inonge Mitchie CompletedMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Bella is a retired assassin who is kidnapped by a secret organization responsible for creating a dangerous role playing simulation video-game called OutLive. A game that she finds herself playing alongside a few others who she must work together with to complete a series of savage missions in order to make it to the very end and not only walk away with the grand prize of $10 million but also with her life that is greatly threatened because should she die in the game then she dies in real life as well.

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I was just that good I guess
A red Ferrari pulled up in front of the gate of a metal barred fenced mansion located in the middle of nowhere. The gate opened at the push of a button and the car drove in; all the way down the long driveway to the house where the car parked and out of it walked a woman thirty-five years old. Her name was Bella Knight and she had her thick dark hair braided into a pony tail that went down to her round bum and a body that turned heads; plump breasts and skin like butter milk.Wearing a black loose cat suit Bella made her way to the door where the one of the two guards standing there opened it for her and she walked in.Inside she walked through the fancy house to the glass door at the far end that led out onto the back patio. She walked out and sitting by the table having a cup of tea poured for him by one of the maids was a man named Mr. Henderson. He was about sixty years old and was large bodied like a wrestler.“Uh if it isn’t my beautiful darlin
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Hours later, light started to come to Bella’s eyes and when she opened them fully and looked around she was in an office; an office that was well put together and the size of a decently sized apartment, with a large window overlooking the view of a vast rain shadow desert and a chubby suited man sitting behind the desk with four goons standing behind him, suited and armed.Bella rolled onto her stomach and then got up onto all fours; breathing heavily and with her chest moist from sweating. She tried to get up and even stood for about two seconds but then fell back down to her fours, still woozy from the shot.“You just got sedated with a dose that could knock out a baby elephant, you should take it easy,” the man seated comfortably back in the chair said. He was about sixty years old and had a Van Dyke beard. “Hello Ms. Knight, lovely of you to join us.”“Who are you?” Bella asked.“You don't know me but I
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Wow, you're that guy
"Ladies and gentleman my name is Lora and I will be your guide throughout your OutLive experience. Please allow me to introduce to you your players," Lora's voice said to the viewers and everyone worldwide couldn't contain themselves; they had been waiting for the game to drop for three months and it was finally here."Oh snap let's go," a girl watching on her laptop said."Player 1; name Reggie Bellman, occupation, Electrician," Lora's voice said and the cube in which Reggie was standing in lit up. He was wearing a silver and black skin hugging rubber high-tech body suit that covered him from the tip of his toes to the top of his neck; standing to himself and hearing nothing but the quiet as the small empty room lit up with a white light. “Player 2; name Emily Justice, occupation, Personal Trainer.” The room she was in lit up too and there she was standing in the same body suit as player 1. “Player 3; name Roy Sanders, occupation, Security G
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The one that's not afraid of you
Inside they walked across the empty foyer to the door at the far end and when it was opened for them by the two bouncers who were standing beside it, the players were hit with music that was so loud the floor was thumping. The large speakers were blasting dance music and the dance floor was flooded with a young people that were dancing and having themselves a good time."Goodness we have to go through that?" Reggie asked."No we don't, check it, there's a place to walk on the side of the dance floor," Sue said."Oh thank goodness.""What's the matter Reggie?" Roy asked. "Scared of teenager girls?""Yeah I'm not going to answer that," he said and the two of them chuckled as a few of the others just smiled."Alright let's move. Our client is in the main back room, let's go and get her," Den said and they moved out."Ooh look at Den taking charge, mama like that," a woman watching on her laptop said.The players walked do
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Whoa princess take a chill pill
The players walked down the hallway to the door with Ms. Peach Larson in the middle busy texting on her phone. They reached the door and as Den grabbed the handles to get it open it didn't open. He tried it again and still it wasn't opening."Hello, do you not know how doors work? Let's go," Ms. Peach Larson said."I know how doors work," Den responded."Well you could have fooled me.""O.k. calm down," Bella said."Excuse me, what did I say about telling me to calm down," she said turning to Bella."Oh no I got it, no one tells you to calm down.""That's right," Ms. Peach Larson said. "I will not tell you again.""Goodness you are lovely.""I know," she said and turned back to the front."Yo Den what's going on up there?" Roy asked from the back."The door won't open," Den responded."Is it busted?" Emily asked."No it's locked.""The heck?" Brian went. "Why would they lock it when the
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I already know how to shoot
"Shoot 'em!" Den shouted and BANG! BANG! BANG! The players took the creatures out. The ones mid-air too splashing more blood and fleshy bits everywhere and on Ms. Peach Larson again who screamed her head off."Are you kidding me? Are you effing kidding me!" she shouted. If her head didn't explode in the next minute it would be a miracle because she was fuming. "What part of this outfit is custom made do you not understand! What, are you retarded?""Seriously, we just saved your life . . . Again," Roy said."You ruined my outfit.""Saved your life.""Ugh! Idiots! All of you are just idiots," Ms. Peach Larson said and the deep clicking sound they heard before went again and when they looked up there were more creatures. This time ten."Oh come the eff on," Brian said. Just then the sound went again but this time it came from another direction and when Bella looked there she froze."Uh guys we have a problem," Bella said."Wow slo
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That is not true
Each hive needed twenty-five shots and when those shots had been fired, most of them coming from Bella's gun, the hives began to blow up. And when they were all taken out, the four then re-joined the others in shooting the last of the creatures and in no time they had managed to kill all of them.Just then the door they used on their way in unlocked and swung open."Ay how about that? We did it," Roy said."Alright guys, awesome, team work makes the dream work," a boy watching on his laptop said."O.k. let's get the heck out of here before something else happens," Den said."Right behind you," Mandy said.The players walked to the door, still in formation with Ms. Peach Larson in the middle, and then made their way through the foyer to the main door where they walked out and found her limo parked out front waiting for her, with her driver standing by the open door."And there's your ride," Sue said."So that I can get
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Everyone's scared of something
"How much did you get paid to take her out?" Mr. Kingman asked; seeing how tortured she already was and wanting to torture her some more."I'm not doing this," Bella said standing up and wiped her tears away as she headed for the door."Where are you going Ms. Knight?" All the henchmen standing in the corners pulled their guns out and pointed them at her and she stopped. "I don't believe we were done talking."She turned to him. "I'm not going to have this conversation with you.""Yes you are.""No I'm not.""Ay! Sit your ass back down on that chair or I am going to have my boys bring in your lover and shoot him in the head. Right in front of you!" Mr. Kingman said with his voiced raised. "Is that what you want? Because I will do it. There is nothing I would enjoy more than putting a bullet through his head, go on Ms. Knight, make my day. Make my day."More tears ran down Bella's face and she just wiped them away as she walked to the
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Den! You're going to get us all killed
"Seriously," Reggie said; looking like he was going to jump right out of his own skin. "You're going to say that now with us in the water.""No, no, I'm not even trying to scare anyone I'm just saying what I heard, I heard something moving in the water," Mark said. "Didn't you hear it?""No I didn't hear anything," Mandy answered, she was the one walking closest to him."Well I heard something.""Don't worry man I heard it too, saw something in there too. There is definitely something in there," a boy watching on his laptop said."O.k. well I'm sure it was nothing, let's keep moving," Den said and they moved on."Nothing? Are you high? You are in a game where there's stuff on each level that has literally been programmed to kill you and you're going to say it was nothing. No, it was not nothing, it was most definitely something and whatever it is is seconds away from jumping out of that water and eating you alive," a girl watchi
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We're a team
"Oh my gosh he's dead. Mark's dead," Hannah said with tears in her eyes. He was there and alive less than a minute ago and now he was gone. And not just, he just had his head completely eaten up by some freakish fish creature."Ah!" Emily screamed pointing forward and when they all looked to where she was pointing ice cold shivers ran down their spines."Oh my gosh," Den said; with eyes all the way widened like he had seen a ghost; the others too as they looked on at the sight before them, a sight that had them instantly fearing for their lives."What? What is it? What's there?" a girl watching on her tablet asked; eager to see what it was that had scared the living daylights out of them.It was more of the creature that had just killed Mark; a large group of them swimming towards the players leaping in and out of the water like dolphins and shrieking like wolverines."Quick, everyone through that door move, move, move!" Den shouted and the players began to run and swim towards the do
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