Ch 3: Visiting The Guild And Causing Chaos In The First Day

The food was delicious. I can't imagine mortals used to eat such things. Since I became an immortal and reached the highest realm, I didn't desire food or any other things related to mortals. But why is it so different here? My realm has not decreased nor did the qi in my body exhausted. So why is it that I feel hunger like mortals?

"Lei are you okay? What are you thinking again?"

Aria comes and stands beside Lei when he was standing and looking at the sky filled with stars on the terrace and ask him when she sees his complexion lost in some kind of deep thought.

"It's just nothing to worry about.....yeah about the adventurer thing you were speaking about that day, what is it actually?"

"I will tell you that but first tell me how was the strength, my parents showed to you? Do you think they are worthy of your attention?"

"Hmmm, they were not bad. It's been a while since I used 10 % of my power. Your parents are strong. Maybe, together they can give me a slightly imjure me."

"Only slightly! Do you mean that they are weak for you? Sigh! and here I thought if they catch your attention you would stay with me". Aria says with a sulking expression.

" But I promised you that I will go on an adventure with you. I will not help you in your fight. You have to become stronger on your own. I will be just a companion for you. If you agree on these rules I can make you stronger since it is your dream to become a knight right?"

Lei with a slight smile on his face says to Aria and lightly pats her head making her blush. 

"Don't touch a girl's head so suddenly. They might beat you."

"But I thought this was a way to appreciate or show love to someone."

"I am not a kid so don't pat me. And if you want to show your love then why don't you sorry I didn't realise what I saying. Ah so embarrassing!"

Aria tries to hide her face with her hands and avoid eye contact with Lei. Her whole face gets red as a ripe tomato.

"Oh, you mean kiss? Your parents told me about that. So that's how everyone here shows their appreciation, ok let me do it then."

"Wha....what are you saying?" 

Saying this she goes back to her room in hurry while hiding her embarrassment as for Lei he didn't know just what he said to her. It was normal to expect this from Lei since he was devoid of any kind of relationship knowledge. And he never talked to a girl intimately. He gave up his youth to walk the path of immortality.

The next day Wang Lei and Aria both were ready to embark on their journey to explore the whole world.

"Me Lei since you both want to become an adventurer then you have to first register yourself in the guild of the main city. Nithral will guide you there" Queen Rain says with a gentle smile on her face.

"Me Lei remember to make the world worship about the beauty of my daughter."


"Dad stop trying to make necessary trouble for me. Otherwise, I will hit you harder next time."

"Oh, how blessed I am to see my little Aria trying to act like a mature girl to impress someone."

"Stop it, dad. I am going now. When I will become a Heavenly Knight I'll come back to see both of you." 

On reaching the guild...

So this is what a guild looks like. This is much similar to the Tainyu, Beast Hunter Association where I used to take many hunting missions. Ah this nostalgic feeling, feels so good.

"Lei you wait here I will go register both of our names."  

"Ok, I will wait."

Aria walks towards the guild counter and some group of men stare at her with evil intentions in their mind. 

"Look at that chick seems new here."

"Hahaha! looks like today we are going to have a feast."

"Boss I can't contain myself let us go now."


"You fool can't you see it is broad daylight and we are in the guild now. Wait for night time. We will capture her and then you can enjoy to your fullest."

Lei could hear anything, around him even the breaths of people can be heard by him. So after hearing their talks he walks to their table and says to them"Do you gentlemen find that girl attractive?"

"Who the hell are you punk? Wanna die?"


" you have any idea abo....ut that lady dear sir? Why not join us?"

Hearing Lei's intimidating voice the boss of the group starts stuttering and offers him to join them. 


I am leaving you all with just making you all handicapped for the rest of your life. This would be better for society if you all stay like this."

Saying this in the blink of an eye,  he injects a minimum amount of his qi im their body which burst all the veins of the group of the men staring at Aria and leave them in a comma by damaging their brain with the strong aura he released. And interesting thing is that nobody even saw what happened. They only saw the bodies of the four being badly damaged.

The guild members start murmuring and Aria comes there. When she sees their bodies she gets shocked.  

"What happened to those four people? Why are they bleeding from everywhere?"

"Maybe somebody poisoned them. Well leave that, tell me more about what we have to do now?"

Lei acts like how he normally and doesn't let Aria know anything. 

"Now all that left is for us to take a test to determine our rank as an adventurer."

"Ok let's go then. Since we have to embark on an adventure."

Both go to the test arena where all the people who wanted to be adventurer came.

"Attention everyone we are going to conduct tests for all of you presents here. Your test is simple just give a scratch to the two people you all see standing in the arena."

A boy and a girl were standing at the centre of the arena, one holding a sword and the other holding a dagger respectively.

"Everyone you see I am Adam. No negative feelings for you but you see we don't take weaklings here. If you want to be an adventurer you should have the courage to face your enemy if your life is on line" the boy speaks with a proud voice.

"I am Eve. Try to avoid my attacks otherwise, you may have to spend few days at home" the girl in a seductive manner.

First, an arrogant man jumps inside the arena and challenges the lady saying"Don't blame me if I hurt your pretty face. Hah!"

He dashes with his heavy sword towards  Eve but she avoids his attack and increases the distance between them. The man keeps on swinging his sword at her but she dodges all attack and then in a blink of an eye appears behind his back and put the knife on his neck.

"I...I give up."

"Very well for your strength you should start from E rank."

"E rank! Are you kidding with me right now?"

"If you have any problem then you can fight me again."

"Ah, I got it why be so angry? I don't want to die so soon so I will leave."

Hmm, I see they are quite skilled. They would have been able to become my disciples. But I don't think someone who looks younger than them, would be become their master. It's going to be Aria turn, maybe I should impart her a sword technique.

"Aria would you like to learn a sword technique?"

"You can teach me now?"

"Yes, I have many means to teach you. Let me impart you a technique suitable for you. This technique is called " Thunder Dragon Sword Style"."

Lei touches Aria's forehead and just as that imparts her the technique. He was the Supreme One in the immortal world and was close to becoming a God. So he doesn't even need to demonstrate to her the techniques. He can just show her everything with a touch, which is basically like a cheat ability.

"What! with just a touch I learned the whole technique. How can you do that? Do sages have such ability?"

"Yeah yes, you are right! I am not hiding anything....nothing at all. You are just talented that's why you learned so fast. I just showed you the technique."

Lei tries to hide his ability so that Aria doesn't get disappointed that she can't even learn a simple technique given by him, on her own.

"Really! then I will show you how much I have learned and what can I do now with this technique."

All the other participant's turn was over. Only Aria and Lei were left.

"Wow finally my turn has come. Wish me luck Lei."

"Yes, good luck to you. Show them your true power."

"Finally, I can show Lei my charm. With this, I am sure I will capture his heart. Hehe! Oh, what am I thinking? I should focus on the fight."

"Oh my, so you want to prove your strength to that boy? Ok, then I will go a little easy on you."

"No need, show me all you have got against me."

Aria draws her sword and dashes towards the girl who was waiting patiently for her. Eve blocks Aria's first blow and tries to hit Aria with her dagger but Aria jumps backwards and avoids any injury.

"You can avoid my attack! Ok, I will show you one of my moves. If you can dodge it I will give you at least a C rank."

"Peirce through my enemy [Killing Shot]."

Eve dashes towards Aria and tries to stab her but Aria blocks it with her sword. Seeing this Eve shifts backwards and stands in a defensive position. 

"Since you want to kill me I will not hold back too."

"First form [Thunder Dragon Flash Steps]"

Aria's momentum changes drastically. Her breathing gets stronger. She uses the flash steps which everyone thought would be normal but they were wrong. As Aria starts moving a dragon is formed from her movements. Seeing the dragon Eve freezes in her place. Aria was about to hit her but then she gives up. Aria stops and the dragon disappears but the force created from her sudden pause creates a shock wave and pushes away Eve.

"Sorry young lady we are not bad guys please calm down and don't hurt her". Adam says with a worried expression.

" Oh so sorry.....I just lost control of my power. I didn't mean it."

Haha this girl she is really different from others. Not power-hungry neither arrogant. Let's see what the people in this world are like. But hey wait! what about my test? I have to talk to them.

This way Lei and Aria cause chaos on the first day of their guild visitation. What will Lei do now since the assessment is cancelled? And what rank will Aria get after everything is over? Will they be able to embark on their journey? Keep on reading to know more...

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