The Legend Of Sword God

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The Legend Of Sword God

By: Djisamsoe Updated just nowFantasy

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The peak of martial arts could move mountains and fill the seas, capture the stars and seize the moon! Reverse the flow of time! Sword extremity, one sword to form the dao, one sword to achieve immortality, one sword to break the law! Jian Chen, a young man from earth, suddenly transmigrated into the body of a disabled young man and happened to discover a great secret in his body, which allowed his spirit soul to continue to evolve. A world where prodigies and experts are everywhere, he uses the sword in hand to rise to the absolute peak. “I am Jian Chen, with Sword in hand, walking without fear, one sword to create Legend.” From then on, the Sword God Jian Chen was born, and created a Legend for thousands of years. "The world will rot one day, but my respect will be eternal!"

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    I like this book... I'm waiting for the next episode

    2024-01-28 13:43:43
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75 chapters
Crazy person, Jian Chen
"Hey, look! There's someone sleeping under the waterfall!"One of the two people who were fishing in the afternoon in the river suddenly spoke and pointed towards the waterfall.“Sitting under a waterfall that has a height of fifty meters like that, is he okay?” The fat man who was carrying the fish basket felt strange and confused."Should we wake him up?" asked the friend beside him, the fat young man was already walking towards the waterfall."Wait," but he was immediately stopped by his friend who was slightly thinner and suddenly started to be warned, "For whatever happens, we should never approach him.""Why?"The skinny man first shook his head heavily before replying, "Because he is a stupid and crazy person who can no longer be saved!""Stupid and mentally disturbed?" The fat man was shocked and hurriedly asked, “Do you know him?”The skinny young man suddenly sneered and showed a look of disdain when he heard his question. "As a trial disciple of the Yanjin Sect, who doesn't
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Su Mei
Jian Chen shook his head and got up to look at the bread and meat that Su Mei had brought, and suddenly started saying, "Some bread and meat, isn't that worth five spiritual stones. Did you buy it?"Su Mei nodded as she passed the bread to Jian Chen and lowered her head. "Su Mei did buy it.""Why did you buy it? Didn't I give you our last five spiritual stones so you could break through to the third stage of Qi training?" There was anger when Jian Chen asked this."Well... That's true. But... Because....""But what?!" Jian Chen began to feel his blood start to rise at Su Mei's stuttering reply.“That... That's because...” Su Mei's voice suddenly became very low and faint sobs began to emerge from her mouth.Knowing that this woman would cry, Jian Chen felt unable to bear it and sighed helplessly.Not because of anything, spiritual stones were the main and most important material for cultivating the body. Su Mei, even though she had a poor physical condition, she had the advantage of c
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A world without justice
"Damn!" Jian Chen shouted inwardly and began to grit his teeth.Shao Da, he was actually a trial disciple just like Jian Chen, however, with the strength of the third level of qi training that he had now, Shao Da was one of the strongest disciples among the other outer disciples.Basically, a trial disciple who had reached the third stage of cultivation had to immediately choose to apply as an outer disciple in order to have more abundant resources, but not Shao Da, especially because there was Wang Lee's name behind him.Wang Lee, according to Jian Chen's memories, he was a probationary disciple who had been in the Sect's probationary period for many years, not because he was weak, but because he had great power behind him. With the fourth qi training cultivation that Wang Lee had, Jian Chen was confident that he should already be an outer disciple. But he didn't.Wang Lee, he preferred to remain among the experimental students and utilized his strength to establish a separate group.
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Determination and desire
“You…” Shao Da’s face changed instantly, and with a “bang” sound, his figure suddenly appeared right in front of Jian Chen.With a hideous expression, Shao Da's fist came out along with the sound of whistling wind."Dead!"Jian Chen didn't dodge, and finally accompanied by a "bang" sound, Shao Da's fist filled with the furious power of the third level of qi training directly hit his face."Bomb!"Thrown ten meters backwards and only stopping when he hit a large tree behind him, Jian Chen's weak body slowly fell to the ground. No longer moving and his breathing slowly began to relax a little.Well, with the strength of a third level qi training that had the power to kill a bull in one blow, it was certain that Jian Chen would definitely die. You could see that his breathing was slowly getting weaker and weaker.Falling flat on his back on the ground, Jian Chen's consciousness gradually disappeared, but there was no regret or sadness in his heart, but rather satisfaction after successfu
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When Jian finally calmed down, he first checked what was happening in his body, and finally discovered that the sword was not a sword after all. but rather a pitch black sword scabbard, it looked ancient and had some damage with a few small cracks and the words "Kai Tian"."Kai Tian... Opening the Heavens?" Jian Chen opened his eyes and muttered, "Is this the name of the sword scabbard or the sword that is not there? Opening the Heavens, the sword sheath is used to open the heavens... Can that be done?"When Jian Chen thought about the name and its meaning, he felt that it was too domineering and overbearing. With only the qi training he had now, it seemed like it was too far from his mind.Starting from Qi Training. Ling Qi and finally Yuan Qi, those were the stages of immortal cultivators that Jian Chen knew about. But he was convinced that there should be other levels besides just the initial three stages, it was just that it was too far from his mind. The same as the words "open t
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Second chance
He frowned and once again felt confused by the sudden discovery in his head. "So far I only know the basic training formula taught by the Sect, but why suddenly another formula appears in my memory?"Practice formula, those are the basic ways to absorb the aura between heaven and earth to practice. As far as Jian Chen could remember, the owner of this body only knew one basic formula given by the Sect.The basic formula was truly the basis used by ordinary humans to get to the ninth level of qi training. If one wanted to break through to the Ling Qi stage, one had to use a higher formula, and to obtain it one had to be at the critical breakthrough stage.But, with the Jian Chen of the past, how was he able to obtain the Unity of Heart and Spirit Formula, which if Jian Chen thought about it again, this formula seemed extraordinary.According to the recognition in his memory, this formula could even be used continuously until infinity, which meant that there was no need to change it eve
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Two mysterious old men
Practicing all the time, Jian Chen opened his eyes when his realm had stabilized, and suddenly found Su Mei sitting on the floor in front of him, smiling."Did brother Chen break through?" It was surprising when the first question Su Mei asked was Jian Chen's own condition.Recalling yesterday's events, Jian Chen never thought that Su Mei would ask about himself condition instead of what her had experienced before. But Jian Chen was quite happy and smiled lightly.This was also in line with what he had planned today, and said, "From now on, there will be many things that will change since yesterday's events, but I won't say it,"Didn't say anything about yesterday's incident to Su Mei not because Jian Chen didn't want to be honest or couldn't believe it, but he didn't want Su Mei to know because the incident was probably too big for her to know.With his current state, which was said to be still very weak, Jian Chen did not want Su Mei to find out that Shao Da He died at his hands. Wi
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Therefore, Jian Chen no longer dared to belittle or simply be arrogant and hurriedly paid his respects. “Respected elder, disciple Jian Chen requests permission to enter the hall to study something.”The polite attitude that Jian Chen showed suddenly made the surrounding disciples immediately stop and look at him, of course the young man from before also did the same thing.Aimilarly to Jian Chen, Jun Ji also recognized him, and upon seeing Jian Chen's politeness, he immediately gave a sneer. Not just the young man, all the disciples who knew Jian Chen all also cast cynical and sneering looks."Hey, Jian Chen, aren't you too arrogant? Who are you? Remember, even Brother Jun wasn't let in, let alone you? Trash with initial level qi training? Are you stupid?"One of the youths from Brother Jun's group mocked Jian Chen and was quickly followed by the others."Jian Chen? I remember, wasn't he trash at the beginning of qi training?""Well, he's a trash, but he's not just trash, he's also c
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What is genius
Jian Chen himself, he never knew what commotion was going on outside, but with the arrogance of the disciple just now, Jian Chen had already guessed the outcome, despite not really knowing how it would happen.After entering the Secret Hall and only having 15 minutes, Jian Chen ignored the things around him, and quickly selected several martial techniques that he wanted."Since I already have the Unity of Heart and Spirit Formula, I don't need to think about Cultivation Techniques anymore, what I need now is Martial Arts Techniques."Cultivation techniques and Martial techniques, if Jian Chen remembered again, they were divided into four categories, namely Warrior, Human, Earth, and Heaven Level. Each level is also divided into three; low, middle, and top."This room has three floors, and a disciple with a low level of Qi Training like me can only choose at the bottom. Although there are many Techniques here, these are all definitely the lowest Warrior level. Well... Let's take a look
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After leaving the Secret Hall, Jian Chen did not immediately return to his residence.For now, training and strengthening himself was indeed the best choice, but he suddenly remembered that he had almost nothing on his body. Even though he still had the spiritual stones from Shao Da, Jian Chen couldn't use them carelessly so as not to attract the attention of Wang Lee's party.Apart from spiritual stones, he and Su Mei had been very poor all this time, not to mention that Jian Chen also did not have a Sword to practice the Exercise Technique he had chosen. So, instead of going back he decided to go the other way, it was the Mission Hall, where missions from the Sect were given to disciples in exchange for spiritual stones.In the past, Jian Chen couldn't go there, because just like other places in the Sect, the disciples who were allowed to go to the places the Sect had provided were at least disciples with the third Qi Training. Even then, you can only accept missions that have been
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