Limit break: Intertwined fates

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Limit break: Intertwined fates

By: Mark Tyler OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ryder is transmigrated into the body of someone with the same name as his. He quickly learns that he is one of the most powerful people in a world named Mageia. One would think his life would be easy from here but it turns out to be the opposite. He is unable to use the magic of this body, he is engaged to three ladies and worst of all he has a target on his back. Join Ryder as he tries to survive in this world and make this body his own.

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I am Ryder, right?
The dark engulfing the environment dissipated revealing the sight of a ripped muscular man. Standing in an offensive stance, his fists glowed as if they were light bulbs. For some strange reason he seemed to have some kind of issue with him at the moment. Though that did not grab his attention in the slightest. What drew him in was large dome like structure he was currently in. 'Ryder, you must be dreaming. Right?' It was a large field which was surrounded by chairs meant for an audience. Funnily enough he didn't realize that the audience was already there. All around, he could see the crowd cheering on for reasons unknown to him. 'Uniforms?' Yes, all the people cheering had school uniforms on. Even he had a uniform on, confusing the shit out of him. 'They are all students? I am a student? What the heck is going on?', Ryder questioned himself. Among the audience were elderly people giving off insane amounts of pressure with their stares. His heart felt like
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Who is Ryder?
"Darn it, why ask something so damn obvious, of course it's me." Nothing bad had happened so far so Ryder did not see the need to panic just yet. Besides this world's Ryder seemed to have his life all set. He was not just handsome he was actually gorgeous, he was rich and was probably even royalty. Though the only strange things he had witnessed so far was getting attacked by that ripped guy in school and not having the memories of the previous owner. Just then something hit him. "What..!? I see..." In the book he had just tossed aside, there was mention of magic in it's contents. Apparently magic was very common in the world of Mageia. According to the book 70% of the planet's population acquired magical abilities while the other 30% did not. "So that's what the glowing fists were all about", Ryder said in realization. Picking the book up, he began to read the book to learn as much as possible. After a few hours he had completely gone through the contents
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Ryder, you dumbass!
The two hours class went by quicker than expected with Ryder focusing on what was being taught with all of his attention. Meanwhile, Brenna had the perfect opportunity to think about her master's recent behaviors. It couldn't be described as anything but strange. Upon reaching the end of the class, the teacher Mr. Dime decided to carry out a practical to demonstrate something on magic. Ryder's eyes widened during this moment as he anticipated what was about to happen. This of course did not do anything for the teacher but add pressure on him. "Just like I said, magic is performed when magicules are harnessed by magic users. It is a simple process. First absorb the magicules in the environment." Ryder could clearly see white colored particles moving in the air. In a few seconds it made a magic symbol that was visible to the human eyes. "It is important that you imagine what you want to do when you are absorbing these magicules. This will ultimately determine th
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Study your enemy
Ryder woke up feeling of the warm rays of the morning sun on his face. To his surprise, he saw the same maid of the previous day bending over like she did before. For some reason he felt like slapping his forehead at that moment, though he managed to control himself. 'Why is she still doing that!?' The same like last time he waved his hand with a warm smile on his face. Jumping out of bed, Ryder had a quick montage of him wearing the clothes that had been left for him on his chair. Just like on Earth, Mageia days were named in according of a Monday to a Sunday. Refusing to stress himself with these names he considered today Wednesday, a school day. After everything he had experienced in school the previous day though, there was no way he was going to school that day. Walking through the halls of the castle, Ryder noticed that Brenna had not come to his room this morning either. 'Am I supposed to be worried about her?', Ryder questioned himself. There was a
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Man baby
A determinant Ryder dropped off from his chariot observing every detail of his environment. He immediately noticed the large number of people that were entering into the school. The question was, were they all students from the school or did they just come to witness the fight? 'Is this match really that important', Ryder couldn't help but wonder. His attention was dragged away by Brenna who got off the chariot shortly after. Her eyes was brimming with a hint of doubt and confidence. Surely it was because she wanted to believe her master was not going to lose this time. Ryder looked her in the eye before holding and squeezing her hand lightly. He wanted to tell her everything was okay, though he knew that it wasn't his place to do so. It was him that was going to get his ass beat anyways. The two walked into the school attracting a large number of eyes like last time. This time with the help of Brenna, Ryder was able to know where the path way to the dome was
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What have I become?
"Begin!" Dalt opened up the fight with a straight forward charge with the same incredible speed Ryder had witnessed when he first came to Mageia. Closing the distance between them in an instant, Dalt hurled a quick jab to his opponent's face. Dodging the attack barely, Ryder lost balance and landed on his butt. That was not all he had to offer however as Dalt soon continued the assault on Ryder. Receiving countless blows from his opponent, Ryder managed to push him back with his hand. To his greatest surprise this was done with ease and resulted in Dalt falling to the ground. In what seemed like an instant, the pain from all those attacks vanished from Ryder's body. Making use of his current situation, he rolled up on his back and stood to his feet. Dalt who was still on the floor gave a bewildered look trying to understand what had just happened. To Dalt this was the first time he had ever been overpowered so easily. The fact that he was overwhelmed was not what
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Racing doubts
The ride back home was quiet as expected. Ryder on the other hand had more emotional energy radiating from him more than usual. Brenna who was an expert at reading his emotions felt all of this, however she chose to remain silent. Upon reaching the castle, Ryder dropped off heading to his room without any form of hesitation. Opening his door and jumping on the bed, Ryder dived deep into his thoughts with a rather stern expression. It was soon discovered that he did not come out for the entirety of that day. Sun rays flashed on Ryder's eyes as he laid asleep in bed. Opening his eyes, he realized that it was a brand new day. His early morning routine always included the sun invading his eye lids. Even though he wished this could be changed, he was starting to get use to it. Sitting up on his large bed, Ryder noticed the maid who was bending over as usual. At this point he was starting to believe this was her own morning routine. Perplexed, Ryder gave a confused look at
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Other halves
Ryder woke up to the sound of humming from a distance. Sitting up, he rubbed his throbbing head as he tried to remember events from when he was previously conscious. His eyes widened as he came to realize what had happened. He had been poisoned and stabbed in the chest by Brenna, his own fiance. "Is this heaven?", Ryder asked himself as he took in the view of his environment. "'s just my room. Seems I am going to be suffering some more in this world. But how exactly am I alive?" It didn't make any sense that he was still alive right now as he had been stabbed though his heart. 'What is going on?' Ryder's thoughts soon got sidetracked by the memories of the events that had taken place since his arrival on Mageia. At that moment he came to the belief that he was just one unlucky douchebag. When he first came to this new world, he didn't panic so much as he saw this as a new opportunity for himself. Sure he didn't believe he deserved to replace the previous
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The Academy
Ryder and Lassie dropped off at the academy just as planned while Vienna left in search of Brenna. Upon getting to the academy, Ryder had no idea where to go, however Lassie pointed towards the academy halls without him saying a word. He wasn't sure but it seemed like Vienna was aware he wouldn't be able to find this place. This caused him to feel slightly on edge. Walking through the halls of the academy, him and his fiancee eventually got to a tile of a different color than the one he knew. To be precise, this floor tile was black in color. Feeling hesitant about the whole thing he paused in place. Though he was assured things were okay by the calming look on Lassie's face. Stepping on the tile, the duo was transported to a room Ryder had never been in before. The room had a cosmic look just like the students training room, however it was different. Unlike the other, the space had a blue color and this place seemed to contain just a door room. "This should be y
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Walking back to his carriage with Lassie, Ryder thought about what had happened only a few minutes ago. He could feel the blood in his body rushing all over. He really did what he did, yes he did. 'What the heck did I just do!? I am going to die for sure..!' Back then he was only saying what he felt within himself. His mind was not really thinking about the consequences of saying something like that. He would not be surprised in anyway if they made an attempt on his precious life. Refusing to let Lassie know that he had regrets for what he had just done, he turned his face the opposite way. "You surprised me when you said an actual sentence to them. What surprised me the most was the fact that you actually tried to defend the low breeds, and most of all in front of them. They definitely hate you more than before now", Lassie expressed what was in her mind. Ryder could feel his mood plummet further from her words. What he did was really dumb after all. At least she said
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