Immortal's Life As An Adventurer

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Immortal's Life As An Adventurer

By: Xuli OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Wang Lei the "Immortal God Emperor" the supreme one in the cultivation world was not satisfied with his achievements and wanted to gain true immortality. In search for true immortality he ends up being transmigrated to the world of "Eldealam". Will he be able to achieve true immortality in this world or will he discover something new which he was missing in his life. Read this story of Lei and his friends filled with adventurers and dangers.

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6 chapters
Ch 0: Prologue
How many years has it been since the last time I had a company with me? When did I get so much immersed in cultivation that I didn't even cared about others who wanted me to be by their side? Why am I even thinking about such trivialities?I am "Immortal God Emperor" such a useless cause should not distract me from my path to true immortality. Oh here I am remembering my past again. The past me was so arrogant never cared about others. That day same it was such a common day, I don't know how would my life would have turned out to be if I didn't got hit by the lightning?"Hey are you going to sleep the whole day? Or join us?" Someone is calling me? Ah I guess this was my destiny. I am so grateful to God for giving me a new life.How many years it has been since I came to this world. I have gained so many things here that I am now afraid to lose them. But why is everything turning dark. "Lei wake up you can't die
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Ch 1: Got Isekai'd To Another World
I was so close to breaking through my limits but alas I don't know what to do? I have failed at least 100 times and each time I start losing my focus."How foolish of me! I was busy cultivating so much that I Wang Lei the "Immortal God Emperor" didn't notice the turbulent energy coming from the heart of this forest."As I got closer and closer to the source of the disturbance I started feeling a strange attraction. It is the mystery of the Dao of Space. Even though I was 1000 years old already, my heart could not contain the excitement and started laughing with joy. The reason why I secluded myself from my family and friends was for this sole reason. The will to gain true immortality. "If this source really has the mystery of space then I will be able to achieve my dream". As I was getting closer to the source my true qi was starting to get disturbed. And out of my expectation..... the lightning stroke me.Now here I am in some kind of st
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Ch 2: Invitation To Dinner By The King
Hah! finally I have regained back the qi I used to summon the seal. Well, there's nothing for me to worry about even if my all qi is depleted, I have my divine sword "Starshatter" which doesn't require any qi.Tap..."Are you sir Lei?" A figure from behind approaches Lei and taps on his shoulder as he was meditating.The man tapped Lei without him noticing it. This clearly shows how decisive the man was!Someone just touched me even though I was on guard. How can this be possible? Is he somehow stronger than me? Let me test it.Swish... Lei disappears from the man's sight, then in a blink appears in front of him and throws a punch towards him. Wham!The punch creates a shockwave that uproots half of the trees in the forest but the man remains unscathed."Woah! Woah! calm down, Sir Lei. I don't have any ill motive for you. I am here to escort you to the Vreovia Kingdom. Our King has
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Ch 3: Visiting The Guild And Causing Chaos In The First Day
The food was delicious. I can't imagine mortals used to eat such things. Since I became an immortal and reached the highest realm, I didn't desire food or any other things related to mortals. But why is it so different here? My realm has not decreased nor did the qi in my body exhausted. So why is it that I feel hunger like mortals?"Lei are you okay? What are you thinking again?"Aria comes and stands beside Lei when he was standing and looking at the sky filled with stars on the terrace and ask him when she sees his complexion lost in some kind of deep thought."It's just nothing to worry about.....yeah about the adventurer thing you were speaking about that day, what is it actually?""I will tell you that but first tell me how was the strength, my parents showed to you? Do you think they are worthy of your attention?""Hmmm, they were not bad. It's been a while since I used 10 % of my power. Your parents are strong. Maybe, toge
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Ch 4: First Mission Is To Escort!
Hmm, should I ask them about my test? I don't know what rank I would get according to this world standard. In the immortal realm, I was the strongest. But I think I should be equal to an SS rank adventurer. If that is true I will have to hide my power to at least get an A-rank.    "Excuse me, what about my test for registration? I haven't given my test. Could you take my test?" " need. You don't need to take the test. You seem fit for the A rank."   "But you said that we need to take this test. You may be worried that you will hurt me but I am ready to even die while fighting, so please give me a chance."   "Damm! I want to avoid him but he wants to fight. From the moment he entered I was trembling in fear from his aura. It is not even a killing intent, this level of the aura is equal to that of a Hero or a Saint. I was keeping a strong front. But now that he has come so closer...Mamma, I want to
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Ch 5: Escorting The High Priestess
Hmm, was their aim to injure this girl by making her intercept the duel? If I had not stopped and regained my consiousness I would have killed her and destroyed the whole place. Should I try to calm her down?"Let's leave it to that. It was the fault of both parties so let's end this matter for now.""I am thankful to you for being so considerate."With cold eyes the girl looks towards Aiko and pinch his ear."Oww, ouch! What is this for? Izumi why are being so cold to me?""Nii san why are you always causing trouble? You are not supposed to treat other adventurers like that.""This is related to your safety. I have to check whether they are capable or not. I can't trust other kingdom adventurers."Aiko turns towards Lei and then with a smile on his face he introduces himself once again."Once again let me introduce myself, I
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