Invincible: Return Of Eric Darkwood

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Invincible: Return Of Eric Darkwood

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"Brother, I missed you." "Younger brother is gone while you were away." The voice sobbed making black lines appear on Eric's face. --- Eric Darkwood took the blame for the wrong person and went to prison for five years. But what happens when he returns with all glory only to find out that his family is on the brink of death? His father was paralyzed, his younger brother dead, and his sister was thrown out to the street left to die. Would the ones responsible be able to handle the wrath of Eric? His anger reaches the towering heavens that mere mortals dare not face.


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"It's time." A faint voice sounded as a figure walked toward the awaiting helicopter.Behind him were rows of men with their heads dropped looking sadly as the young man walked towards the helicopter. Each of the men had a murderous aura surrounding them, at the same time, they looked tattered and worn out.On the floor all over were dead bodies. It was obvious a battle was just concluded. The sight of the battlefield was indeed a gory sight to see."Farewell commander!"Suddenly, the voices of the men over three hundred echoed throughout the battlefield as they watched the figure walk towards the helicopter.The young man smiled but didn't turn around, it was already time for him to leave. It had been over five years since he had been here.Five years ago, on the day of his wedding, his fiancee's elder brother had caused an accident under the influence of Alcohol. Unable to bear to see his fiancee in a sorry state, he took the blame upon himself and was sent to prison.Luckily when h
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Missed you
The figure standing before him didn't look like the graceful figure he knew five years ago before he was sent to prison. Rather, the figure before him looked wretched and ragged that he tended not to recognize her if not for the fact that her face was deeply etched in his mind and he could never forget her."Brother, you're finally back, I've missed you so much." Alexis's voice brought back Eric to his senses as he felt her body on his, hugging him tightly.At this time, Eric's heart was racing as he couldn't understand what was happening. The state his little sister was in showed that something was wrong but he couldn't put his hands on it."Alexis, tell me, where's Father, Henry, Charlotte, and Amelia." Eric sighed as he disengaged from the hug looking into his sister's eyes.Immediately Alexis heated those names she shuddered and immediately, tears flowed down her face shocking Eric who was observing his sister. It seemed that a lot had happened and his heart was itching to know.H
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Take care of this trash
Eric frowned hearing what the blurry man just said. How dare he have a design on his sister? It seemed like he was asking for death."I see, you don't want to tell me, it seems like I'll have to make him talk to me." The blurry man laughed as he stared at Eric with hostility."Break each bone in his body and I'll see how tough he is." The blurry man ordered.Immediately, the men behind him started moving toward Eric while cracking their knuckles with a smile on their faces."Elliot, take care of this trash," Eric commanded as he turned around with Alexis who was still in his arms."Yes, mas...Eric." Eliot smiled and appeared before the men.Bang! Bang!In just a second, screams and shouts of the men were heard and the cracking of bone could also be heard. Eliot didn't show any of the men mercy and directly shattered their bones. Besides, he was forced to hold back.He couldn't use his full strength on those men or else they would have long turned to a bloody mist."Alexis, let's go ho
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Who are you?
“Brother!” A soft voice came, bringing Eric back to his senses.“Alexis, don't worry, I'm fine.” Eric smiled as he caressed his sister's hair, his eyes had already changed back to normal.Even though in his mind, he had already sentenced the Carols' family to death. There was no way he was going to let them off after all that they've done.“Boss, which restaurant would you like to head to?” The taxi driver's voice came once again.“Just take us to anyone nearby.” Eric smiled at the driver.At this time, the traffic on the road had already been cleared, so in about ten minutes or so, the driver pulled up in front of a restaurant.Since Eric didn't specify where he was going and judging from the way he and Alexis were dressed, he might not be a powerful person, so the taxi driver was rather considerate and took them to a restaurant that wasn't a high-end one.At least, the two would be able to afford the meal in this restaurant. Seeing the place, Eric smiled and didn't say anything. Tha
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Enjoyable sight
“Huh?”Alexis froze hearing what her brother said, she just couldn't believe her ears. Judging from the way the woman was dressed, it was quite obvious that her Identity wasn't ordinary, and yet her brother wanted her to slap her.“But…"“I said slap her exactly how she had done to you,” Eric repeated, this time his voice was cold and Alexis couldn't help but feel a chill run down her spine.She knew she would get into trouble with Eric if she didn't do as she said. Walking closer to the woman, she mustered all her strength and slapped her.Pa! Pa!The sound of slaps resounded throughout the restaurant as everyone watched in awe.“Slap her again, that's barely considered a slap, muster all your strength into your hands and hit her harder.” Eric shook his head as he commanded.His sister wasn't a cowardly person. In the past, she would have fought back immediately when something of this nature happened. But then she had changed altogether during the past five years. What he wanted now
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“Here, thank you.” Eric smiled as he and Alexis alighted from the taxi.“Here.” Eric continued giving the taxi driver his money.“Don't worry brother, since you're here to see someone, there's no need for me to collect your money, you can consider it as a free service.” The taxi driver smiled and immediately drove off before he could say anything.Eric couldn't help but smile bitterly, seeing this. Even though the taxi driver didn't say much, he could tell that the man pitied them, that was why he didn't collect the money from them.The clothes on his body were worn out and old, and the ones on his sister were no better. It seems like he would have to take Alexis along to get some clothes, as he couldn't allow her to continue going around in such old clothes.“So this is the hospital Amelia is in.” Eric sighed as he looked at the building in front of him.The hospital was not a massive one, besides, it was old and not looking good in any way. Eric's heart sank as he knew that his Niec
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Not enough
In front of Eric was a short chubby man glaring at him as if he could swallow him whole. His mouth couldn't help but twitch when he saw the clothes on Alexis' body.“How dare you?” The man growled as he looked at Eric.“You must be the manager.” Eric frowned, ignoring what the man had just said as he brought out a bank card from his pocket.The sales girl from earlier was looking at Eric with a gloating look and at this time, many people had gathered around to look at what was going on.“I want this shopping mall, I don't care how much it is, get it done for me.” Eric continued in a condescending tone.“Who the fuck do you think you are.” The shirt man growled as he slapped away the card from Eric's hands.“I'm sure you can't even pay for the clothes worn by your so-called sister and yet, you have the mouth to tell me that you want to buy out the mall, aren't you a little bit too arrogant.”“Are you certain?” Eric asked with a smile as he stared at the man.“Yeah, I'm sure about it, y
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“Brother, I think we should stop shopping, the clothes are enough.” Alexis sighed as she looked at Eric.“No we can't stop, I'm not satisfied yet, you've not gotten enough clothes, so we need to continue picking. Besides, I'm not the one who'll pay for it, you heard what that man said, all that we are going to buy would be on the house.” Eric grinned as he continued to pick clothes for Alexis.Alexis couldn't help but sigh, as there was nothing she could say. She knew her brother well, he wasn't going to listen to her, so she could only continue to pick the clothes that she wanted.At this point, Alexis had already changed her clothes more than about twenty times, now she was wearing a top with a long flower skirt. Eric had also made sure she had a makeover and had taken her to the saloon to have her hair done.He had also looked for some cheap clothes and changed into them. All that remained now was Alexis waiting for Eric to stop choosing clothes for her.“This should be enough.” Er
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Shut it!
"Speaking of the devil, and there she is." Eric chuckled as he turned to look at Rachel who had an unsightly expression."Take back all you just said right now, Eric," Rachel growled glaring at Eric. She was truly repulsed by his sight and wondered who allowed him into the banquet."Take back what I just said?" Eric smirked, "Tell me, which qualities of yours didn't match with that of a Whore?""How dare you say that to me?" Rachel fumed as her chest heaved in anger."Who the fuck do you think you are?" Eric chucked, feeling speechless with Rachel's words."Eric, don't you dare try to be shameless, I'll be getting married in three days." Rachel sneered."If you think I'll accept an Ex-convict like you, then I think you're just dreaming. I guess you should leave whatever happened between us in the past.""Is that so?" Eric sneered."What the hell do you think? Wait for you till you come back from prison and then get married to an Ex-convict? I think you must have been delusional." Rach
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Touch Her And Face The Consequences
Max frowned as he turned around to look at the figure who had just neutralized his aura. The man was a tall, blurry figure with a muscular build."And who are you?" Max frowned looking at the figure in disdain. The latter in front of him was just a mere second star heaven realm soldier and yet, he dared to act imperiously in front of him."Thomas, throw him out, he's just a miscreant, you saw what he did just now right?" Rachel's voice came, breaking the awkward silence."As you wish ma'am." The man smiled as he turned around to face Eric."Get out before I help you with it." Thomas frowned as he glared at Eric.On the command from the Addams family, he had come to protect the young master's bride, who would have thought that a miscreant was trying to cause trouble.Besides, it seemed like the miscreant knew a bit of Martial art as he was able to suppress all the people present with his aura. At most, he should be a middle-stage second-star heaven realm while he was at the late stage
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