From Barman to Bossman

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From Barman to Bossman

By: Diyary OngoingUrban/Realistic

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"Boss, we couldn't find her" "Boss?" Lana was surprised at the way Nathaniel was referred to. "You are the Boss they were taking about?" Nathaniel raised a brow "Yes, anything wrong with that? If there's nothing please excuse me, I've got something important to take care of" And he left just like that, like she was never someone important to him at a point in time. ** Nathaniel was ready to sell even his soul if it meant making his girlfriend satisfied. He was a poor man who only had to make do with his work at the night bar but because of his demanding girlfriend, he had to work several jobs in order to make ends meet. Everything was going well until he saw his girlfriend walk into the hotel he was working at with another man. As if it wasn't enough that she was cheating on him, she wasn't even guilty and even mocked him for being poor. He left the hotel heartbroken and it was at that moment a payment of several billions of dollars was made to him. In the midst of his confusion, an Ashton Martin stopped in front of him and some men in black stepped out. "Young master, finally you've been found" turns out he was the lost son of a Billionaire Mafia Don. Now with him at the very top, it was his turn to make people dance to his tune.

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Part time job
Nathaniel was changing out of his work cloth so he could head for the hotel where he worked part-time, when one of his co- workers came to meet him. "Heading for the hotel?"Julius asked even though it was obvious where he was heading. Regardless, Nathaniel nodded with a smile. "Don't worry, I'll be back before 10 pm so you wouldn't have to cover my shift for me" Sometimes his shift lasts longer than he was signed for because of some unforseen situation and Julius had to cover for him. Julius scoffed "Covering your shift is no big deal, after all you'll do the same for me if need arises. I'm only wondering if you have time to sleep at all, your mental health matters more" He was worried about his colleague who literally worked himself like a dog just because of money. He could tell Nathaniel rarely have time for himself at all. "Of course, I get time to sleep before my shift here, right?""Well, I wouldn't call sleeping for two hours everyday as getting enough sleep. Does your girl
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The Cheating girlfriend
They immediately started their duties after having their meal. As usual, in order to pass time, they made discussions on customers who interest them and those who were extremely rude. "Hello, young man, would you like to spend the night with me?" A women came to Nathaniel and asked coquettishly. She was a tall and slim blonde but that didn't mean she wasn't curvy. She certainly would attract many men's attention but that didn't include Nathaniel as he only had his eyes on his girlfriend. Nathaniel was taken aback by her straightforwardness. He had been approached by several women but this would be the first time a woman would clearly tell him what she wanted without wavering. It was like she was sure he was going to say 'yes'.What gives? She was pretty, but he wasn't attracted to her. Nathaniel smiled politely "I'm sorry ma'am but my duty here doesn't extend to the bedroom" Some customers could be psychos so it would better to talk to them gently or they'll get angry. If they get
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Nathaniel almost scoffed at her question but he held himself back. He remembered telling her about the hotel he was working at and that had been almost a year ago. She must have forgotten about it which was why she was able to come to the hotel where he was working. She probably would have avoided the hotel If she had recalled.. He wasn't sure if she even remembered anything about him, every time he had to even remind her of his birthday while he never forgot hers. "I work here" He replied calmly, his eyes not leaving hers so he would be able to capture her every reaction. Her eyes slightly widened "Oh! This was the hotel you worked at?" Nathaniel was about to reply her but her boss came to stand beside her, also dressed in a white bathrobe, then he stared at Nathaniel, wondering what he was doing by the door. "What were you discussing?" David questioned with an eyebrow raised.Lana faced David with a smile "This is Nate" "Your boyfriend?" David asked in a mocking tone of voice,
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Leaving the country
Wait, what? Young master? Found?"Are you perhaps talking to me?" Nathaniel stated his confusion, he even looked around in case he was missing something. It couldn't be that the young master he was talking to was him, right? "That's right, Mr Nathaniel"Nathaniel was dumbfounded on hearing the stranger calling him by name. "You know me?" "Very well and I also know someone who knows you better" The man replied him in a friendly tone of voice. Nathaniel couldn't understand what was happening to him that night. Firstly, Lana cheated on him, then he saw billions of dollars in his account then now he's being called a young master? Can someone just explain to him what was going on? "You said you knew someone who knew me better, who is that person?" He was curious because there was literally no one who had to know him because he had been alone ever since his Mother died Five years before. "It's our boss and he'll love to meet you, would you mind following us?" The man says but then he s
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The DiPietro family
While Nathaniel was still In his Bedazzled state, Emilia faced Alessandro who was now walking up to them. She glared at him "I thought you would have told him everything before bringing him here, how do you think he felt when I bombarded him with all the news thinking he knew already?"Alessandro sighed "Young miss, I couldn't have possibly tell him everything at once. He might have refused to come with us then" He was just doing a good deed, okay. "So, you mean my uncle, who happens to be your Father is the one who wants to see me?" Nathaniel asked after finally taking in all the data he had gathered. "Yes. We are only three left in the DiPietro familigia now, so we have to stay together" He really had to see his supposed uncle so he could get a clear picture of all that was going on. At least, it was clear that Emilia was kin because people shouldn't look this much alike if they weren't related. It was close to impossible. He followed them inside the first building, merely look
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Nathaniel froze, even though he had guessed that he couldn't believe it was Indeed as he had thought. "Why don't you take a rest tonight and I'll tell you about everything that had happened tomorrow. It's late already" Mateo suggested when he saw the forlorn look on him."Yes yes, we should go to sleep now. But have you had dinner yet?" Emilia asked him. It was like she had been waiting for the opportunity to buttt into their discussion."I did" Even if he hadn't, he didn't think he had the stomach to take anything in after knowing his parents were burnt to death while he survived. He couldn't wait to know how the fire had happened, who were those responsible for it and for him to get his memories back because he didn't even know what emotions to have when his biological parents are dead. He needed his memories in order to recall the type of people they were. He was supposed to be sad but instead he felt numb and Nathaniel realised it was all because he didn't remember them yet as h
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Take over
"You are here!" Mateo says when he saw Nathaniel and Emilia walking down the stairs. He was sitting on one of the single couch with a Tablet on the side table, he was putting on a reading glass and seemed busy so early in the morning. "Good morning, uncle""Morning, Papa" Both of the greeted him concurrently as they went to take their sits on the couch beside him. "You seem so busy this morning, is something wrong at the company? " Emilia asked with concern as it was rare for her Dad to be busy during the weekends that he even needed to work in the morning.Mateo shook his head and smiled because of her concern "Actually, I'm just handling the paperwork for Nathaniel, it's nothing serious""For me?" Nathaniel asked, a little confused as to why he needed a paperwork In the first place. Mateo chuckled "You are the rightful heir to my brother's company, I've only been handling it temporarily because you were lost but now that you've been found, there's no reason for me to continue le
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The guests
Nathaniel sighed because after all, she was only doing it for his sake. It was just that he wasn't used to people doing things for him but then he realised he needed to get used to it because he wasn't alone anymore. "So, what am I getting trained on first?" He asked as he eyed the various equipment, if that was the right term, that were being used to train. "How about training your stamina first? You should start by running some meters. You seem to be the type to easily collapse from little things" Nathaniel glared at him "What do you mean by that? I work out regularly alright!" He couldn't believe he was being looked down upon just like that. Alessandro grinned "I'm not sure if I should call your one hour exercise work out but at least it's something. You'll still need to run the meters though" Alessandro then started running, a cue for Nathaniel to follow after him and he did. It wasn't even up to fifteen minutes later and Nathaniel was dead tired while Alessandro gave him a m
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Five years later
It must be a psychological problem. Nathaniel concluded then returned his attention back to Mateo and Don Gambini who were having a discussion he knows nothing about. They seemed to be talking about an incident that happened recently. It was said that an Italian family was brutally murdered leaving not a single descendant and Nathaniel wondered if that was how it was always was. "I have an idea who it might be" Mateo says and that got Don Gambini's attention. "Are you thinking who I'm thinking too?" Mateo nodded, confirming they were thinking the same thing. "They have been running wild lately and I wouldn't be surprised if it's them again. We need to take care of them before they grow out of hand" Mateo sighed at the end of his statement and Nathaniel could see it was a serious problem. He leaned closer to Emilia "Is it always like this? Families getting killed for no reason?" Emilia nodded "Which is why everyone needs to be equipped and be at alert because even your friends co
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The Party I
Nathaniel scoffed when he heard what Alessandro had said. "I don't remember having a Fiancée, where did that one come from?" Alessandro shrugged with his back leaning against the elevator's wall. "Don Salerno had been telling everyone that you were to marry his daughter so the girl had been calling herself your fiancée"Nathaniel, however, was surprised by that revelation. How come he had never heard of that? Or was it because he was too closed out from the world? "How come I'm the last person to be aware of my so called Fiancée?" He couldn't believe something like that was going on without his knowledge. Who knows what the hell that delusional man was thinking by claiming his daughter as his Fiancée, he hardly even knew the man not to talk of getting engaged to his daughter. "You never know, tonight might be your engagement party" Alessandro grinned but Nathaniel gave him a glare. He knew his underboss would never let any opportunity to mock him pass by without using it to the ful
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