The Arkon’s Tournament was held in different branches of the planet earth.

Humans living in different planets would gather in earth just to watch the big event as it could likely determine the future of the offsprings.

Roshan’s town was one of the branches of the Tournament so he didn’t need to pay any money for transportation.

Now it was just a day to the Arkon’s Tournament.

Roshan went through his previous notifications.

He didn’t have time to go through them the day before because he was busy with getting foodstuffs and explaining to his caretaker how he got the money.

It was pretty annoying as Master Fyi would ask him every question he thought of.

“Where did you get the money?”

“How did you get a level 3 beast Gem?”

“Where did you even find it?”

“That weapon seller is cunning, was it hard to defeat his son?”

“What ability did his son use?”

“Body Enhancement!!!, How did you manage to defeat him?”

Thinking about everything gave him an headache.

He thought of the system and a screen appeared in front of him.

*HOST LEVEL: Level 15

*HOST RACE: Greater Human




*SPEED: 27


‹Mage Status›

*Mage Level: 2

*Mage Abilities Activated

*Poison Element: 7

*Mana Control: 0

*HP: [500/500]*

*Exp Points: [0/500]

*Skills Unlocked*

*Energy Absorption: Level 5

*Refill: Level 5

*Crystal Iris: Level 5

*SP: [400/400]



*Skill unlocked*

*Infinity Pool

*Infinity Pool allows host to store a wide range of objects for a long period of time

*Skill unlocked*

*Charm Eye

*Charm Eye allows user control the mind and thoughts of any living beings

*System shop has been unlocked*

*Shop provides the trading services for user.

Roshan looked at the Rewards and smiled.

It was much more better than he thought.

He had where he could keep his equipments.

The other skill was a little weird but he could live with it.

Now the most exciting thing was the System shop, meaning that he could buy a lot of things.

He got very excited as he couldn’t wait to use those things.

He immediately remembered the notification that sounded during his fight and went to read its details.

*New skill acquired*


*Dash allows host to go beyond normal speed attributes for ten minutes. Requires half an hour of cool down before timer can reset for another use.

This was exciting and it made his blood boil at least he had a good chance of winning the tournament.

He stood up immediately and went for his shower.

He needed to begin his preparations.

“Roshan, won’t you eat before you rush out” Master Fyi called as he looked at the boy running out through the door.

“Don’t worry, Master. I’ll buy my breakfast and besides I’m not really hungry” Without waiting for a reply, he dashed out from the house.

“This boy…….” He already knew that he wouldn't stay to eat.


Roshan ran into the forest ready to test his new equipment and skills.

 He had figured out how to put the gauntlet into the infinity void with just a single thought.

He thought of the gauntlet and immediately a faint light shone on his hands and it disappeared, replacing the light were the two gauntlets.


He walked further into the forest searching for something to practice with.

He walked deeper into the forest but he still didn’t see anything.

“Where are they?” He frowned as he got deeper but still there was no sign of any beasts.

“Crystal Iris!”

His pupils glowed as he looked around searching for the signs of any beasts.

But he still saw nothing.

Few moments later, Roshan could see tiny specks of blood on the trees and a few drops on the ground.

Crouching down, he dipped his finger into a drop of blood and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger

“Strange……judging from the texture and scent of the blood, a fight must have happened not long ago” He thought as he stood up.

Before evolving, Roshan had a good sense of smell but now it was far better. Sniffing into the air, he followed the faint scent of blood.

The scent grew stronger as he went deeper into the forest.

Roshan thought

“Something really bad must have happened here, why do I feel like I’ll get into a huge pile of trouble if I keep searching. Well….. I am actually getting used to it”

He stopped as his ears picked up some noises.

Walking closer, he hid behind the bushes as he watched four men talking together.

“I don’t think the boss will be happy” one of them paced as he trembled

“Well, I am tired. We have searched everywhere and we couldn’t find the Emperor Tier Beast” another answered as he crossed his arms along his body

“The beasts I have seen today will torture me for the rest of my life” A dark haired guy shivered as he clutched his sword.

So it was them killing all the beasts, then where were the corpses

“Let’s pack up and head to the ship, this mission is futile”

The person who spoke was covered in black and his voice had an air of authority to it.

“Wait….I have seen those clothing before. They……they were in my house before my parents died. Was it their doing”

Roshan thought as anger, grief and sorrow passed through his eyes

But there was nothing he could do, the least there was at Level 30.

He bit his lips as he saw them move. They were a lot faster than him.

He stayed close by but not too close, he didn’t want to be spotted.

“Is that their ship” his jaw dropped as he looked at the huge vehicle.

The words, “Night Wings” were inscribed on the side of the ship.

“Night Wings…” the word plastered at the back of his head. He knew who was responsible for his parents’ death.

He gripped the locket around his neck “I will avenge you, mom and dad and I will get rid of all of them every single one”.

Then he ran off

One of the men looked behind.

“Did you guys hear something” he asked as he looked around.

“Nahh, must have been your imagination” another man answered.

“I’m pretty sure I heard something” the man muttered to himself and kept on walking


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