Reincarnated in Hell with System

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Reincarnated in Hell with System

By: DemonkingAK OngoingSystem

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Not everyone dream of reincarnating into a fantasy world, some people work hard and live a life of fantasies in real world. Eric Grace at the age of 22 he was a millionaire with 2 successful businesses printed money for him day and night. He had everything money, power and harem but his luck has ran out and he was abducted by angels and thrown into the fantasy world with a useless system which only knows how to torture his host. Gods has used him as sacrifice to divert the attention of demon king from the real hero and his life was about to end on the 1st day of his reincarnation but a nemesis of gods saved him from certain doom which introduced himself as ‘Merlin system’. Join Eric Grace on his adventure and revenge pilgrimage as he slays everyone who has destroyed his peaceful life and used him as pawn and witness the birth of celestial overlord. ~ From DemonKingAK ******************************************* PS: The main races on which the story will focus will be Demon, Human and Gods but aside from them there will be subsidiary races such as Elves, Dwarves, Angels etc. The story will mostly focus on journey of Eric and Merlin (The system) containing lots of fan service, humor, action and adventure. Please leave a review if you like the book or if you have any suggestion. Disclaimer: Please Note that the novel cover is not owned by Author. Credit goes to respective Artist. A/N: If you wish to support author please visit connect with author @

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  • Tama Boa


    I love story and when it will be updated

    2023-03-31 22:47:54
  • Ishaka Sabo Ibrahim


    so interesting

    2022-12-25 14:15:24
  • Talia


    Very good story! Entertaining and original! Totally recommend reading it!

    2022-08-15 15:07:35
Latest Chapter
93 chapters
Chapter 1 Abducted
31st July 2022Earth, a peaceful planet faced an unprecedented crisis when 1/1000th of its population suddenly disappeared. An investigation was conducted to identify the cause and pattern of disappearance of people but their efforts were fruitless.The void left by this incident disturbed the balance of earth greatly. There was no result after the investigation, as to how can so many people disappear at once and at last the case was closed presumed to be ‘Act of God’.How do I know all this, the truth is I don’t, it is just my speculation because I was one of the earth’s resident, who was abducted and brought before gods to help them achieve their goal.I am Eric grace. I was living a luxuries life on earth. I was running 2 successful businesses at the age of 22 and had my own harem with 5 beautiful women’s from different countries who has joined my harem on their own accord.I was a millionaire at the age of 22 and was set to become a billionaire in next 3 to 4 years due to all the
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Chapter 2 System (1)
It had been 3 days since I had been abducted from my home planet Earth and thrown into this hellhole without any help in the name of God’s trial.For past 3 days the half million people who decided to accept the trial and help gods fight against the forces of demon god have been continuously fighting against the unknown monsters with single weapon and their fragile bodies.The island a system in place to spawn certain number of monster every 6 hours therefore we have to continuously fight against them because if we try to hide at some point the number of monster will increase to the point no one will survive.Therefore the best way to survive in this trial was to form a hunting group and I did that on the first day of trial. The angel sylph has told us that whosever die in this trial would not die in reality because it is just an illusion but it will be as real as it can be, and everyone believed her lie.If I didn’t have the ability to distinguish the truth and lie, I too would have
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Chapter 3 System (2)
Understanding my situation where I could be killed for slightest of mistakes I controlled myself and looked somewhere else afraid to look into her eyes once again and offend her. B**ch you just wait I will find a way to get back at you and treat you lower than livestock, I swore in my mind.“The task which you have to complete will be that you will be reincarnated in the body of an infant and you will try your best to get stronger as soon as possible. Is a magical world and you will have to defeat the nemesis of gods ‘demon’s’ on that planet and when you defeat the demon race that planet will come under the jurisdiction of celestial beings and as a reward for completing this task you will be given the opportunity to join us in the land of god’s as an angel.But fear not even if you die in that world your soul will survive and you will regain your consciousness back into your old body which is preserved here, good deal isn’t it Mr. Eric?” She asked me.“Yes lady sylph, thank for giving
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Chapter 4 Planet Amora
It was the longest and most exciting journey of my life because I have seen things which I never imagined I would exist. We passed by many galaxies and wonders of the universe such as black hole, I witnessed a supernova and many unique planets.When I was immersed in the scenery outside a voice rang in my ears and a familiar holographic screen appeared in front of me.After thinking for a while in past few days I came up with a perfect name for my system, which was not too unique but described it very well.“Bastard system.” I said out loud.“Wtf, give me a break, don’t you have any safety measure installed to tackle this kind of situation” I asked him hurriedly. This bastard lied to me once again.“I know you are lying, please I will stop calling you bastard system, save me from this upcom
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Chapter 5 Lusty Maids
“Oh little prince are you hungry but sorry we can’t feed you any milk, you have to wait for queen.” She said to me while blushing when I touched her br**st but the thing which confused me was how can I understand their language.“Don’t tease him after all he is a hero who will save the world from demon king isn’t he?” The maid lily said pinching my chicks and she took me from the hands of flora.I thought proudly, yeah girls don’t worry just join my harem in the future and nobody will ever be able to lay their hands on you and thinking this I started to touch the demon maid all over her face before coming near her face and planting a kiss on her lips while holding her small horns.“Ahhh” a small moan escaped from the lips of lily and at that time I understood that for female demons their horns are sensitive part of their bodies because her face has tuned dark red.She put me in the swing once again while blushing when flora commented.“I can’t wait to see how naughty our little prince
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Chapter 6 Immortal Physique
After hearing their praises a thought came to my mind, I just wanted to say sorry to god for everything I have said earlier the pain was worth it and thank you for giving me this opportunity and as if reading my mind the system responded.[Fate point: 0à10] My fate points increased from 0 to 10, I don’t know what they do but thanks anyway.“Hey system, what does fate points do?” I asked system.“Then how should I level up?” I asked once again.When system replied I understood one thing that something was definitely wrong this system but my thought was disrupted by the sudden arrival of a guard.“Your majesty, the message has arrived from the grand palace and we have prepared the teleportation gate as you instructed.” He said and my worries vanished.“Oh they are quite eager to meet our little prince, the message arrived sooner than I expected, let’s go everyone.” King took the lead and everyone followed beh
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Chapter 7 Sacrifice
“Which idiot said you have the ethereal physic?” The demon king looked at me and asked me reading my thoughts and I turned toward the bastard Ronald the legendary swordsman and my real father. “Ohh.” Saying this he turned to look at Ronald and Ronald slumped back on his place. The demon king snapped his finger and a gale of wind shot out from his finger which cut down one hand of Ronald but he didn’t retort while rest of the audience had sweat forming on their forehead.‘Legendary swordsman my ass he is not even an ant in front of demon king, at least demon king consider me a threat but dude you are lower than me.’ I thought as I looked at the fallen hand of legendary swordsman Ronald.I don’t know why but I felt a sense of relief from the demon kings actions, if he could just kill all 4 of them I would have less regret before dying.“I can kill them whenever I want without lifting a finger but they still have use for me, so I have to turn down your request.” He said dude stop peekin
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Chapter 8 Merlin (System 2.0)
A familiar sensation woke me up from my slumber and a familiar holographic screen welcomes me back to hell.Why did this bastard have to wake me up this early damn it, I would have preferred to die while sleeping or I can ask demon king to send me off without pain, yeah he seemed a reasonable guy he will do that much for me at least, but I have seen in movies that sacrificial rituals related to souls are one of the most painful death experience and I have recently experienced one when that angel merged the system with my soul.All type of thoughts flooded my mind knowing that after doing all short of ass licking I was still going to die, I thought that I should have died in the god’s trial instead at least I would have received a painless death.No, I will not accept my death this e
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Chapter 9 Merlin's mission
My whole body felt rigid as I teleported away from the demon kings territory. I did whatever I could to keep myself conscious but then a voice resounded in my ears which swept all my worries away and I closed my eyes. ‘No need to push yourself, you are safe now, we will talk when you have recovered from your trauma.” Merlin said to me and I complied because I could sense that whatever he was saying was all true. As I floated in the dark abyss for the nth time in the last week, it was the 1st time I slept soundly. *** “Wake up brat, how long do you plan to sleep?” I heard merlin’s voice and woke. Looking at my surrounding I understood, I was stranded in the forest and it was still dark. There was nothing other than trees surrounding me but I could hear a voice of water flowing somewhere nearby and chirping of various birds. “How long was I passed out?” I asked. “For more than 24 hour.” He replied. “Thank you for saving me, benefactor merlin, I will definitely repay this debt in
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Chapter 10 Payback
‘I need some time to think.’ I said.‘How many gods have you slain till now?’ I asked curiously.‘I have slain 21 gods and while fighting them 34 hosts have died.’ He answered me truthfully.So it won’t be an easy task but I didn’t find anything wrong in what merlin was doing. If it wasn’t for those gods intervention I would have been enjoying my life on earth, I too want to kill them all but I have to think more practically before making my decision.‘How did you end up in the dungeon of Demon king, if you were this strong?’ I asked.‘The current demon king Diablo/Lucifer was a 68th god slaying candidate selected by me but on the day of our decisive battle he bowed his head to the power of demon god who governed this planet and become his apostle.Before the demon god could kill me, I sealed myself at the expense of huge amount of Fate point until the right candidate arrives and thus the demon king Diablo/Lucifer threw me into the deepest dungeon of his castle, by the way he has been
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