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******** “I’m weak! Weak!! Just too weak!!” A pained cry sounded as a weeping voice sounded in the atmosphere. The air around him was as cold as the bodies laying on the fall. He clenched his fists and pounded the ground creating a hole in the ground. He couldn’t even feel the pain. “Never yield! I will NEVER YIELD!!” He stared straight at the enemy whose presence easily suppressed him. A pair of dark dull eyes looked at him with disdain before an aura went out. A thick pressure landed on Roshan bringing his left knee down. “N…never yield!” He kept repeating it like a mantra with one of his knees up as he struggled to resist the pressure but it only got heavier. “I hope you like the present I gave to you” A mocking voice cackled in the air. His heart clenched with a fiery pain as he stared at the owner of the voice. “I will peel your skin and feed it to you!” Roshan smiled faintly under the pain as blood flowed down his mouth. He had a calm look but his heart kept pounding. Would they be able to make it back safely? Was their sacrifice for nothing? What would happen to him now? He never thought he would be like this since he saw that book.


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LEVEL UPAuthor: Leslie Gertrude©️Light_penChapter 1:**What is this**“Faster!!.... Harder!!...quicken your movements, sharpen your stance, apply pressure!!” The old man yelled as he easily blocked the attack of the younger boyHe rested his hands on his knees, panting and trying to calm his beating heart which was getting louder by the minute. He had been at this since morning and he wasn’t able to lay a single strike on him. He tightened his grip on the wooden sword and looked up to see the old man frowning at him, it was obvious that he wasn’t pleasedHe took a stance immediately, closed his eyes, gripped his sword tighter and jumped. As fast as the wind, he raised his sword and a faint smile could be seen on his lips‘Got you now, old man’ He struck but all he could feel was the breeze of his strike. He looked at the place he struck and he saw nothing‘Where was he’He felt a light touch on his back and before he knew what happened, he flew forward and crashed into the hay insi
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CHAPTER 2**THE SYSTEM**Roshan picked the book and looked around it, he tried to open it but nothing was working, he even used his dagger to pry open the book but nothing worked however as he tried using his dagger, the knife slipped out of his hand and grazed his finger causing a small drop of blood to fall on the book.Immediately the blood fell, he heard a monotone voice*Bloodline recognised*«Bloodline?? What the hell was that» Roshan thought but before he could think of anything else, he heard another statement*Roshan Talon**Would you like to access the System*«What kind of name was that? The person who made this thing must have been really boring» Roshan thought to himself. He actually wanted to know what was in the book but he felt like he needed to show his father before he did anything because this object was really strangeHis Curiosity took the best of him“Yes, I would like to access the System” It felt even weirder saying itA bright light was shown and immediately t
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He was excited as he thought of every possible things the system would give him but he realised it was only an instant level up that the system promised. He was a little bit disheartened because that was the only reward.He received a notification from the system and he immediately wanted to see what it was.*QUEST ACHIEVED**REWARDS: Instant Level Up*All of sudden, Roshan felt this new surge of energy coming from deep within and he was renewed*HOST LEVEL: Level 2*CURRENT ABILITY: None*STRENGTH: 11*AGILITY: 9*SPEED: 10*STAMINA: 8‹Mage Status›*Mage Level: 0*Magic Ability: None*Mana Control: 0HP: [15/15]EXP: [0/15]*One free stat has been obtained*Looking through his status, Roshan could only marvel, he had never expected this kind of reward. He went through all his attributes and saw that they all gained a point increase from him completing the quest.He noticed he had what the system called a free stat. ‘What the hell was that’s he wondered. It was as if the system heard
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It wasn’t the time for celebration as loud footsteps were heard, coming closer to them. As it got nearer, a menacing pressure was felt. One that sent shivers down their spine.They knew it was not over but what could they do now. Their strength was dissipating.The footsteps came closer and they could finally see it.‘No..he did it, the bastard actually went and did it’ Gray’s mind screamed in anger and sadness. His fist was clenchedWhat they were looking at right now was a creature born from a Deagi, human and beast. It was hideous but the pressure felt by it’s mere presence made their back wet with fear.They knew they had to take it down somehow.“Let’s do this, just as old times” Gray smiled bitterly as he held the hand of his wife and pulled her up. She smiled back and her eyes turned white.Veins reaching out to her eyes and bulging out from her face. She looked at the monster with deep hatred.Gray dropped his sword and coated his hand with a red and white flame. He had to go
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Roshan dragged the beast he had killed to his home following his home to lead him into the right path.His body worked tirelessly until he perceived an unfamiliar scent, followed by the scent of smoke coming directly from where his home was.He knew there was trouble.Dropping the carcass of the beast, he ran forward to find the house on fire.He walked in surprised, his heart beating louder with every step.He looked everywhere for his parents only to find dead bodies of people he had no clue about.The strange unfamiliar scent got stronger and he ran to the back of the house.What he met there scared him to the bones, he could see a creature“What the hell is that” He said as he took a step back.He immediately saw his mother get killed in front of him and his world shook.His knees wobbled as he hit the floor miserably and tears started flowing uncontrollably.His loving mother was gone and there was nothing he could do about it. He was just too weak to do anything.He watched in h
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A faint of glimmer of light showed in his eyes.His vision was blurryHe felt like he had been druggedHis head banged continuously“Where the hell am I!!”He opens his eyes widely to take in the view of a roof.He realised he was in a bed. He tried to stand up when he heard a deep voice. “ I wouldn’t do that if I were you, your body’s still not strong”. His eyes travelled to find a old man stirring a pot.“Who are you” “Where am I”Roshan sat up and narrowed his eyes to look at the man.“That’s a harsh way to thank someone who has been taking care of you for the past one week now” The old man calmly said.“ONE WEEK!!!!” He exclaimed. He had been out for one week“I found you on the ground in front of a damaged cottage, took you in and have been taking care of you since” The old man finally looked up at him.“Why??” Roshan said as he looked at the strange man.The old man kept quiet and stared at him.Roshan face reddened as he remembered his manners.“I am sorry, I mean, Thank You f
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*HOST LEVEL: Level 9*CURRENT ABILITY: None*STRENGTH: 19*AGILITY: 18*SPEED: 19*STAMINA: 17‹Mage Status›*Mage Level: 0*Magic Ability: None*Mana Control: 0HP: [150/150]EXP: [0/150]*Skills Unlocked**Energy Absorption: Level 2*Refill: Level 1*Crystal Iris: Level 1*SP: [150/150]*No free stats obtained**Quest: Kill five Level 1 beasts**Quest Rewards: Instant Level Up**Quest Details: [0/5]*His mouth scrunched up in annoyance as he looked at the quest. He had to kill five..FIVE Level ones.He only succeeded in the first quest because the Dim Dog was a general weakling but but he still struggled a little just to finally end it’s life.Roshan had forgotten that he wasn’t the little boy he used to be.Roshan stood up and picked up the sword at least he could sell it and get some coins for it and he could repay that kind old man’s deed.He stood up and made his way to the forest at least the system didn’t say he had to complete the quest in one day.He could at least try his n
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*****************Then a screen appeared in his head.*HOST LEVEL: Level 10*HOST RACE: Greater Human*CURRENT ABILITY: None*STRENGTH: 20*AGILITY: 20*SPEED: 20*STAMINA: 20‹Mage Status›*Mage Level: 0*Magic Ability: None*Mana Control: 0HP: [200/200]EXP: [0/200]*Skills Unlocked**Energy Absorption: Level 3*Refill: Level 2*Crystal Iris: Level 2*SP: [200/200]*No free stats obtained**Quest: Kill five Level 1 beasts**Quest Rewards: Instant Level Up**Quest Details: [2/5]**Daily Quest Unlocked**Daily Quest: Run 20 kilometres*Roshan’s mouth was hung open as he read through the screen.The first thing that caught his attention was the new added feature‘Human Race...’He was a greater human??‘What the hell was that!!’He asked himselfAnother surprising thing was the Daily Quest he saw at the end of the screen.‘How was he supposed to run 20 miles in a day’ He groaned in agony.The system gave him no response which annoyed him even more.Well…he had to become stronger.He p
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He immediately got into his fighting stance as he grapped his sword.Taking light steps towards the source of the sound.A large looking pig like shaped creature with the head of a rodent jumped out of the bush taking Roshan by surprise but due to his speed and agility, he was able to avoid the attack.He would have said the creature looked like a giant rat but the protruding biceps on all four of its limb contrasted with its thin body that the shape of its ribs were visible and it was a pretty ugly shape.The nauseating smell made the black haired boy cringe his nose in disgust.“Crystal Iris activate” He mentally said*Raret*Level 1*Ability: Poison*HP: [10/10]Now that his crystal iris had levelled up, he would be able to tell the health points of his opponent.“Hmmm…poison, that would explain this horrible stench” Roshan thought as he pointed his weapon at the beast who was growling at the intruder in its territory.‘sssssssssst’ green gas flowed out from the skin pores of the b
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“Who was that boy”“I know him…” A boy who was shorter than his age stated“I heard it was because of him, his family died and their house got burnt” The boy continued“That’s not possible, who would kill their own family” the scratchy voice came from a boy who looked like a round ball.“That’s not what I said, rumours said the boy is cursed, how will a whole family die and leave him alone” the short boy furrowed his eyebrows, he hated when people would twist his words.“He was pretty strong” one of the boys said with a low voice.“He wasn’t that strong, look at the way he struggled during the fight” One of the bigger boys scoffed“No…look at his last move, he must have been holding back” The round boy said, he believed Roshan was a lot stronger than he showed them.“He must be a lot stronger than Bahr” he continued“WHO SAID THAT!!!!!!!” A loud voice boomed scattering the whole gathering. Loud footsteps could be heard walking confidently to the area of the gathering.The short boy im
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