Chapter 10: City of Recrutis

"Arrrrggghhhhh!" I heard Don shout. 

Even though my face was so sore I still forced myself to stand up and saw him raise his hand releasing air and forcibly removing the crumbling walls.

I could do nothing but just look at him. I was so mad at myself. I wanted to be angry. I wanted to hurt myself. Why did I choose to put the Director before us?

"Bro, that's enough. There's nothing we can do," Darwin said try to stop Don from losing control.

"We can't be lacking. We can't be missing anything," he replied, already on his knees at what was happening. I saw tears trickle down his two cheeks.

"Maybe we can get everything back to normal," Janet said as she flicked her fingers to adjust the setting of the place. But nothing changed.

"I may be able to change the setting of a place, but I can't afford to bring it back to normal," she added. Only now I saw her become sad despite her dull face.

The rest of us were also emotionless as

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