Chapter 9: MarMar Building

"Sh*t! All the exits are closed!" Don Kenneth said, annoyed. Earlier we went around this very spacious building but we didn't see anyone get out.

"If only the powers could be used here, I could do something!" Janet said angrily who had previously been irritated by what was happening.

"I think it's okay." Fritzie replied.

"Yes Fritzie, it's okay! But the reason why we don't use it because the creatures here can't know what we are. Right?" sighed Janet who was giving her a poker face.

"Okay. But how can we find the antidote if we don't know where it came from?" Fritzie asked.

"Viancs said the poison came from the City of Gen-Train and someone from them may have already entered here. It's not so wrong that we thought to go out of this building and find the answer in the City of Gen-Train because the answer is already here as well," Ronnie said watching the Penyos slowly run out.

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