Chapter 37: Zeke Vs. Keepers

"Take away the energy that binds them," I commanded and it surprised my twin and the Director.

"Why? Isn't it easier for you to kill them if they are bound to my power? They have nothing against you because they can no longer use their power,"  the Director replied, almost shouting at me. 

"Whether they have power or not, they have nothing against us. Besides, I will not kill a creature that cannot fight back. I would prefer to see them fight until they pity themselves on the fact that they are alive," I said as I smiled and backed away from Ciara. The formerly weak and timid woman I had first met at the Medallions Hub was back.

"I can't quite imagine that you would be even more brutal than me, Kiel. What you said made me even more impressed. I didn't make a mistake negotiating with the Director for our lives," my twin said as he smiled and hugged me.

"We're twins, aren't we? We were born with a curse. And that curse bound the two of us toge

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