Chapter 36: Director's Curse

I felt Kier's hands caressing my cheeks. He wiped away my tears.

"Shhhhh. Don't cry. Isn't this what you wanted? To see me and be together again?" he asked, smiling.

I was unable to answer him as I felt my legs and hands go numb. He'd untied me. The sensation came back to me slowly and I felt freedom temporarily.

I gave Kier a tight hug as I fell into his arms. An embrace full of longing.

"We finally met again," I said, uncontrollably in tears. Seeing him again was the happiest moment in the four years I had lost.

I felt him caress my hair which surprised me. He did the way I used to do it to him all those years ago.

"I'm back so we can be together again," he said letting go of my embrace. "Come with me, Kiel." he smiled.

"Where? Can't you come back home to us?"

"I will not come home to us. You will come with me. You will love the world I built for our brothers and sisters. There I will no longer kill and thirst for blo

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