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King Damon challenged Marcelos to a fight a thousand years ago to know who was going to be in control of the dragon and the dragon gene power. King Damon cheated during the fight and thought Marcelos was dead not knowing he survived and was empowered by the revenger so Marcelos could take his revenge and rule the world. After acquring the powers, Marcelos set out to destroy the world but was defeated by the tribes joining hands together but couldn't be killed then he was put to an eternal sleep. Since then Marcelos have been planning his way back to the real world to carry out his plan and rule the world. Marcelos was awaken and decided to finish his mission by ending all living thing with the thought and power that he can create a living of his own. At that same time, kid with supernatural powers and the power to control the only dragon were born, and there destiny is to stop Marcelos. Marcelos was a tiny bit to success after laying a lot of lives waste but the survivor of mankind born with special powers and other supernatural beings and creatures joined hands together to stop Marcelos and bring his reign to and end.

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  • Kim B


    This book is very interesting and intriguing. You will find it addictive

    2023-09-05 18:38:23
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Once upon a time in a world called Earth, a world where magic and magical beings, and creatures exist. A world where peace and harmony existed before the whole world was covered in darkness and evil prevailed. The world was ruled by four evils and they used humans as slaves and food. The reign of the four evils lasted for a very long time before some group of people that consisted of wizards joined hands together to formed a resistance group that stood up against the evils. The resistance group fought as long as they could against the four evils but that wasn't enough to put an end to the reign of the four evils. So they pray unto their gods to give them the power to help destroy the evils, the gods answered their prayers and blessed them with a male child that possessed magical power. A child being born with a magical power was the first time such a thing as ever happened in their world, so they did everything in their power and sacrifice a lot to protect the child from the hands o
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LYTHRIDITE King James of Lythridite sat down on his throne in the council hall, and a general (general Helmond) stood in front of the king. General Helmond said to the King ''your majesty, we truly need to improve the standard of the army''. ''I see no reason why we need to improve the standard of the army. We are at peace general Helmond not war'' said King James to the general. ''I know your majesty, but I can sense darkness coming our way very soon and we need to be prepared for that darkness'' said general Helmond. ''There is no darkness coming general, even if there is darkness coming, the light crystal is there to stop the darkness'' said King James. ''That is if the worthy one is present to wield its power and again we all don't know where the exact place Ethusa took the light crystal. All we heard is rumors that Ethusa took it to a light castle where we all don't know where it is located'' said general Helmond. ''Let's accept what you said is true, in what way do you wa
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The bird returned to Zussorader and stood on his hand. Zussorader looked into the eyes of the bird and saw all that the bird has seen and heard. Zussorader smiled and said to the bird ''you have done a great job my dear'', then he kissed the bird. Zussorader faced the mercenaries and said to them ''the bird has located where the mind crystal will be because that is where the light army is guarding which means that is where the mind crystal will be. We will be going into Lythridite and finding a way to infiltrate the palace, and in that meantime I want everyone should be on their best behavior. No one should act without any order from me or Philip. Sooner or later we will be facing the light army, don't underestimate them they are more powerful than what you see and can only be killed in the heart. Is that clear?''. ''Yes'' said the mercenaries (in union). LYTHRIDITE King James continued ''then the five crystals were given to each kingdom to protect and Marcelos was put to an ete
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MORNING Zussorender entered the two royal princes' room and met them sleeping on the bed. Zussorender shouted at them ''get up boys, training starts today''. But the two royal princes didn't hear him because they were sound asleep Then Zussorender used his magic to lift their bodies and shifted the bed to the other side, then he dropped their bodies on the ground. The two royal princes' bodies hit the ground very hard, making them wake up and groaned in pain. ''Meet me outside now'' said Zussorender to the two princes and left the room. Noah said in anger to Ramsay ''this man will kill us if we are not careful''. ''Why don't we just tell him we are no longer interested in learning again and return to the palace'' said Ramsay. ''And you think he will allow that, don't you see everything about him is weird and he gets angry easily'' said Noah. ''Then what should we do?'' asked Ramsay. ''We go now before he comes back'' said Noah. ''You are right'' said Ramsay. Ramsay and Noah
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MORNING Ramsay and Noah were the first to wake up in the house, they both came out of the house and tried lifting the stone they have been unable to lift for the past few days. Zussorender woke up and went to check on the two royal princes in their room but didn't see them, then Zussorender ran outside the house with the thought that the two royal princes might have run away. On getting outside the house, Zussorender was relieved to see them training. Zussorender cleared his throat making them notice him. The two royal princes stopped what they were doing and said to Zussorender (in a union) ''good morning master''. ''Morning'' said Zussorender, then the two royal princes faced the stone back. Zussorender went to the two royal princes and stood in their midst. Zussoreender lifted the stone that was placed beside his chair with his magic and brought it to them, then placed it beside the two stones that the two royal princes were trying to lift. Zussorender said to the two royal p
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NIGHT After dinner, Ramsay and Noah lay down beside each other in their room as they stared at the ceiling. ''Brother, why do you think master doesn't like it when we talk about Axrax and other kingdoms, also himself?'' Noah asked Ramsay. ''I don't know but I think there is something we don't know about or something he doesn't want his family to know about'' said Ramsay. ''He even told his son that he doesn't have magic. Is it true that his son might not have magic'' asked Noah. ''No, it is not or maybe it is true I don't know. All I know is wizards always give birth to wizards and he said his son doesn't have magic'' said Ramsay. ''Which mean it either the master lied to his son because of a reason or not all child born by wizard has magic'' said Noah. ''You might be right. Master also seems weird, sometimes he acts nice and caring, and sometimes he is harsh'' said Ramsay. ''There must be something going on with him. Whatever it is we will find out one day. Let's get some slee
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The Kings from each kingdom called a meeting with their council and discussed with them the matter to raise more army and improve the standard of the army, and that matter lead to arguments and some fought on the matter. TWO DAYS LATER Noah woke up scared after dreaming about himself turning into a dragon, he looked out the window and saw it morning. Noah looked around the room and didn't see Ramsay, he went out of the room. Noah saw everyone sited at the dining table about to eat. ''How come you are all about to eat without waking me up?'' asked Noah making everyone notice his presence where he stood looking at them. Ramsay (happy to see Noah) stood up and went to Noah. Ramsay asked Noah ''are you alright, hope you are not feeling pain anywhere?''. ''What kind of question is that, why won't I be alright'' said Noah confused to Ramsay. ''Because you have been unconscious for the past two days'' said Gabriel to Noah. ''Unconscious? That's a joke right?"' asked Noah. ''No, you
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AXRAX King Raynold sat down on his throne in the council's hall, and all the council members of Axrax and the Kings from the four kingdoms with their prime minister sat down in front of the great King, on chairs. King Raynold said to everyone ''am sure we all know the reason why we are all here, so there is no need to beat around the bush. I and the council of Axrax have made our decision so I will like to know what the other kings have decided with their council''. ''Your royal majesty'' said King James to King Raynold as he stood up and bowed his head ''I king James and every member of my council have decided to raise more armies and improve the standard of the army''. ''Is that true, prime minister of Lythridite?'' King Raynold asked the prime minister of Lythridite. ''Yes, your royal majesty'' said the prime minister of Lythridite (with a bow). Every King and the prime minister agreed for more armies to be raised and to improve the standard of the army except King Josh and h
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SHAPE TOWN The two royal princes took a bath and have a change of clothing then they came down stair and met Benjamin and Ryn in the sitting room (sited) talking to some guards standing in front of them. Benjamin saw the two royal princes and discarded the conversation he was having with the guards. Benjamin stood up and went to the two royal princes. ''Now you both are looking good'' said Benjamin (with a smile) to the two royal princes on getting to them. ''Thanks to your great hospitality'' said Ramsay (with a smile) to Benjamin. ''You have a big house'' said Noah to Benjamin as he looked around the house. ''If you say so. It belongs to my forefather'' said Benjamin. ''It must be old'' said Noah. ''Way old than you could ever imagine. Well I want you both to come with me to the town so I can show you around'' said Benjamin. ''Are you saying you want to take us on a tour around your town?'' asked Ramsay. ''Yes and you will love it, you will also find out love resides in our
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Ryn and Noah opened their eyes and saw they were in a strange large room built with rocks, they both sit up and wondered where they are. Ryn and Noah looked around the room as they stood up, they saw a throne and a well in the room. Ryn asked Noah ''where the hell are we?''. ''I was going to ask the same question'' said Noah. ''You are in Gathride'' said a voice behind them. They both looked back and saw a lady dressed in a blue gown and a crown on her head. The lady walked past Ryn and Noah as they confusingly stared at her and went to sit on the throne. ''Where did you say we are again?'' Noah asked the lady. ''You are in Gathride'' said the lady to Noah and Ryn. ''And where is that?'' asked Ryn. ''Gathride is a kingdom that is beneath the water, you are beneath the water'' said the lady. ''Wait, beneath the water, are you saying we are under the river?'' asked Noah. ''Yes but not under the river only. Our kingdom expands to the ocean and sea'' said the lady. ''Are you a m
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