Chapter 108 : Conflict of Interest (1)
Bin sat between two police officers, his hand handcuffed and his body extremely exhausted. He felt dizzy and pain from chest and thighs, where Bert’s magic had hit him. No bones were broken, fortunately, but he was as resistant as Melissa’s people and the more he’s subjected to Magic, the worse his conditions become.

‘Why did the police appear? Was it Ann? No, I don’t think so. Then who was it…’

Bert definitely wouldn’t call the police when his target is on sight, moreover, he wouldn’t want the crystal to fall in the authorities’ hands. Ann and Scarlett wouldn’t do that either, which leaves no suspect to Bin. After wracking his brains, he thought of someone who made him clench his hands.


He was a congressman and with can do this much with a simple call, however, how did he know of his whereabouts so fast. The police would take at least five minutes to arrive yet, from beginning to end, he was there for a bit less ten minutes, which means that Hayden informed the police only a
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