The Walter A Cobalt Blue Fire

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The Walter A Cobalt Blue Fire

By: Mahessa Gandhi OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Bullied! Diagnosed posttraumatic stress disorder and blood disorder vera. Not as devastating as once Nick Walter watched his mother die before his eyes when a shootgun went through his mother's head. Nick determined to retaliate the death of his mother, who was shot dead by ex-husban. Even Carlos holds a grudge against when he learns that Nick has suddenly become a tough, sturdy and unconquerable superhero. Thus who is stronger among Nick Walter and Carlos Ollyxton?


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    Great Story

    2022-12-22 15:47:38
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Return of the evil corporation
Carlos began throwing a property deed on Vivian Walter's living room table to grab the small land.That land had been a debated subject for a long time between Vivian and Carlos, but for the Ollyxton big family just a small part of the garden behind the majestic house.This land of course nothing compared to the wealth they own, but somehow Carlos' ambition to own this land is so great, cause Vivian is determined to maintain the last property left of the Walter big family.Meanwhile, Carlos must be secure the land for a project that will be a laboratory test site later.Either way, Carlos will. Including killing Vivian and Nick, if they fight back!"So what?" Vivian said uncertainly, after reading a written property deed request to transfer ownership."Would your wife is a poor, are now?" Vivian added insultingly."Watch what you say, remember that!" Carlos angrily threatened. It's not a coincidence that today Carlos came to the mansion of Walter, who was forbidden by the Ollyxton bi
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The Big Head!
Nick rubbed Vivian Walter's name on his gravestone. The only way to let go of his mother try to be strong, enough to hold back tears that want to fall from his eyes. Vivian doesn't come back to life when he cries.At all, Nick had to do now was to comply with Vivian's final please to regain her rights, including visit Dr. Frenkie Chu clinic. Nick had long ignored his mother's wishes for a checkup when he developed symptoms such as a nosebleed upon awakening from a nightmare, but now Nick is about to fulfill Vivian's first wish."Hello Doctor," Nick politely greeted Dr. Frenkie Chu, who was waiting for his arrival."Hello Mr. Nick. Please sit down," he commanded, opening his medical file."Do you have any complaints other than blurred vision?" Dr. Frenkie Chu asked Nick, who was already in the office. Nick shook his head."What's wrong, doctor?" Nick finally asked, a little worried. “According to the test results, you have symptoms of polycythemia. Generally, these symptoms occur in
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Past Revenge
Nick entered to the lab with the intention of transferring some of the chemicals in EonCor W203 acid corrosion inhibitor to the metal pickling corrosion process, cause these materials need the right temperature. It should have been over 90 degrees Celsius, but before Nick could open the door, a woman suddenly rushed in from the other direction. The liquid that Nick had just melted fell and spilled into her hand. "Excuse me, I-" said the woman who accidentally spilled from the chemical liquid Nick had brought to the lab that afternoon. "You need to squeeze your hand," Nick said as she led the woman into the lab. "Be careful next time," he added, tightening a cloth moistened with a sodium chloride solution, often medically called PZ. Nick, a man with oval glasses, meticulously grooms the hands of women he doesn't know well. "I'm sorry! I was late for my class, so I was in a hurry," she replied. After bandaging the woman's arm, Nick finally breathes a sigh of relief. After all, h
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A Zero to Hero
Today Nick wants go back to the classroom, cause he has some courses to needs complete. But on the way, Nick is attacked by a pack of Freddo's. Nick is captured and put in a McLaren P1 Freddo's car and three of his friends already inside. Nick's hands and mouth were bound and his eyes were covered with a black cloth. Nick didn't quite understand what want Freddo's was saying. Nick's tears didn't seem to break Freddo's hardened heart with pity. Not at all, actually! Even when Nick was dying, Freddo never felt sorry for him, but Nick always followed whatever he wanted, like staying away from Alluera Sky and Stevy Oswald. By the end of the afternoon, their journey had reached its destination. Freddo's driver stopped the car on the bridge that connects the cities. Freddo then ordered them to take Nick away from the crowd. Before Nick's eyes could open, Fredo pushed Nick's body and nearly made him stagger backwards as the road was slippery and quite steep. "Fred!" said Nick. "Shut up
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Man in Black Cap
"Nick... Nick..." Manfreed knocked on the bathroom door and called out Nick's name. Manfreed panicked, and so did Grachia. They were irritated by the problems that Nick continued to haunt him, and suspected that he injured himself on purpose. "Mr. Nick, can you hear me?" asked Grachia in response to Manfreed knocking on the door. As if the two of them had no idea other than to break down the door that Nick had locked from the inside. "Do something now. I'll call for help," Grachia said as she walked, calling for help from anyone who might break down the door to help her husband. Before Grachia finally gets help. Manfreed managed to pry open the bathroom door with a crowbar. "Nick!" Manfeed shouted, accompanied by Grachia's footsteps behind him. View from outside. The bathroom was smashed, the mirror and light bulbs were shattered, glass was strewn everywhere. Meanwhile, Nick lies limp on the bathroom floor. No wonder Nick ignored his Manfreed and her Grachia calls. Judging by the
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Power of Star Balt
Nick recognized if like he wasn't doing something productive, he would only become a burden to Manfreed and Grachia, so Nick left to find a job. "I don't expect Mr. Nick to help us," said Grachia. Nick smiled as he gently hugged Grachia. "Thank you ma'am! I promises not to cause you or your husban any trouble. Let Me make you happy in my own way," he said. Even Grachia felt the warmth of Nick that Grachia had been waiting for when he hugged her, and the presence of her child is certainly something much to look forward to. "Be careful, Mr. Nick!" said Grachia, who insisted on calling Nick by that name even though Nick warned her that she shouldn't be treated like that. When asked what makes they happy now, Nick's presence in her small family. "Don't come home too late. We are of course waiting for you to have dinner together," Grachia said letting Nick go. When Nick, arrived at a building where he applied for a job. The man Nick visited said that currently there is no need fo
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The First Challanging
Who else? Thought Nick.It could be the same person, and of course Nick doesn't want to get involved with someone like Freddo who holds vague jealousy and grudges.Nick ignores the car parked in front of him and backs up the road, oblivious to who that person was and what tripped Nick's footsteps as he was looking down the road did."Nick!" Nick stopped when he heard a woman call his name from behind. "Why are you forcing me to go home?" she added, walking over to Nick's back.Nick turned his head, Berlian? He muttered."Sorry, I have to go!" Nick replied, ignoring his face."Come on! I'll take you home.""No ned, please. Let me go!" Nick replied quickly, shaking his head and declining Berlian's offer. Nick hopes nothing ever happens to him again."Nick!""not required-""If you refuse my offer, I'll just stay here!" The threat of Berlian again stopped Nick's steps.***"Thank's! You can go home, now!" Nick said as soon as he got to Manfreed's house."Wait!" Berlian stopped Nick fro
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Ollyxton Timless Lab
Nick stared intently at the new building.The one thing on Nick's mind is Carlos's passionate desire to grab the last property left by Walter's big family, and it came true!Nick will definitely follow the Carlos' mind. How far Carlos makes a miserable for the rest of his life!For now, He doesn't trust with anyone, including Carlos! If he had a risk for his life to reclaim hereditary land, Nick will do it! Don't think he has calmed down to forgive Carlos's act for now!But, Nick must go on!Then, back to the campus. Towards a cademic administration office for a completing final assignment.Apparently the bastard was already waiting there!Nick walked steadily, unaware of Freddo's presence, which was beginning to threaten his existence. Nick understands whether the last letter he received yesterday was a threat from him. Now Nick is no longer afraid and Nick proves that Freddo is not as weak as he once knew."Nick!"Nick turned to the source of the noise. This woman! she thought. As S
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Something Unexpected
"Did you think carefully about this decision, Mr. Carlos?" Dr. Wattson asked.Carlos didn't move!The bad guy whos was standing with hands on hips, staring at the big tube in front of him, occasionally strokes his thin beard with the palm."Your Crown Prince can't go back to being a Human twice when this serum injected his body!" Dr. Wattson said repeatedly when Carlos didn't answer his first question at all."Don't think too much, Dr. Wattson! No matter what, My Son must be the strongest Man around the world!""What's the point, I brought you from Granada if you just want to annoy Me with unimportant thoughts!" he added."Yes, I am so sorry Mr. Carlos-"Dr. Wattson pushed a button and began to start open the vial, which already contained a boiling chemical liquid. Sea-colored liquid emits smoke and bubble sounds. The serum was developed by Dr. Wattson, who was found at the border of the Strait of Gibraltar.During World of the
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The World Destroyer
"Don't be crazy Stev! What did your parents do if they know?""That's one of my wishes, Nick. They need to know who you are and why I invited you tonight," She replied happily. When they arrived on a big stage with thousands of lights. In front of the giant birthday cake, Stevy began distracting all the guests.  Stevy's family was very embarrassed when they found out that Stevy had brought hillbilly in ragged clothes.  "Who is that?" said one of the guests. "Homeless man, maybe!" other women replied quickly. "Why did She bring a scavenger to such a great party?" said another, equally astonished. Stevy cleared his throat and, with some hesitation, began to say what he wanted to say.  The guests were surprised when Stevy openly confessed her love for Nick on her birthday. Antoni Oswald clenched his fists in anger. Stevy ruined a big event that had been planned for years to reunite Stevy with one of his b
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