Swordbound Chronicles

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Swordbound Chronicles

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When lightning strikes Yuan Fen, he gets intelligence that he didn't expect. He then finds himself in a world full of magic and epic battles. But his journey and experience have only just started. During the fight between the good Elven race and the bad demon, Yuan Fen saw how strong and skilled both sides were. Because of their magic and mystery, he gets caught up in a plot that is much bigger and more dangerous than he thought. Lucky for him, he is an Elven disciple with a very interesting background, and he is also in the middle of a dangerous and tense battle. They have to find out about old secrets and deal with the evil threats that are looming over the Silver Continent. As they try to figure out the Sword Intent, a power that can make people immortal, they have to face danger and find truths that have been kept secret for hundreds of years. They know that the fate of the Silver Continent and all people depends on them more than anything else. The book has exciting and vivid adventures, magical elements, and interesting secrets. Get ready to join a fascinating world where fate and bravery are closely linked. Your attention will be drawn deeper into Yuan Fen's exciting story with each new chapter. Will they protect the Silver Continent from the bad guys who are out there? In a fantasy book full of mystery, intrigue, and surprising beauty, you can follow their trip.

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  • KidOO


    Very cool book and really feels Wuxia. It's as if we readers are taking part in the adventure. Yes, whatever, it's pretty cool!

    2024-02-29 21:59:15
  • Mike Michael


    Great martial art story

    2024-02-24 20:32:11
  • Zhu Phi


    Great story ... Great author

    2024-02-20 20:00:50
  • Jimmy-Chuuu


    This is a Eastern Fantasy book.

    2024-02-20 19:03:29
  • Tini-Tinys


    nice story. i love it

    2024-03-07 17:10:36
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199 chapters
The Battle Between the Raindrops .
A breathtaking battle unfolded before the eyes of two small children."Let go of that ice rose, or it will be your memories that you will carry, demon! Besides, why should a despicable figure like you defile our Ice region?" Cold sounded the grey-white-robed man's voice.Meanwhile, the man's aura refreshed the surroundings and formed a freezing cold snow. His hand was pointed straight ahead while holding a long sword that continued to emit icy vapour."Hehe, so you're Suma Chen, an Elven noble. Don't be so haughty. I see this plant lying in vain like a field of ice roses. There's nothing wrong with me picking a bunch for someone's medicinal purposes.""You have no sense of humility at all. Fine, I will compensate you accordingly.""We urgently need this ice flower to treat someone important in the Western region," replied the black figure in a low tone almost like a whisper. However, faintly visible behind the black smoke, a masked face with horns on its head, flashed a mocking smile
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King of Swords.
Yi Zan looked at the admiring Yuan Fen. He was getting more and more confident and fiery. Yi Zan rarely got any attention. Kioni saw that Yuan Fen was amazed by his explanation, and Yi Zan immediately shared all his knowledge."All of his weapons are engraved with the greatest Technique symbols, so that his armour, gloves, shoes, and weapons all have their abilities increased by 70% after he inscribed inscriptions and power symbols on all of his weaponry," Yi Zan explained. Yuan Fen listened in awe, letting the story of the great Sword King Rank Ruler flow."In the Western region, at that time the region had a Sword King who used the blood element for his cultivation, and the Sword King was from the demon race. Their race were dark cultivators who were extremely dangerous and were avoided by most cultivators. Dealing with dark cultivators of the demon race from the West was extremely risky. All of these demon races have small horns on their heads and often wear masks to cover their fa
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Amazing fight.
Ice-shaped Qi energy, resembling sharp snow lotus beads, thrown at high speed from Suma Chen's sword tip towards Duan Anming's chest turned hundreds of ice lotuses gliding towards Duan Anming."Go away...!"Duan Anming shouted, and his body spun like a whirlwind, releasing dark and perverted spirits from the tip of his short sword. The spirits glared and opened their mouths, brutally swallowing all the lotus petals.What a meaningless attack," Duan Anming mocked.However, just as he finished speaking, the shadow of a sword beam approached his neck with the speed of a reaper. With a strange speed, the sword beam was suddenly in front of his eyes, delivering a deadly slash to his neck. This was accompanied by a gust of icy vapor that carried murderous air, leaving him asphyxiated.Duan Anming released Qi and formed a dark shield to protect himself from the strange attack. He slid backwards, away from the mysterious attack."Insolent! This Snow Lotus Pure Heart Sword Technique is strange
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Escape in the Rain.
In the midst of the heavy rain, as dawn began to shine in the sky, there were two shadows running hurriedly on the edge of the Fairy Cliff. They, Yuan Fen and Yi Zan, no longer paid attention to their drenched bodies. All they thought about was running as far and fast as possible to leave the Fairy Cliff and reach the Cloud Sword Sect.Many small cuts and scratches dotted their skin as they broke through the bushes to find the fastest way to Cloud Sword Sect. For more than two hours, running, the Cloud Sword Sect came into view.The Cloud Sword Sect was actually a mini city surrounded by buildings housing the sect's disciples. In addition, there were five small hills behind where the disciples were trained and where the peak master and master of the Cloud Sword Sect lived.They separated themselves; Zuo Yi Zan moved towards Green Peak, while Yuan Fen headed towards the most remote part of the back. This part was usually not chosen as a place to live by the sect disciples who were less
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Unexpected Training - Barter.
Yi Zan smiled sweetly in front of Yuan Fen, her cheeks were dice red in color, making anyone want to pinch those dice red cheeks. Yuan Fen thought about teasing Yi Zan, but he didn't dare. The girl was quite fierce."Please," his hand extended towards Yuan Fen, handing over a token with the Cloud Sword Sect logo."Inside this token are 15 contribution points. Nine points are your wages, and the rest are bonuses for helping me avoid the lightning in the Fairy Cliff Forest.""Actually, this amount is too little for your service in saving me from a lightning strike," Yi Zan said.Yuan Fen was overjoyed when he received the contribution point token."Big brother, I hope that within the next two months, you will successfully reach the Five Mortal Realms. Although shifting the Cultivation realm from Mortal Realm Four to Mortal Realm Five is not an easy thing, I believe, with the intelligence you have, in two months you will be able to shift to Mortal Realm Five realm," Yi Zan said."I hope
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Illusion Technique.
Three days had passed. All the time, Yuan Fen was diligently practicing to maintain the tool stone that was the object of training. The goal was to keep the stone in the air for at least 10 minutes.With his determination and effort, the results Yuan Fen achieved were satisfactory. Finally, he could leisurely control the stone to stay in the air for 25 minutes, with the distance increasing to 25 meters.This achievement made Yuan Fen's heart full of joy. Impatiently, he waited for Yi Zan's arrival so that he could boast of his new skill.When the sun was at its peak, Yi Zan signaled his presence at Yuan Fen's hut. Her signature hum accompanied her arrival, singing loudly."Hmm! Has big brother progressed in his Spiritual Energy training according to my teachings?" The nine-year-old girl's voice sounded rather dry and shrill, befitting her young age. However, despite this, her voice still had a cheerful tone."Let's see your progress." Yuan Fen immediately demonstrated her new skills.
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Symbol Master?
Cultivating in the Dao of mental energy to form illusions is the same as cultivating battle Qi Energy. Our mental energy must be strong and we must always practice to become stronger, even to create illusions and other actions. There are several ranks in mental energy called master symbols, namely:Seal Master , The Earth Master Symbol, The Master Symbol of Heaven consists of Heaven, The Master Symbol of Immortality, The Divine Master Symbol,"Yi Zan explained, "Just by achieving Seal 1 Symbol Master, one has been able to cultivate illusions and manipulate circumstances, so that in dangerous situations, one can evade as long as the enemy one is facing does not have a higher cultivation level.""That's why a symbol master is so respected," Yi Zan added."You still remember what I said, that only 1 in 100,000 people have the ability to cultivate mental energy. Even if one has mental energy, without the guidance of a master as a teacher, that ability is useless. Even if the person insist
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Noble Dining Restaurant.
The beautiful view from the air while riding the winged horse made Yuan Fen feel very excited. This new experience became precious to this simple and orphaned young man. If not for the meeting with Manager Xu Bao, who managed and organised all the worker disciples in the Cloud Sword Sect, perhaps now he would have been reduced to begging.Morning Star City was truly beautiful.++++Yi Zan ran around happily in the market area of Morning Star City. She stopped at stalls selling snacks and confectionery, then pulled Yuan Fen's hand to enter a women's clothing store.Unfortunately, as a Cloud Sword Sect disciple, Yuan Fen had to wear the uniform of the sect's robes, and could not adorn herself with any other clothing or accessories. Even so, Yi Zan still couldn't resist buying some female accessories, such as earrings, hair clips, rouge, lipstick, and powder.Yuan Fen was astonished at Yi Zan's enthusiasm for various accessories and makeup tools. He didn't realise that girls liked to dre
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Young Master
"It's so stupid, he paid the price himself.""I would have left this location if it were up to me. How shameful.""It was the guard who struck himself. Give him a taste of what it's like to date someone who isn't susceptible to bullying, like that girl.""That idiot guard humiliated the Morning Star City Treasure House Hall."But that chick is just too mean. Sent the exploding charm exactly like that.""It is not flawed in any way. The same thing would be done if it were me."The second level of Noble Dish Restaurant, which is crowded with followers of many sects, was filled with a low cacophony of whispering voices."Please stop!" Interrupting, Ruan Ceng leaped like a bird to * his bouncer. Following that, he moved slightly backward to avoid getting too close to Yi Zan and Yuan Fen. Presumably from being shocked by an earlier explosion that resulted in his injuries, the guard appeared nearly asleep. But the majority of people in the room believed he would pass out from humiliation."
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Auction Manager
Admiration engulfed the two as soon as they entered the Hall of Treasures. Many medical elements draw interest, including plants, roots, medicines, talismans, and more. For the purpose of fighting and improving cultivation, these objects were vital to growers. In addition, there are numerous other medicinal plants and tablets. There were a lot of excited people in the Treasure Hall's ground level exhibition hall.Abruptly, a voice welcomed them from a 20-year-old girl with a charming face and rather formfitting attire.Dear ladies and gentlemen, what herbs or mustika are you in need of? "Ayin is here to assist," the girl remarked as she walked over to Yi Zan and Yuan Fen.Yi Zan muttered to Yuan Fen, "Hmm, this guardian girl's cultivation has even reached Mortal Realm 5."It's incredible, Morning Star City's Treasure Hall. Yi Zan said once more, "The latent strength behind the trading hall like this should not be treated lightly."I only glanced at it. Something still piques my attent
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