Beast Driven

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Beast Driven

By: Darkvirus_18 OngoingFantasy

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Kayden just wanted to attend military school to learn how to fight against the Shales. However, being unable to afford an ability, his dreams of becoming powerful seemed like they would be crushed, but that all changed the day he had been given a system that allows him to unlock monsters by completing quests. On his path to evolve, he must face multiple challenges, complete quests and go on missions just to grow in strength. For in the current world, only the strong are regarded, while the weak are cast aside and forgotten. From a crystal, came a power that changed his life forever.

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  • Benjamin Obeng


    Beast Driven is a very unique book. The starting is very intriguing, It got me hooked right from the beginning. Everyone should try reading.

    2023-07-21 22:35:15
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My Form
"I placed all my bets on you, Silver Fang! You better not loose this fight!" a man yelled from the crowd, shaking his fist. "I'll f*cking kill you if you loose all my money!" heaving out a sigh, he sat down, holding his face in his palm. "I hope I didn't make the wrong choice in betting on you..." he muttered under his breath, his eyes trailing towards the fighter in the ring.'Geez... no one asked you to bet on me!' Kayden shouted internally, dodging a hit from his opponent. 'I won't owe you shit if I loose! Not like I plan on losing, anyway. This guy's tough, but I still have a trick up my sleeve!'Creating distance between him and his opponent, he began to concentrate. Feeling the red energy flowing through his veins, he proceeded to channel the energy, circulating it through out his body. The red energy energized and re-enforced his cells, but that wasn't all that happened. Right there and then, his body began to change.His pupils grew long and narrow. Furr coated his skin. His
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Looking Lost
Mankind had always been an innovative race, and with the discovery of abilities, many things had changed. Abilities made one capable of doing things once thought off as impossible. Some referred to it as magic. Others saw it as a curse and sought to eradicate it.Abilities not only granted one superpowers, but also improved one's physical prowess. Meaning, a person with an ability was naturally stronger than someone without one.However, neither contestants were powerless. While one was doing everything he could to win, the other was thinking of trying something else.Kayden was completely surrounded. He couldn't focus his attention in one direction. He would be leaving his backside exposed to attacks which would make it harder for him to deal with the actual target."Hope I don't get dizzy!" he said as he began to spin his body. With his Werewolf speed and stamina, he was able to slash at the attacks coming towards him. Although he knew he couldn't keep this up forever, neither could
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Getting Closer
'This guy is a lot tougher than I thought he'd be!' his opponent thought, curling his fists. With his ability, he could control the earth, making it crumble under his opponent."Boulder class... I never liked this class," Kayden thought, quickly moving to the sides, trying to avoid the unstable parts of the ring."Still, it seems like all he can do is make the ground crumble. I haven't seen him move rocks around. So if I'm right, this is all his ability can do. As long as I don't loose my balance, then I should be fine. Plus, I don't know the depth of the arena his ability affects."He lept into the air, stretching his body wide while barring his claws. If this worked, then he could quickly finish off his opponent, while covering the distance without having to deal with most of the area affected by the ability. As soon as he was close enough, he swiped his claw. However, his opponent seemed ready for this, as he managed to grab the claw mid-swing. Kayden's elongated claws were mere
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On The Low
As his eyes slowly opened, the first thing he did was take a look at his surrounding. From the smell of disinfectant and the constant beeping sound, Kayden knew where he was."So I lost that match..." he muttered to himself. Although he wasn't too sad about it since he still had one more day to made up the remainder of the money he needed. He was just sad about the fact that he had lost.A little while later, and a nurse had arrived to do a check-up. After confirming that he was alright, he was then discharged and allowed to go back home.A little something that ability users have that others don't is super healing. Although this comes in the form of an ability itself, all ability users naturally have a faster healing rate. Meaning that all the injuries and burns he had incurred from the fight would quickly heal. This would take up Mana to do.He still had a low amount of Mana. Kayden decided to call it a night and head back home. However, he couldn't sleep well that night. Ever since
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Just The Beginning
The paramedics had arrived to take away the loser to receive medical treatment since he was in a severe condition. Kayden didn't require medical attention since he was still conscious and able to walk. Plus, he naturally had better healing since he had an ability.He already had more than enough money to pay the people who had kidnapped his cousin. He had decided that that would be his only fight for the night. He was also running low on Mana.As he was about to leave, he heard a loud shriek coming from the crowd. The people began to run in all sorts of directions. The place was in chaos. Men wearing dark black clothing began to appear as the terrorized the people, sending everyone into a state of panic. Using their weapons, they rained terrier upon whomever was in their path, while blocking all the exits."I told you you didn't have to worry about the arrangements," a man said, stepping forward. He held a cigarette in-between his fingers and casually smoked it as he sauntered his way
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A New Beginning
Later that day, Jake and Kayden went to visit Stacy at the hospital. Although she hadn't sustained any serious injuries while she was with her kidnappers, the overall experience had left her disoriented, causing her to pass out and remain unconscious for over a day.She hadn't opened her eyes since the time she laid them on her brother back at the underground fighting club. Luckily, it seemed like she had gotten herself back. The nurses at the hospital helped clean up whatever wounds she had and patched her up. Unlike her cousin, she didn't have an ability, so she didn't have anything close to super healing and had to rely on traditional means.Jake, having been told that he could take her back home, couldn't wait another second. Quickly going through the formalities, he and Kayden helped her to the car before driving off.Once they had gotten back home, they placed Stacy on her bed before leaving her to rest peacefully. Although everything had gone back to normal, Jake couldn't shak
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Day 1
Kayden had always been somewhat of a bookworm, so the normal classes were easy for him. He was more interested in the other classes and what they had to offer. With so many students in one academy, competition was bound to be fierce. In order to protect his family in the outside, he needed to grow stronger as soon as possible. He needed to ensure that what happened to his cousin would never happen again.The combat classes were taught by three different teachers since the number of students were many. The class was divided into three groups with each teacher teaching one group. Kayden and his friends made sure they ended up in the same group, while his roommates ended up in a different ground."Good afternoon, students," the instructors greeted the students. "I hope you you are familiarizing yourself with the academy so far. As you may know, this is the combat class. Here, we teach you how to fight and defend with nothing but your body. However, the use of abilities is prohibited in t
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Day 1(Part 2)
Markus was about to activate his ability and change the memories of these five civilians. Closing his eyes, he began to concentrate. To the others, it seemed like nothing was happening."Done," Markus said, opening his eyes. Kayden and Dan were surprised upon hearing this. They weren't sure whether what Markus was saying was true, but their instructor chose to confirm for herself."Who are you?" she asked one of them."We are the protectors of humanity. It is our sworn duty to defend against the notorious Shales," the man replied. They were even more surprised upon hearing this.'That ability... I better make sure I don't step on his toes while I'm here,' Kayden thought."From this experiment, it is clear that his ability could affect five people at once. However, number is not the only thing that determines the effectiveness of your ability. Things such as someone's will power and mental resolve. Or their overall power can make it harder for your ability to work on them. Take me for
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Another Skill
The instructor's expression didn't change despite the look on Dan's face. She was more than ready for whatever was coming her way. Kayden had suffered severe injuries from the blow, but he wasn't out of the fight yet. His injuries would be healed by his Mana. He didn't have much of it left, but he still chose to charge forward.The instructor raised her arm, blocking a hit from Dan. Just like before, it didn't seem like it took much for her to block the strike. Dan may be able to copy people's abilities, that doesn't mean than he can copy their quality as well.His ability was just as strong as Marcus's, but it was no where near the instructor's power. Kayden sprinted forward, joining Dan in the fight against the instructor. Despite the fact that Dan was fighting, Kayden had no idea what the instructor's ability was.It was a Mystery Class, but that was all he knew about it. Still, it allowed Dan to somewhat hold his own against her. Although he knew that she was holding back. The oth
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Seeing that most of the students were having trouble activating their weapons, one of the instructors, the one who had been talking the most so far, decided to do for them a little demonstration. Being a high ranking staff in the military base, he was bound to have some good weapons of his own. Reaching into his clothes, he pulled out what looked like a wand.Looking at what was in his hand, the students started to wonder what he planned on doing with it."What I have here is a weapon of the Emperor Grade. With it, I will show you what to expect when you activate your magical weapons which have skills"Everyone's eyes lit you upon hearing the Grade of the wand. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have it for themselves. A blue glow began to surround the tip of the wand. Then what came out of it looked akin to lightning but blue in colour, moving with rapid speed, it changed directions before hitting the ceiling and breaking into pieces of glitter."What you have just seen is a lesser versio
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