Chapter 382 : A Turbulent Heart (1)

“The calamity already happened, does it even matter to know the truth?”

Even after hearing the first part of the truth, Bin was still skeptical and puzzled about this whole matter. Dranxia and its populace had nothing to do with him and whatever happened had nothing to do with him, or so he thought.

“Why, yes. It very much does, Bin. So very much, actually. Each person, no matter how insignificant they are, has a role, and yours, as it happens, is not so minuscule. You can’t possibly tell me that you thought you were normal? At least not after you successfully undertook the Death and Resuscitation Ritual. And even before that, you weren’t normal either, physically or mentally.”

As he stared back at the pale-faced youth, the Blood Prince gr

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