Tales Of Remnant

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Tales Of Remnant

By: Authoress Aurora CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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What would you do if you suddenly died and met God? This is the development of events that befell the main character. By mistake of the gods, he dies and as an apology, they fulfill his wishes and send him to another world. But fate does not want to leave him alone, and the world he has chosen is not friendly. The world of Remnant is filled with monsters. Like the Grimm, so are the monsters that wear sheepskins to save themselves. And our hero is not so simple, he will fight to the end. And can he survive? Find out for yourself.

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94 chapters
More than 20 minutes have passed since my appearance and joyful cry. And it took just as long before I could take my eyes off the landscape.First of all, I decided to justify a couple of things for myself and, one might even say, goals for today. Namely: “Where am I? Where to go? What to do next?"But first, you need to check yourself for the presence of the system. Skorm said I'd have it. You didn't cheat, did you? It is so?-Status. - I said in a quiet and rather harsh voice.Although it was unusual to hear such a voice, but it was a small thing at the moment.And oddly enough, my words worked and it appeared. And I was very surprised. Apparently the horned one did not lie.It looked like a window in the MMO RPG games I played. Only now, slightly iridescent from light gray to blue fog. Quite an interesting thing, I can see everything inside it and even through it.--------------[Name] Cloud ( Cloud )[Last name ] Strife[Age] 16 years old[Date of birth] January 19[Occupation] Fo
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Sure Chocobo Whistle is awesome, but I don't think I'll be using it much. Maybe one day I'll buy it. Who knows.- Motorcycle (allows you to summon a motorcycle. How fuel uses liquids, objects, aura) = 500 rubles.- Whistle of Fenrir (allows you to summon a Fenrir-class motorcycle as a vehicle. It can use aura, objects, liquids as fuel) = 600 rubles.But the "Whistle of Fenrir" is interesting. Zooming in on the window with this transport, I opened its 3D version. It was just Cloud's bike from the movies and games. And I want it. He's just gorgeous on his own. Yes, and I remember how I rode motorcycles with my father and uncle in the past. And in this situation, this is the best transport for long trips alone.--------------But remembering the money, I immediately decided to take a break and ask a couple of questions to the system.After briefly removing the system, I examined the area. In appearance, the surroundings reminded me of an ordinary mound in the mountains. But looking close
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-Any object that lies in it will not deteriorate. Hmm ... I'm going to ruin all the sellers and owners of eateries.-Also, part of the equipment is put on instantly, and does not require preparation or fixing. It's simple, I thought about it or touched it and moved it, well, then that's it. Chill out Vasya. But also, the rule of manual dressing also applies, I can take off and put on any part without a system inventory. The truth will take longer.Also, I figured out why weapons in the store only showed effects. In this world... there is no damage indicator, but there are skill level indicators. It's just like in reality, even if you are a professional killer with the most expensive tsatsk, they can even use you with a rolling pin for cooking. But about the blades, I generally keep quiet. Any weapon is dangerous and can be killed by any. The only difference is how quickly and how painful death will be. And how skillfully you handle weapons.In general terms, before the full set I need
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This is what I understand the first loot !!!-Ay...What the heck?!!!?!!Looking down, I noticed this picture. My wounds received in battle from the Grims began to heal rapidly. At the same time, it was very painful. It felt like they were cauterizing me or pouring boiling water over my wounds.Closing my eyes, I decided to endure the pain from what, I didn’t even have time to notice how the pain passed and it became even easier. Looking down, I no longer saw wounds or even a hint of scars. And for some reason, the armor abruptly began to recover and be cleansed of my own blood.After a couple of minutes, I was already as good as new, standing in the middle of a clearing with bulging eyes, like that cat from memes ... Well, it’s convenient, but somehow scary. I can get used to this, but how will others react to it. Maybe if someone sees, I will say that this is how my likeness works. I don't know, I'll look around.Anyway. We need to get out of here, away and inspect everything that t
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“Well, okay, I did it. I don't want to toil. I think my brother is going to be fidgeting with all of this, Skorm thought. After that, he did not even notice how he had a smile of anticipation. He just said goodbye to him and decided to start the procedure of change and merger. At her end, he sent him to the world of Remnant.Well, for now, Skorm was just enjoying the spectacle. But at this time there was a roar, from which Skorm smiled even more.After some time, a blue ball of energy fell from the sky, not far from Skorm. It was Kai. Kai himself looked like a wolf, with fur as white as snow. He liked to show himself to everyone like this. Unlike his brother, he did not walk around in such a stupid uniform, under a faceless boy. He did not like the image of an empty body. But that was not what set him apart, but the fact that around his neck was a collar of pure silver tied with long chains to his paws, and several earrings. Even Skorm didn't understand why his brother wore that. But
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-What happened here? – I said, my question out loud.A few seconds later there was a slight beeping. I decided to take a break from it for a while. And I didn't guess.Here are some tomatoes for you. Is this my first mission in this world? The rewards are good and I will not refuse them, but here is the punishment. It's normal, why so hard? And anyway, what else is "Correctional labor in the wasteland"?!Oh well, there's nothing to do. We need to find clues.Raising my head, I noticed strange dark spots on the ground. As I got closer to them, I realized what it was.Dark and slightly reminiscent of red-black tones with a rusty tint at the ends. Touching it with my fingers, I felt that it was still wet and gave off an admixture of metal.There is no doubt that it is blood. Only dried up for a long time and only in those places where it was abundant, it was possible to feel the moisture. But rather strange. If you look closely, other traces look like blood, which are darker or almost ab
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Flying high, I realized that moment that I would soon begin to fall. During the flight, I turned around several times in the air, which I managed to see this creature. Right now, she's wrapping herself like a snake around the post from the allowed gate. Showing me your belly next to your head. Cheerfully clattering and preparing yourself like a spring.My last hope is only one. Ability "Fall of an Angel". Well, it wasn't. Turning around for the last time, I activated the ability while aiming the sword behind me. After that, he began to fall sharply towards this creature. Completely breaking physics and changing its direction. Aiming at her, right at the vulnerable point. If it doesn't work, then I'm in trouble. Falling down, my sword gradually began to light up with a blue flame.When there was a very short distance to Scolopendra, the sword completely lit up with a bright blue fire. But this creature did not wait, it abruptly bounced off like a spring and flew to meet me. But it was
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In the supposed place of the roar, there was only one thing, a ball of dust. But he radiated an aura of calm, which was quite nice. And before the smoke had cleared, I moved towards him, already holding my usual sword at the ready.My trip to the right place did not last very long. When I got close, I was able to see a gigantic sword. He just stuck in the ground. But majestically towering up. In my opinion, it was about 250-300 centimeters long, and about 20-30 cm wide. Strange symbols were visible all over the sword. Having examined them better, I understood only one thing, these symbols were in different languages ​​and nationalities of my world. Because it had Celtic, Arabic, Scandinavian, and English Letters on it. Moreover, they were made so small that they created the illusion of a flame.This sword was mesmerizing, as was its aura. She was bright blue. I didn't even notice the moment I touched him. The sword itself was very pleasantly warm, but not cold either. Interesting ...
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Kai just didn't stand still. He turned his sword in his teeth so that the blades of the blade pointed straight at me. And when I got close enough, he made a circular blow around his axis. Cutting the ground on its way to me. I took advantage of this and jumped over it. But that was a mistake. He foresaw it. And when I got close to his hind leg, he hit me with it, sending me flying to the place where I was reborn.I fell on my side, while continuing to roll inside the crater. When I stopped, I saw only one look, and only one phrase.-Not bad. But not enough. Apparently from my blow, you have about three or five broken ribs. - Said Kai, with a sharp blow, killing me again.I woke up, according to him, again after 20 minutes. But this time, he did not give me the opportunity to recover, and immediately attacked. And again I was overtaken by death.I don't even know how many times I died after that. But I died a lot. And each time, everything was different and more sophisticated.Once, he
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To be honest, it used to be very difficult. Before that, I tried to move it a little, it was before I went down to the basement, I accidentally hit it with my foot, and then tried to move it by force. But at the same time, the container did not even budge. And now, I carry it quite calmly in both hands. It reminds me of a grocery store bag full of groceries. These are the same feelings, during his transfer and were. It's lightweight, but not heavy either. Apparently, training and pumping my strength increased my muscles and capabilities.By the end of my reflections, I had already approached the pentagram and placed the second container on its territory.You are probably now asking, (Why don't you transfer it to your inventory?). So I tried. But nothing happened. It turns out that the system can carry objects only individually. This means only one thing, that I cannot carry containers, boxes, due to the fact that they contain more things. This includes corpses. Which is pretty logical
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