A Grand Secret

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A Grand Secret

By: GrandAkila OngoingFantasy

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What if the Grand Minister, Daishinkan, was keeping a secret from his children, only his three oldest children know about this secret and was orderd to keep quiet. The 3rd oldest, gone after the erasure of the last 6 universes. Will his other children find out or will the secret rise and show themselves? Who will find out first? Will Daishinkan ever tell them? Read the story to find out.


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9 chapters
Chapter 1
A beautiful woman sat on a chair, looking at a glass orb. Her dark brown hair neatly styled in a bun. A bright orange/yellow halo shone behind her head, casting a dim light. She had the most beautiful, warm golden eyes in the multiveres. A door could be heard opening. It echoed through the huge room of the palace, footsteps could be heard coming towards her. She looked up. "Mrs Stella, your son has informed me that he's returning home for a short visit before returning back to earth." A woman said, bowing down. A orange ring was noticed around her neck, casting a hardly noticeable glow. "Thank you Antara. I'm looking forward to see him again." Stella said calmly, a small smile playing on her lips. The woman bowed and exit the room. Her footsteps echoed as she left. The door was closed and Stella was left to her thoughts. She smiled brightly, her son would be back. She glanced back to the orb and placed it on the table next to her. She wore a light orange dress. This, ladies and gentle
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Chapter 2
It was a nice peaceful, lazy day on The Sacred World Of The Kai's. A perfect change for master Gowasu to make things harder for his two students. He chuckled to himself seeing the two kais rushing about. He's too old to do these things. The old yellow kai held back laughter as he watched his students collide with each other. It was a mess of blue and green. They stood up and glared at each other. "You were in my way!" The green Kai hissed. His silver eyes, cold as metal and his mohawk was slightly ruffled from the fall. "No Zamasu. You were in my way!" The blue Kai argued back. Her black eyes seemed darker. She ran her hand through her white hair, styling it back. Much like Khai's but her hair was longer than his. She was often mistaken as Ea's sister. Master Gowasu sighed, sometimes these two can't get along at all. He stayed silent to see how this will play out. "Now I have to go make new tea thanks to you." Zamasu rolled his eyes. "My fault? Maybe if you weren't an ass and actually
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Chapter 3
Earth, a beautiful planet. The two deities sat and enjoyed a feast with their earthling friends. Recently they have defeated the 6th universe in the little tournament of destroyers Lord Champa, Lord Beerus' twin brother, brought up. That's where the Omni king made his appearance. Of course he scolded the two destroyers but he also gave Whis and his older sister, Vados, a message. 'The sleeping twin has awoken.' Zeno said in a riddle. The two siblings had no idea what that meant. Who is this 'twin'? It has been bothering them for quite some time now.Lately Whis has been getting flashes and visions of a girl, his sister. As far as Whis has noticed, she resembles Korn and is about the same age as him. The visions would sometimes show her and his elder brother or him, Vados and his elder sister. Whis couldn't get her name, no matter how hard he treid. He would never get it. Vados said that she would also get visions of their 'sister' and the two thinks the 'sleeping twin' is her, it just
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Chapter 4
"Akila?" Vados asked her brother, she had a frown on her face. She was flying through the 6th universe when Whis called her on his new discovery. "Whis. As much as I would love to chat. I'm currently busy. I'll call you back later." The tall female said to her brother before he could say anything else. She was on a trail. "If you say so. Farewell sister." Whis said. "Farewell my littel brother." She smiled back, ending the call. Vados sighed. She looked around in all directions. She couldn't find them. She gritted her teeth, she senced for their energy. "Found you." She mumbled to herself. As swift as a river, she turned around and summoned the rarest rope in the existence. Moon rope. Kusu named it Moon rope for its grey-blue glow. Grand Minister is the one who created it. It's nearly impossible to break but the three oldest siblings that was around when it was created, knew how to break and destroy it. If Vados were to get herself caught in this rope. She'll have to find a way to get
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Chapter 5
E class, also know as the 'End class'. Where the students with no future goes. Which is why E class is the best for hiding. It's up in the mountains and away from everyone. Speaking of hiding, they have to hide a governmental secret, Koro-sensei. A yellow octopus being that will destroy the world by the end of the year. Sounds familiar? It should because Lord Beerus makes the same threat each time. Only the destroying part though. Koro-sensei travels at mach 20. Angels can go faster than that. We can surpass the speed of light! On this wonderful Monday morning Yuma was flying to the mountain with his best friend, Hiroto Maehara. Hiroto is a Sun Angel. Even though the two had a war going on, these two are very close. Almost like siblings. Hiroto is Solis' 5th son. They landed in woods and walked the rest of the way up the mountain. The two met up with Nagisa and Karma. "Yo. How's it hanging?" Karma asked, smiling. Yuma and Hiroto smiled at the pair. "It's going great. My mother is und
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Chapter 6
The Omni palace. Zeno and Daishinkan's home. Today was rather a busy day for the short, blue skinned, male. Daishinkan's violet gaze fell on the stack of papers before him. He was currently filling in the paperwork about the tournament the two destroyers, Lord Beerus and Lord Champa had. Daishinkan wanted to scold his two children that are the attendants of those two universes but he can't blame Whis and Vados. The twin destroyers are something else. Speaking of twins. Daishinkan received a call from Gowasu earlier, telling him that Akila has her memories back. Grand Minister was happy that his daughter is back. Zenio payed a visit this morning too. The events of this morning caused Daishinkan's schedule to be thrown out of balance. There was a lot of work around the Omni palace that has to be finished.Daishinkan let the pen fall on top of the pages. He leaned back on his seat, sighing. His hand ran through his soft, white hair. Doing all this work alone was tiring. Suddenly he hea
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Chapter 7
A cloaked figure walked in the rain. It's been raining buckets for the past hour. Hit's blood red eyes landed on an abandoned building. The silent assassin entered the place. A friend he knows lives here. They'll be able to help with tracking the mysterious number. It's definitely not a normal number. Hit came to a wooden door that's painted blue but the paint is peeling off. He pulled down the hood of his cloak and knocked twice. That is the secret code. Hit waited for the door to open. Hit saw a group of mice scurry past him.Hit though about the day Daishinkan came to him. That was almost a week ago. During the rest of the week, Hit was kept busy with killing all sorts of people and came home late. He sighed thinking of his next job. He just wished he could get a few days off, catch up on sleep and stuff.Hit's red eyes shot back up to the blue door. It was being unlocked. A black haired male poked his head out. His black orbs scanned the clearing untill they landed on Hit's red o
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Chapter 8
It was early morning at the Omni palace. Akila was ready to go to Earth. Zeno was still asleep and Daishinkan was busy with cleaning the palace. Akila teleported outside. It has been a week since she woke up, a week since she started training and working at the Omni palace. Her new home. She transformed into a human form. She had dark brown hair and beautiful tanned, soft skin. The only problem was that her eyes were still violet. She remembered the 2nd energy she felt. It felt familiar. It felt like the person's energy she learned to love like a sibling. "I really hope it's not you." She whispered to herself, walking to her father's location. "Father. I'm going now. I'll contact you later." She said to the violet eyed male. He was busy plucking the dead plants and leaves from the garden. "Okay. Good luck and don't get caught." He said, looking up from his cleaning. "I won't. I hope Zeno won't cause you too much trouble." Akila smiled and Daishinkan smiled at his daughter. Akila tele
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Greetings to everyone that is reading this note now. I apologize for not updating here in a while. My life has been confusing and exams are coming up. I'm a high school student and we're writing our end of the year exam starting on the 13th of November. I'll try to catch up here untill then. I know you don't want to hear about my life and all but I'm writing this a/n to let you know that I'm still alive and I'm sorry for being so dormant. I'll try to update this weekend. If your interested in anime, please check out my One-shots books on Wattpad. ~Akila♡date: 31/10/2023
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