Chapter 455 : The Cruel World (2)

Bin did not offer an immediate reply, he walked to the bespectacled young scholar and looked down at him with a cold gaze.

“And how exactly will you reach your so-desired compromise? Sweet talk them with your eloquence or give them false promises? Promises I’m sure you cannot keep. You need to grow up, kid.”

Arbert was standing at the side, looking like someone who wanted to appease the tense atmosphere. Sadly for him, he could only fidget around and raise his hands in a futile manner.

Meanwhile, Lenna kept a straight face and unfazed expression as he glared back at Bin. Now that he grew up, especially in terms of appearance, Bin's stoic face no longer looked amicable. It had a bit of grizliness and bloodthirstiness, which could only be acquired after exper

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