The Overpowered Grass Magician

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The Overpowered Grass Magician

By: Shame_less007 CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Ace was reincarnated into a fantasy world. Born in a poor family, he could hardly feed himself. Life was hard but somehow he managed to survive with his adopted mother and a disabled sister. At the age of fourteen, every member has to undergo the awakening ceremony. This day can change your destiny if you awaken a good talent then you will be like a rising star but if you awakened a bad talent then your life would be very ordinary. On the day of the awakening ceremony, Ace's name was called. The instructor said," the talent is colorful grass". The people looked at Ace with dazed expressions and then they began to look at him disgusted. The principal of the academy said," you are expelled from the academy. Don't ever people let them know that you study in my school".


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289 chapters
Fantasia Planet
" Ace come and sweep the floor", says, Eleanor Haynes and spits on the floor.I looked at Eleanor with a calm expression. He had an arrogant expression with blonde hair. The dress he wore was at least 1 gold coin. Then with the broom, I walked toward him and cleaned the spit.Then after cleaning I looked at Eleanor and said," 4 copper coins".Eleanor laughed and said," here you can have it. I still like the way remain calm. Hey are you an emotionless person".Saying so a sadist grin at the corner of his mouth. Edgar Mercer saw Eleanor and then he ran to him and said," Eleanor what are you doing here? I was looking for you in the class".Eleanor looked at his friend who was a little fat and asked," Edgar why are you looking for me? Are you free by the way".Edgar looked at Eleanor and asked," what happened? There is still half an hour before the awakening ceremony starts. So if you have anything to say don't be a pussy and say it".Eleanor smiled and then said," look at the sweeper".E
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Avelin Rein
The next second the students began to talk among themselves." Ah, so that's happened. I wouldn't be surprised if he did so for money", said one student.Another student said," what a poor person running behind money. I disdain him".Avelin Rein the only daughter of the ruler of Swyncastle saw this and she frowned and said," why is Eleanor beating people".Avelin Rein had a beautiful face, and slim figure, and her hair were bluish white. If she grew up then she would be a number one beauty. Even now the sons of noble families would fawn over her. But she remained indifferent to it.Ruth the maid who was the same age as Avelin, replied," Young Miss, the boy's name is Ace. He will do anything for money. So from the people's discussion, I heard that he was paid a silver coin to get beaten".Avelin Rein said," how can such a person exist", saying so she was stunned and then said," okay let's go and help him".Ruth looked at Avelin and said," but miss your identity is a noble and he is jus
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" Ruth"" Priest Talent A grade"..."John"" Fire talent C grade"." Ava"" Sword Talent B Grade"." Amy"" Water Talent B Grade"...Half an hour later it was finally my turn." Ace".I walked toward the stage calmly and then I placed then hand on the awakening crystal. I felt a warm current flowing throughout the whole body and then the instructor looked at the talent and was stunned. He suppressed the smile on his face and said loudly," Grass Talent Unknown".Most of the students also looked at Ace as a person who had good academic results but he was poor and didn't like to talk. So most of them didn't like him as he was used as an example by thier parents. So they were waiting for this moment. And when they heard the instructor's words there was pin drop silence for a second. Then there was the sound of laughter.Even the principal who used to maintain a cold expression on his face had a black face while his mouth twitched.Avelin had a thoughtful expression on her face while
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Lisa And Luna
Half an hour later I reached back to the house. I saw Lisa was back at home today as she usually works in the tailor shop. Where she is given 5 bronze coins a day. Seeing Ace coming inside the door Lisa had a surprised expression and then she went to him and gave him a warm hug and asked," Ace what talent did you awaken".I put the sweet berries and then looked at Lisa. She had wheat color skin, a slim waist, and a good figure. I replied," you might be disappointed to hear it".Lisa said," it's okay tell me".I smiled and replied," Grass".Lisa was stunned and then she asked," what talent?".I replied," ability to control grass".Lisa smiled and made fun," haha, what a good talent have you awakened Ace".I saw this and shook my head helplessly and said," it's not bad actually. Talent can only define one person's aptitude but not their future. It depends on how they use that talent. I might become someone who can only look up to".Lisa rubbed Ace's head and said," it's good you are n
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After the food was placed on the table."Where are my sweet series?".Luna asked while searching for the sweet berries. I gave her the packet and also ate one and said," it's too sweet".Lisa saw the scene and had a warm smile on her face. Then she said," okay let's pray to the goddess of light and then eat the food".We prayed then I asked," Luna which one is your dish".Luna had a proud expression on her face and then she said," The one in the middle out of the three".I saw it was something that looked like milk. So I asked," what is the dish you have made this time?".Luna muttered," today was the special day so I can't knock out Ace unconscious so I had to prepare a normal dish for him".I knocked on her head and said with an angry look," so you were making dark cuisine on purpose".Luna retorted," I didn't ".Lisa knocked on both Lisa's and Ace's heads. Then she said," eat".We both began to eat the food quietly as every time Lisa would go mad if fought at the dining table.Afte
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I looked at the old man who a scholar aura around him. I bowed to him and said," old man can you tell me about the dungeon", saying so I took out all the coins I have and said," you can take the coins as your fees".After that, I put all twenty coins on the table.Jay looked at the young boy. He had a fair look, with black hair and black eyes. He had a calm expression on his face. " Jay is my name. Boy what is your name?".I listened to the old man word who had told me his name It would be rude to not reply to him. So I said," Ace".Jay then said," Ace you can keep the coins. I am here to guide the new adventures but you are the only one who waited patiently ".Then he stopped and looked at Ace's face whose expression didn't change and asked," tell me Ace what do you want to know?".I thought for a while and replied," something that would keep me alive inside the dungeon".After listening to Ace answer Jay laughed and said," it's a good reason to know how to survive".Then I said," o
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Rabbit Killer
Then I climbed down and picked up a stalk of grass. I used my talent to see what could I do with this stalk of grass.Then under my stunned gaze, the grass began to grow big and wild. It had already grown double my size did I came back to the sense. I cut off the mana and saw that the stalk of grass had become very hard and couldn't be torn. Also, the edge had become sharp.This time I looked around and saw no one was present. So picked up another stalk of grass. This time I imagined a sharp dagger in my mind. Then I injected mana into the stalk with my eyes closed. I opened my eyes to see that the stalk of grass have changed into a sharp dagger. Seeing this I held it and felt that its weight was very light. Then I began to bend it. But I could bend it. It was very tough. Then I looked at its edge which gave off a sharp feeling and so I decided to check it. The tree would be a good choice. So I just slashed the tree. And then I felt that the dagger easily cut through the tree. I look
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New status
I climbed up on the tree and then used inspection skills on myself.ACE LV. 1 (0/100)HP- 50/50MP- 120/120ATK- 4-5DEF- 3STR- 1+3- 4CONT- 1+4- 5DEX- 1+3- 4INT- 2+10- 12TALENT-GRASS (EX GRADE) (LV. 2)- CAN CONTROL ANY TYPE OF GRASS, AND CHANGE ITS SHAPE AND SIZE. CAN ACCELERATE THE GROWTH OF GRASS BY 50 TIMES. YOU CAN ALSO CREATE A NEW VARIETY OF GRASS AND ITS SEED. YOU CAN CREATE MORE DIFFERENT SHAPES OF GRASS MANA REQ- 1SKILLS-HARVEST (PASSIVE) (LV. 1)- AFTER KILLING A MONSTER YOU CAN PLACE YOUR HAND ON THE DEAD BODY TO HARVEST THIER IMPORTANT PART. CAN BE ONLY USED ONCE ON ONE MONSTER.INSPECT (MAX)-( UNIQUE SKILL)- YOU CAN SEE THE LEVEL, HEALTH, MANA, AND DEFENSE OF THE EVERYONE 5 LEVELS HIGHER THAN YOU.I got 20 attribute points and 1 skill point. I put 10 points in intelligence, 3,4,3 points in strength, constitution, and dexterity. And the one skill point was put in Talent.After distributing the attributes points and skill points I felt warm energy flowing throughout
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Elite Academy
I took out three monster cores and handed them over to the old man.The old man picked it up and then began to place it inside the instrument. A second later the arrow inside the instrument went to the highest location. The old man had a surprised expression and replied," three perfect monster cores. I will give you 3 gold coins. If you have more monster cores then you can bring them to me".I said," of course, how should I call you old man".Edward replied," just call me Edward or old Edward".I then said," Ace is my name. I will see you later Mr. Edward".Then I took the gold coins and walked towards the bookshop. I entered the shop and then said to the boy working there," do you have Advanced Herb's book".The boy said," 20 silver coins".I said," give me one".The boy got up and walked towards the self. Then he picked up the thickest book and he brought back and handed it over to me. I paid him a gold coin. The boy returned 80 silver coins.( Currency)100 bronze coins- 1 silver c
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Elite Monster
I said," Okay then I will work hard".Lisa said as she knew that Ace have always wanted to know the way to heal Luna so she just told him now so that he might not miss the golden opportunity not just for Luna but also for his future. Then she said," okay let's eat, and then we will talk later".Luna also wanted to get her leg healed but she knew that she can't be selfish so she just kept quiet as if she could say nothing now. I ate the meat and said," it's better than the meat we bought in the new year".Lisa ate and replied," of course, so you must bring more meat next time if you want to eat more meat".I replied," of course".Half an hour later after cleaning the table I lay on the bed.Luna came inside Ace's room as she wanted to talk to him.I saw Luna and asked," what happened Luna?".Luna asked," Ace be careful in the dungeon. I don't want to lose you".I replied," of course, I will be careful. Don't worry within this month I can easily level and challenge the guardian monster
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