Chapter 43

Ron got distressed after his talk with Khalid, he did not like that he does not know much about the world they were in and it made him a bit uncomfortable whenever he was reminded of that, Lucy notices that something was wrong so she wanted to ask him about but he cut her off and said that she should get some rest and go to see what happening with Faith then he went to where he thought that Jack is.

Lucy went to Faith and she was struggling with controlling her magic but she still tried no matter what after Lucy saw that she did not think that she could talk to her so she went back to where she was, knowing that Ron is not there she went and trained by herself thinking about the mistakes that Ron told her that she needs to work on.

It was not easy to find Jack even though Ron ran his full speed, it took one hour to finally finding Jack deep inside Midfield Forest was still training Nate, when Jack saw Ron he knew there was something that he needs from him so he asked h

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