The Omnipotent Hero System War I [UNEDITED]

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The Omnipotent Hero System War I [UNEDITED]

By: Hazeus OngoingFantasy

Language: English

Chapters: 191 views: 9.5K

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There was once a guy that is indiferent and clueless about everything around him, but even though he was like this, if monster after monsters appeared at his doorsteps without any invitation at all, his eyes will glow with indifference and touch their rough bodies lightly, turning it into ash and get carried away by the wind that pass by. His name is Gabriel, A shut-in guy but is omnipotent. Read to know his story.


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191 chapters
Chapter 1
The bustling streets in the past looks a little silent as the crowded place will not bother themselves opening their lips just to talk and waste their energy to something not worth it wasting their saliva for. Well, why it is describes as a silent street even though many people are crowding on it? The older generation is relatively peaceful in the early days but got very chaotic later on when their generation after generation had made such a huge mistakes that cannot be resolved once again, that lead for humans to get furious to the extreme. In this generation, monsters appeared after War IV between ordinary people that is on the government side and scientist broke out. And, the AI in which the scientists desperately make day and night without eating a little bit of food, suppressing their hunger just to finish the product they are currently experimenting sooner to present it to the whole humanity li
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Chapter 2
After Gabriel finally had gone home by the short hassle that he encountered earlier, the Heroes’ that was summoned arrived a little late as they confusedly look at the road that was empty but  left a deep scratch which obviously belonged to a monster sharp claws. Each one of the Heroes present had their face change as their eyes turned complicated. It’s the same as before when they got a mission in this city. Bailou city is truly a mysterious city. It was also the most favorate spot of monster intruding because even though it is a small land, the soil is healthy and that was what most monsters crave to dominate for them to use on. It’s mysterious because there is a hidden person who solves the danger lurking around in this city. And the monsters who tried to dominate this small land, will be dead-no, turned into ash like they have never
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Chapter 3
While Gabriel is busy cleaning the inside of his apartment for the hundredth time since he returned and the 'Eye' that were once again doubting his decision on life, The Headquarters of Blessed Organization is holding a meeting with all of the ranked Sotiras and high ranking heroes which was the top 10 HS-class. While the Heroes who came back, instead of being reduced in lower ranking got promoted instead unexpectedly. The leader of the Headquarters, the president and one of the members of the Sotiras said they had made a great contribution to the country that’s why they got promoted. They still did not recover when they had gone home finally after a long day doing an easy mission where they did not move a single finger of theirs except for the feet that suffered a little for a trip supporting their heavy and small body. "Nothing is to be expected to a mere bystander! What
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Chapter 4
The handsome guy knew he was caught in trouble after the guy whom his Young Master had entrusted to him started acting like this so he, Kneeled down and clasped both of his hands, forming it in a shape as if worshiping the guy that stood there looking at him condescingly not far from where he flew on. Begging for mercy to his pitiful life. His young master really had treated him as a tool, he was quite hurt inside his heart as he twisted both of his hands and moved it up and down. "Big ancestor! Please don’t do harm on this ordinary me. I promise I was ordered" the handsome guy with a leisure and calm appearance a while ago was now in a dishevelled appearance, kneeling and begging for his life to be spared. Even the way he was talking was like fawning over the guy standing in front of him with no expression on his face as that smiley mask tightly covered the other party app
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Chapter 5
Bang! Bang! Bang! Just then, a noise came outside the gate, a force was pushed to the metal gate that goes fragile after the fight inside goes on. Maybe because of the perseverance of the person outside trying to break through inside, the once gate that is hard to open outside finally opened, revealing the chaotic scene cause by Gabriel with Clone contributing on it. "Clone! Where are you?" an unfamiliar voice sounded in the air. A voice belonging to a guy. It was full of worry as the intruder desperately searched for the person he wanted to find. But the chaotic scene and hot like the lava temperature made his mind confused and hindered him on finding the person his mouth constantly shouted as an attempt for the person that was lost in his eyes heard him and shout in return for him to know where his little brother lo
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Chapter 6
After Cuzo clapped both of his hand and releasing his two servants, Gabriele stretches his brows inside the smiley mask, the tension hiding inside his bone grew intense as he clenches his fist tightly and prepared to attack at any time the other party standing there with a leisure appearance like what attitude Clone had shown to Gabriele a while ago, but still the leisure appearance of this newcomer guy is much more leisure as if, treating an enemy nearby him ‘a piece of cake’.He now knows where a part of Clone attitude he had inherited from, it is from this so called Young Master of Clone. Angelo lips twitches as he thought of this, the master and servants are truly a like, he quietly thought inside his head. Kuro and Clone was rescued by their master finally after being imprisoned to the ground, Kuro cast a grateful eyes at his master direction which Cuzo only waved his hand as a response for that grateful eyes no
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Chapter 7
Cuzo was not done defending the parrots as he continued to babble on, drifting the original topic he was going to discuss with Gabrielle together far away. “Parrots is Hailou States national smart furry animals” Cuzo said in a justified tone and emphasizes something again in the next sentence that was uttered with great momentum. “Parrots are very smart than us, they are very cute and furry, their feather is so soft and nice to touch and also...” Cuzo always repeated the words ‘cute’ and smart’ describing the parrots with an intoxicated expression in his face many times that Gabriel faint smile that his lips had formed go down, and twitches at this idiocy his enemy is showing so shamelessly to his sight.Even the Henn sibling present, Kuro and Clone twitches their lips at their young master public display of idiocy. But Gabriele is not so patient to listen to Cuzo rambling
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Chapter 8
Gabriele dark eyes fell into that small cage that was carried by clone hands with just one hand as if the cage that size was only reduced into half was so light for clone to show an expression like it was not heavy at all. But Gabriele doesn’t know what is happening inside Clone head, he scrunched up his nose a little in pain as the hands that was covered with black gloves by his little brothers broke into cold sweat. The legendary cage he was holding is too heavy! If it was not for Gabriele attentive gaze at him then fell into the legendary cage he was holing with just one hand as if he has a lot of strength muscles, he swore, he will directly throw this fake cage out when he was finally free on holding it and was finally free of his big brother punishment in which he needed to hold the legendary cage with 1 hand in 30 minutes. 30 minutes! He doubted if he was really his big brother little bro
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Chapter 9
Ding! "System 'Eye' data recovered, evacuating Host 0000001 substitute system" "Formatting System Nerio data" "Files deleted...10...15…50…100" Ding! Successful operation! "System Nerio formatted" ‘System ‘Eye’ binding process in 10…30...35..50..99 Not long after that mechanical sounded and that dinging noise inside Gabriele head while Gabriel listened to it silently with, and expressionless, face, as if nothing could have moved his expressionless face despite of the loud noise the inside of his head had. The endurance of his patient limit was amazingly big towards that mechanical sound while his endurance limit to the people, the living people around him was only 1%. If Cuzo and the other two guys present in the base knows how he dealt wi
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Chapter 10
In the Blessed Organization headquarters had all the members of Sotiras except for the rank 1 and the 8 HS had their meeting undergoing not so quietly. “ ….” The rest of the members in the headquarters has an expressionless face and was silent as they listened with lack of interest to what was the guy that was the one who lead an entire research team for the Blessed Organization says something to them as a part of their meeting discussion. The guy finishes on telling them something that what was written on the paper but… All of a sudden, when the leader of the research institutes finish on saying something, Ada hair exploded, causing for the fire to caught it up. The smell of burnt hair waffled through every each of Sotiras and heroes present as they scrunched up their noses and glared at Ada slightly burnt hair in disgust and mock visibly written all over their faces.<
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